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Splenda Diabetes Care Shakes

Drink Spotlight: New Splenda® Diabetes Care Shakes


Deliciously Crafted Meal or Snack Replacement by Splenda is Packed with Flavor, Protein and Key Vitamins Needed for Diabetes Management

INDIANAPOLIS, June 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Splenda® Brand, the #1 sweetener brand recommended by healthcare professionals*, today announced the launch of Splenda® Diabetes Care Shakes, the first and only no added sugar§ shakes specifically designed to help manage blood sugar and support the needs of people managing diabetes and prediabetes§§. The shakes serve as a delicious meal or snack replacement and are packed with protein and key ingredients needed for diabetes management.

Each deliciously smooth and creamy shake contains 16g of high-quality protein which is 60% more than the leading diabetes shake, slow-digesting carbohydrates, and good-for-you fats. This combination works to help individuals manage blood sugar and help reduce blood sugar spikes, and to stay full longer. Splenda Diabetes Care Shakes are high in fiber, soy free, gluten free and suitable for lactose intolerance.

As industry experts in cutting calories and carbohydrates from sugar without cutting taste, Splenda has developed the first and only no added sugar diabetes shake that's bursting with flavor. The line is available in three unique flavors that are consumer-preferred over others - Milk Chocolate, which features a rich and velvety chocolate profile, French Vanilla, which is reminiscent of a perfect smooth and creamy milkshake, and another first for the category, Strawberry Banana, which presents a tasty balance of both strawberry and banana. The line also boasts a cleaner label than other shakes, focusing on quality ingredients and key vitamins and minerals specifically needed for diabetes management.

"For decades, people managing diabetes and prediabetes have chosen to make Splenda part of their everyday life. As a partner to the diabetes community, we're proud to introduce a new product line specifically designed for people managing blood sugar," said Beth Ruge, Director of Healthcare Professional Marketing, Nutrition Science and Professional Affairs at Splenda. "Splenda has always upheld the promise to offer a variety of products that help consumers achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle without sacrificing taste and our new Splenda Diabetes Care Shakes deliver on that promise as well."

Splenda Diabetes Care Shakes will be available online on Amazon, Walmart and Sam's Club as well as in-store at retailers including H-E-B, Winn-Dixie, BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket, Lowes Foods and Food City. The line will be available in 6-packs in stores and online (MSRP $9.99+) and 24-packs online only (MSRP $29.99+). To learn more about Splenda Diabetes Care Shakes visit https://shop.splenda.com/collections/splenda-diabetes-care-shakes.

About the Splenda® Brand
Based outside of Indianapolis, Heartland Food Products Group is a global leader in the production of low-calorie sweetener products, creamers, beverage concentrates, coffee, and nutritional drinks made in the USA. Visit Heartland at www.heartlandfpg.com. The SPLENDA® Brand is the most recognizable and iconic low-calorie sweetener ("LCS") brand in the world, having sold more than 100 billion yellow packets since its launch in 1991. Today, the SPLENDA® Brand is the clear #1 LCS brand in the USA and actively supports healthcare professionals counseling clients to reduce added sugar, manage weight and diabetes, and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

*Among healthcare professionals clinically treating patients
§Not a low calorie food
Splenda Diabetes Care Shakes contain 16g of high-quality protein, a unique blend of slow-digesting carbohydrates and good-for-you monounsaturated fats to help manage blood sugar and reduce blood sugar spikes
§§ Compared to other diabetes specific shake formulas
Compared to leading diabetes shake brand

SOURCE Splenda

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Coffee Spotlight: New SPLENDA® Coffee Creamers Offer a Low-Calorie Way to Make Your Coffee Better



The SPLENDA® Brand Expands Lineup with Launch of Delicious 15-Calorie Coffee Creamers

CARMEL, Ind., Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Heartland Food Products Group (Heartland FPG), maker of the SPLENDA® Brand of low-calorie sweeteners, including SPLENDA® Original, America's favorite sweetener, is excited to introduce a brand-new line of SPLENDA® Coffee Creamers to shoppers across the Northeast.  Available in three flavors – French Vanilla, Sweet Cream and Hazelnut – the new creamers do not contain sugar or corn syrup, but are full-bodied, rich and delicious, with only 15 calories per serving.

New SPLENDA® Coffee Creamers are another delicious way to add rich and creamy flavor to coffee without added sugar, corn syrup or calories.  SPLENDA® Coffee Creamers join the SPLENDA® Brand lineup of low-calorie, great-tasting products, including SPLENDA® Stevia and SPLENDA® Liquid Zero, continuing to expand the portfolio of the number one low-calorie sweetener brand recommended by nutritionists and dieticians.

"For years, the SPLENDA® Brand has delivered a variety of sweetener options to help consumers achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle without sacrificing taste," said Ami Krishan, Senior Brand Director of the SPLENDA® Brand. "The #1 thing people add to their coffee is sweetener, and SPLENDA® is the #1 low-calorie sweetener they use.  The #2 thing people add to their coffee is creamer, and consumers have been asking us to expand our SPLENDA® brand low-calorie, great-tasting product portfolio to give them a better-tasting coffee creamer option, with no sugar and no corn syrup."

Shoppers in the Northeast can find SPLENDA® Coffee Creamers in the refrigerator aisle at Shop-rite, Safeway, Market Basket, Weis Markets, Giant Martin's, and Shaw's. SRP $3.99 (32 oz. bottle). They are also available from shop.splenda.com and from amazon.com.

About Heartland Food Products Group
Based outside of Indianapolis, Heartland Food Products Group is a global leader in the production of low-calorie sweetener products, creamers, beverage concentrates, coffee, and nutritional drinks. Visit Heartland at www.heartlandfpg.com. The SPLENDA® Brand is the most recognizable and iconic low-calorie sweetener ("LCS") brand in the world, having sold more than 100 billion yellow packets since it was launched in 1999. Today, the SPLENDA® Brand is the clear #1 LCS brand in the $72 billion global sweetener market.

SOURCE Heartland Food Products Group



Heartland Food - Splenda Creamer





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Sweetener Spotlight: Splenda Zero Liquid No Calorie Sweetener



SPLENDA ZERO™ Liquid Sweetener is the sweetener you love in liquid form with zero carbs, zero sugar, and zero calories. It is the perfect sugar substitute for your favorite beverages and more. Squeeze in your preferred amount of sweetness, anytime, anywhere!

  • Each bottle contains the same sweetness as 100 Packets of SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener
  • 1 squeeze equals the sweetness of ½ packet of SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener*
  • Zero Carbs. Zero Sugar. Zero Calories. Zero Effort.
  • On-the-go, portable sweetener

splenda nutr 1



Company: Splenda
Brand: Zero Liquid No Calorie Sweetener
Origin: US
Category: Sweetener
Packaging: 1.68 fl. oz.
Claims: Zero carbs, zero sugar, zero calories and zero effort.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: US
Website: https://www.splenda.com/



SPLENDA® Zero Liquid No Calorie Sweetener



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Product Spotlight: Torani Vanilla and Salted Caramel Sugar Free Syrups


Torani, makers of flavored syrups have launched two new sugar free flavors.

Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup
Take in the flavor, not the sugar. You’ll be glad to know that you can get all that pure vanilla taste, complete with the crisp, pure vanilla flavor you craze- without any sugar. Our flavor experts and Splenda® make it happen.

Sugar Free Salted Caramel Syrup
First comes the sweet and then comes the salty. Then you welcome the news of Splenda® making this a sugar free syrup. Rich, buttery caramel kicks things off. And just when you thought that was it, a touch of saltiness appears – and the ride continues. Hop on and enjoy the sugar-free adventure.

About Torani
In 1925, Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre visited family in Lucca, Italy. The two returned home to their native San Francisco with something very important: handwritten recipes, which they used to create authentic flavored syrups.

These syrups helped Rinaldo and Ezilda reintroduce the Italian soda to their North Beach neighborhood. And the sodas were a hit. Years later, Torani helped record another hit: our syrup was used to create the world’s first flavored latte!


Company: Torani
Brand: Torani
Category:  Syrups
Origin: USA
Packaging: 750ml
Claims: Sugar Free
Price: $7.95
Website: torani.com

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7-Eleven Adds Low-Calorie Slurpee Version Nationwide

The national infatuation with all things skinny has finally come to this: Slurpee Lite.

The brain-freezing drink best known for its weird colors, wild tastes and wacky name now wants to also be known for at least one redeeming feature: fewer calories.

In an unlikely national platform pegged for summer but rolling out this week, 7-Eleven, the nation's largest convenience chain, will announce a low-cal line of Slurpees. While 7-Eleven has sold low-cal, saccharin-based Slurpees regionally, this is the 45-year-old drink's first national, low-calorie line — and this one's made with Splenda.

Full Article @ USAT

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