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Food Spotlight: Urban Accents Hot & Spicy Habanero Brine


Whoa, Nelly! The juiciest chicken or pork dinner with a touch of habanero heat can be found with the help of the only spicy brine on the market. Combine our Hot & Spicy Habanero Brine Blend with water and soak the meat for up to 24 hours (the longer you soak, the spicier it is!). Then just grill, bake or roast and discover the juiciest chicken or pork possible.

How does it work? Brining unwinds the proteins that make your meat dry and tough when cooked, and allows moisture to stay locked inside. This results in sumptuously juicy meat you won’t get anywhere else.



Coarse Sea Salt, Sugar, White Distilled Vinegar Powder, Ground Cayenne Pepper, Garlic Powder, Ground Annatto Seed, Organic Canola Oil, Crushed Habanero, Habanero Powder, Parsley.


Nutritional Info:
Serving size: 1/4 tsp (1.2g), Servings per container: about 110, Amount per serving: Calories 0, Fat Calories 0, Total Fat 0g (0%dv), Saturated Fat 0g (0%dv), Trans Fat 0g, Sodium 280mg (12%dv), Total Carbohydrates 0g (0%dv), Dietary Fiber 0g (0%dv), Sugar 0g, Protein 0g. Not a significant source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron and Calcium. Percent Daily Values (dv) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.



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About the company

Celebrating their 17th year of business with a new office and warehouse space in the Ravenswood neighborhood of the Windy City, Tom and Jim have been able to share their favorite flavor combinations with more than just their circle of friends. While the company's expansion and the product line's growth mark the evolution of Urban Accents, one aspect has remained the same since the company's founding: the commitment to deliver products made from the finest all natural ingredients while consistently offering outstanding customer service.

The philosophy behind Urban Accents is simple: life should be a celebration of good food, good friends and good times. While this celebration should be endless, spending time in the kitchen or planning a party may seem too much after a week in the office or taking care of the kids at home. That's why Tom and Jim create easy-to-use products for simple meal solutions and entertaining ideas. The party should be healthy, too. That's why they stress the importance of all-natural, gluten free ingredients in their bold kitchen blends. With a product line that continues to grow, expect to find only the freshest tastes behind the company label.

At Urban Accents, everyone is dedicated to helping customers savor life a little more, with a little less hassle. Our facebook page is a place where we can interact with our customers, share recipes, news and laughs. Relax. Smile. Cook. Eat.



Company: Urban Accents
Brand:  Hot & Spicy Habanero Brine
Slogan:  Creative Culinary Blends
Origin:  US
Category:  Spices
Packaging:  133g
Claims:  Natural flavors, small batch crafted, no msg
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  $4.50
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online
Website: https://www.urbanaccents.com/



urban accent habanero brine



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Spice Spotlight: Sweetwater Pineapple Habanero Jerk BBQ Bath Brine

The Pineapple Habanero Jerk brine is a classic, island inspired Jerk recipe with the traditional flavors of Pineapple, Thyme, Allspice, Garlic, Onion and of course, Habanero Chilies.

In all, there are 16 herbs and spices and each hits the tongue together with the kick from the Habaneros.

Great on pork, poultry, and seafood.

To really kick up the flavor, strain the brine after use and apply the caught spices and herbs as a wet rub on the meat.


Ingredients: Pineapple Juice, Apple Juice, Garlic, Brown Sugar, Ginger, Black Pepper, Thyme, Onion, Habanero Chilies, Allspice, Cinnamon, Cloves, Star Anise, Celery Seed, Kosher Salt.


About the company:
Sweetwater Spice Co., created in Austin, TX in 2007, is the maker of the first ready-to-use brine concentrates. Our BBQ BATH, FAJITA BATH, REGIONAL Q BATHS, and TURKEY BATH brine concentrates produce the most tender and juicy meat, no matter how it is cooked. Read More


Company: Sweetwater Spice Co
Brand: Sweetwater Spice
Slogan: Keeps Meat Juicy
Origin: USA
Category: Spice
Packaging: 16 fl oz (473 ml)
Claims: Gluten free and low sugar
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $8.99 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: sweetwaterspice.com



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Food Spotlight: Sensient Natural Ingredients Launches Chili Blends Collection



Sensient Natural Ingredients has launched a new Chili Blends collection, which includes seven authentic dry chili blends inspired by flavors from around the world. The launch is the first in what is planned to be a series of new, on-trend additions to the product portfolio resulting from the company’s reinvestment in new product development and customer collaboration.

Inspired by the red-hot flavors of Latin America, India, Morocco, Thailand, and the United States, Sensient Natural Ingredients created seven authentic dry chili blends to help you deliver bold flavors with complex heat. Explore the Chili Blends Collection below — no need for a passport.




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Food Review: The Gourmet Collection Orange Ginger Spice Blend

A number of our customers requested this, and we responded. Perfect on fish, meat, duck, chicken, salad, soup, casseroles- basically whatever food you eat! We’ve combined the sweet, sharp taste of oranges with the popular richness of the finest ginger in the world, added a whole bunch of different ingredients in delicate balance and perfect proportion (Hey!! It’s what we do!!) to provide you with a culinary experience that is at once fantastically different and yet so amazingly simple you probably wished that you’d thought of it first. Well even if you did think of it first, you never imagined it quite as amazing as this!!!



About the Company
Dangold, Inc. was created in 1988 with the intent of becoming “your source for a world of taste.” We scour the world in search of unique tastes, flavors, and delicacies that we can bring to you at exceptional value. This mix of exceptional quality and terrific value is our hallmark. We invite you to tour the best the world has to offer from your very own kitchen! Read More



Company: Dangold
Brand: The Gourmet Collectioin
Slogan: Your Source for a World of Taste
Origin: USA
Category: Spices
Packaging: 156g
Claims: Gourmet
Price: $8.99 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: dangoldinc.com




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Dairy Review: Britannia Masala Chaas Butter Milk



Britannia Industries Ltd, the most trusted brands in India and also one of the leading food companies in the field of bakery and dairy segments has recently launched Masala Chaas Buttermilk - a light milk based beverage to expand its health food portfolio.

Speaking at the launch, Mr.Ashok Namoodiri, Head – Dairy Business, Britannia Industries Ltd, said there is a strong preference and shift seen towards usage of convenient, ready to use, foods as people do not want to invest time in preparing them. Britannia Masala Chaas offers the same experience without the “jhanjhat” of preparing it, he said. Britannia Masala Chaas also marks the extension of Britannia into F&B outlets where a large part of out-of-home consumption happens, he added.



About the product:
The product comes in a neat, attractive pet bottle. The product has natural ingredients such as curry leaves, ginger and jeera added to it to give an authentic home made taste and feel. The shelf life is four months and the product is priced at Rs. 15 for 150 ml.
The nutrition information on the pack says 19kcal, Calcium 40mg and 1.0g fat per 100ml. The ingredients used in this are water, milk solids, salt, stabiliser, spices and condiments.



Whom the product is for
The product is mainly for the "People on the go ". Even though it can be easily prepared at home, it is best for the people who don't have time and also don't want to invest time in preparing them.


The product is very handy and easily fits in the handbag. Very convenient, ready to use.
Just grab and go.
Tastes best chilled, perfectly spiced. It is low in calories.
A healthy and better alternate to carbonated drinks.



Water, milk solids, common salt, stabilizer (E440), spices and condiments (cumin (0.04%), curry leaves (0.001%) and ginger (0.0006%).



Per 100g, Energy(kcal): 19, Fat: 1.0g, Protein: 1.0g, Total Carbohydrates: 1.5g, Protein(g/mg): 1.0g, Calcium(g/mg): 40mg, Fat(g/mg): 1.0g, Total Carbohydrate(g/mg): 1.5g; Fat: 1.0g; Protein: 1.0g; Carbohydrate: 1.5g



About the company
Britannia strode into the 21st Century as one of India's biggest brands and the pre-eminent food brand of the country. It was equally recognised for its innovative approach to products and marketing: the Lagaan Match was voted India's most successful promotional activity of the year 2001 while the delicious Britannia 50-50 Maska-Chaska became India's most successful product launch. In 2002, Britannia's New Business Division formed a joint venture with Fonterra, the world's second largest Dairy Company, and Britannia New Zealand Foods Pvt. Ltd. was born. In recognition of its vision and accelerating graph, Forbes Global rated Britannia 'One amongst the Top 200 Small Companies of the World', and The Economic Times pegged Britannia India's 2nd Most Trusted Brand.

Today, more than a century after those tentative first steps, Britannia's fairy tale is not only going strong but blazing new standards, and that miniscule initial investment has grown by leaps and bounds to crores of rupees in wealth for Britannia's shareholders. The company's offerings are spread across the spectrum with products ranging from the healthy and economical Tiger biscuits to the more lifestyle-oriented Milkman Cheese. Having succeeded in garnering the trust of almost one-third of India's one billion population and a strong management at the helm means Britannia will continue to dream big on its path of innovation and quality. And millions of consumers will savour the results, happily ever after.




Brand: Britannia
Origin: India
Slogan: Zindagi Mein Life.
Category: Drinking Yogurt/Fermented Beverages
Packaging: 150ml plastic bottle
Claims: 100% vegetarian. Recyclable packaging.
Variants: Masala (Curry, Ginger & Cumin)
Price: $0.33 USD
Where to Buy: Direct on Website





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Product Spotlight: Naked Sea Pinfire Sweet Orange Salt

Sweet Mandarin oranges mixed with spicy chili peppers has made this complex yet balanced salt the favorite for discerning bartenders looking to upgrade the rims of their glasses in urbane margaritas. Top chefs are using this as a favorite in fusion and Asian kitchens.A unique experience of tastes and colors that will wet your appetite.

Naked Sea Salt is an Israel based social enterprise committed to regional cooperation and protecting the Dead Sea. Our gourmet crystal mineral salt is naturally harvested from the lowest place on earth in an environmentally friendly manner by a Palestinian family owned business. NakedSea donates 3% of our Net Sales to the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies to help promote Dead Sea awareness and preservation programs. NakedSeaSalt is kosher certified and a healthy alternative to processed salts.


About Naked Sea Salt
Naked Sea Salt is an Israel based social enterprise committed to regional cooperation and protecting the Dead Sea. Our gourmet crystal mineral salt is naturally harvested from the lowest place on earth in an environmentally friendly manner by a Palestinian family owned business and made under license by 424 Salt. NakedSea donates 3% of our Net Sales to the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies to help promote Dead Sea awareness and preservation programs. NakedSeaSalt is kosher certified and a healthy alternative to processed salts.

Naked Sea Salt is a premium gourmet cooking salt from the Dead Sea and it has the richest mineral content of any salt in existence. This unique salt is based on the ancient forgotten traditions of preparing salt for Pharaohs and Kings believing it would increase their longevity and vitality.
It's also:

harvested using traditional, sustainable methods,
free of chemical processing, additives, or refinement, and
blended with herbs and spices to create different flavors.

Salt from the Dead Sea contains thirty-two different minerals, twenty one of which are uniquely concentrated in this salt, in higher levels than in any other. All of these are important to your body. Minerals like: magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, and zinc.
Not only does Naked Sea Salt have more minerals that any other salt, it has these minerals in ten times the concentrations found in refined table salt. Its closest natural competitor is Himalayan Pink Salt. Naked Sea Salt has three times more active minerals than even Himalayan Pink Salt.

However, it's not just the remarkably high concentration of minerals that makes Naked Sea Salt unique. It’s also that the presence of those minerals in the salt limits the percentage of sodium chloride in each crystal

Unlike other low-sodium products, Naked Sea Salt doesn't compensate for its sodium deficit by amping up the percentages of potassium-chloride alone; the wondrous Dead Sea waters create a salt with a naturally diverse and balanced array of minerals that results in in a lower percentage of sodium chloride in each salt crystal.


Company: Naked Sea Salt
Brand: Pinfire
Origin: Israel
Category: Herbs, Spices & Condiments
Claims: All Natural, Low Sodium
Packaging: 8.1oz Jar
Variants: Available in Jar, Grinder, Mini Bag
Price: $20.00 USD
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website: nakedsea.com

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tonguespank Spice Co



Who Are We?
We're a spice company based in Chicago, Illinois. Our mission is to make exciting versions of foods that people use every day.


What Do We Make?
Some flavors just go together. Hot peppers and bourbon, wasabi and sake, garlic and grappa... you get the idea. We've taken some of our favorite combinations and made them into tongue-spanking spice blends that you can put on absolutely anything. NOTE: These are dry blends that contain all the flavor and none of the alcohol of their liquor ingredients.


Smoky Bourbon Pepper Blend
This blend begins with the sweet aroma of smoky morita chipotle peppers, adds depth and complexity with garlic and bourbon, and finishes up with a slow habanero-and-ghost burn that builds as long as you keep eating it. This goes well on eggs, burgers, grilled veggies... anything that can use a smoky heat. If you only try one variety, this is the one. But honestly, who wants to try just one?


Garlic Grappa Pepper Blend
If you've ever been inside an Italian kitchen, you'll recognize this smell immediately. All the Tuscan herbs are here, alongside the warmth of a balsamic vinegar and Italian brandy blend. Replacing the standard red pepper with habanero chilies kicks the whole combination up a few notches. Try it on pasta or in a marinara sauce.


Citrus Rum Pepper Blend
This blend is a must-try for seafood and pork lovers. Three different citrus fruits combine with spiced rum and cloves to create a tropical combination, plus a dash of habanero heat at the end (because this is Tonguespank we're talking about, after all). Another potential use: combine it with sugar around the rim of a cocktail glass.


Wasabi Sake Pepper Blend
Wasabi has a different burn than hot peppers: more of a sudden explosion and less of a slow burn. But why not have both? This blend combines the up-front hit of wasabi and horseradish with the long burn of habaneros, for a truly powerful combination. Try it on fish or sushi!


Scorpion Bourbon Pepper Blend
This is the hottest blend we make. We start with Smoky Bourbon and turn it up to 11. We use Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, said to be hotter than the current Guiness record holder at up to two million Scoville units (compare that to Jalapeños at 20,000). Peppers this hot are hard to find, which is why we sell this in smaller quantities. You won't be needing much anyway.


What Are We Doing?
Tonguespank is making a splash locally, but we know we have a great product and we're dreaming bigger than Chicago. We want spank tongues throughout the United States. With this Kickstarter, we're raising funds to start our first major production run.


How Will We Invest Your Money?
We'll Take Over Chicago Restaurants!

Tonguespank has been spotted in the kitchens of foodies throughout Chicago, but let's get it into the restaurants! We want to give away cases of Tonguespank to the local Chicago pizza joints. Let's get some more people hooked!


Let's Get Into Specialty Stores!
Every city has a ton of specialty food stores, and Chicago is no exception. To get Tonguespank on shelves, we need product and marketing materials--plenty of both. We simply don't have enough stock yet to offer it to stores--with your help, that can change


Let's Make Ghost Bacon Bits!
What are these? Well, picture bacon bits, except bigger and made of real bacon. Now picture ghost peppers and whiskey. Can you taste it? Do you want to? We've only produced limited runs of our Ghost Bacon Bits in the past, but for you guys we'll do anything! At $20k all backers get a sample-sized Ghost Bacon pack, PLUS we we'll offer the full-size jar as an add-on!


What Do You Get Out Of It?
All kinds of stuff! To raise funds for the next step, we're selling our signature products. In addition, we're offering brand-new gear, including t-shirts, shot glasses, and--if we can hit our stretch goal--a new product! This is the first time Tonguespank has been available outside of Chicago. Take advantage of this campaign to try it out!


Kickstarter Campaign Page


Facebook Page

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Product Spotlight: Just Cook All Natural Spice Blends & Rubs


Just Cooks Foods offers a delicious line of all natural spices blends & rubs in a clean and elegantly designed package.

The Just Cook Foods Story

Yes, there’s a husband and wife (Scott and Cathy). There’s also a dashing and creative chef (Daniel). But the love in this story is for cooking, and the desire comes from figuring out easier ways to create great meals.

To tell this story properly, we need to go back a couple years. It was 2008 in San Francisco, California, Scott had just turned fifty, and the economy had tanked. After 20 years of selling software, Scott discovered that his passion for the tech industry had faded. He was in the uncomfortable position of arriving at mid-life asking, “Where do I go from here?” Luckily for him, Cathy his fiancée (and now wife) had also been thinking long and deep about her next career move. As they pondered the different directions in which they might go, they came to the conclusion that a new perspective on life might help their process, and what better way to gain perspective than to travel around the world?

Four months and four continents later, they found themselves on an African beach reflecting on the mysterious flavors encountered in Southeast Asia, the smells emanating from the spice market in Morocco, and the simplicity of the farmers markets in France. It didn’t require a lightning bolt to show them how much they loved the celebration of food. On this beach, they made the decision that their “what next” would be to start a company—bad economy be damned—with unique products inspired by the flavors they’d discovered during their travels. What’s more, their company would focus on making it easy to cook great food.

The spark was there, but they needed one thing (or person): Daniel. An old friend, Executive Chef at a world-class caterer, and a true creator in the kitchen, Daniel could help turn this dream into something real. Upon their return to San Francisco, Scott and Cathy didn’t have to do much convincing to get Daniel to jump in. Food was his favorite topic, and his passion sustained them over the next year and a half as they experimented tirelessly to create a line of spice blends and plan out future product lines. Their goal from the beginning was to take the fuss out of cooking, and still deliver flavors to make extraordinary meals. With this mission in mind, Scott, Cathy and Daniel are proud to bring Just Cook Foods products to your kitchen.


Ancho Chicken Rub

Ingredients: Kosher salt, smoked paprika, brown sugar, ancho chili, pepper, cumin, garlic, chipotle, lemon peel, oregano, basil, bay, thyme, molasses. This product is made in a facility that also processes nuts.



Any Day Chicken Rub
Ingredients: Orange peel, sugar, Kosher salt, pepper, sage, cardamom, oregano, lavender. This product is made in a facility that also processes nuts




Close to Curry Blend
Ingredients: fennel, salt, fenugreek, cumin, tomato powder, sugar, turmeric, coriander. This product is made in a facility that also processes nuts




Gimme Steak Blend
Ingredients: Kosher salt, black peppercorn, white peppercorn, green peppercorn, pink peppercorn, ancho, licorice, lemon, garlic, cumin, orange. This product is made in a facility that also processes nuts.

Herbed Coffee Rub
Ingredients: Brown sugar, coffee, Kosher salt, pepper, oregano, cumin, chipotle, thyme, sage, molasses. This product is made in a facility that also processes nuts.

No 19 Salmon Blend
Ingredients: Kosher salt, cumin, paprika, lemon, pepper, chipotle, coriander, garlic, turmeric, bay. This product is made in a facility that also processes nuts.
Company: Just Cook Foods
Brand: Just Cook
Origin: USA
Category: Spices
Claims: All Natural, Kosher
Packaging: 3.2oz (91g)
Varieties: Ancho Chicken Rub, Any Day Chicken Rub, Close to Curry Blend, Gimme Steak Blend, Herbed Coffee Rub, No 19 Salmon Blend
Price: $8.50 USD
Website justcookfoods.com

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Product Spotlight: La Guerrera Spices

Grupo Idrapower from Mexico has developed yet another innovative product to add to their growing line of products.  La Guerrera is a new powdered chile product that is sure to spice up any meal.

Product Features
Contains Natural Lemon juice in powder form
No Artificial Flavors or Colors
Does not contain MSG
Ergonomic and Practical Package
Threaded top that prevents humidity from entering the product




Company: Grupo IdraPower
Brand: La Guerrera
Slogan: El Chile en Polvo
Category: Spices
Origin: Mexico
Packaging: 110g
Claims: 100% Natural, No artificial flavors or colors
Website: grupoidrapower.com

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How Entrepreneurs are Finding Success in a Spicy Niche

To try to wow consumers, some entrepreneurs are giving their food products an ethnic twist by sprinkling in ancient spices. They're adding everything from ginger and turmeric to more exotic spices like Shichimi (Japanese seven-flavor chili) to tickle the taste buds.

"Americans love flavorful foods," says Tammy Katz, chief executive at Katz Marketing Solutions, a food and beverage marketing consulting firm in Columbus, Ohio. In addition, "nutritionally conscious consumers are increasingly aware of the health benefits of these spices." Because spices add flavor, there's no need to overload food with sugar or salt. And some spices like ginger and turmeric are thought to benefit digestion and decrease inflammation, respectively, Katz says.

Here are three companies that are growing their businesses by spicing up their product lines

Compartes Chocolatier Product: Spice-infused chocolates, including ginger, shichimi, lemongrass and more Founder: Jonathan Grahm

After buying out his parents' interest in Compartes Chocolate in 2008, Jonathan Grahm set out to spice things up and make his own mark. My parents' mentality "was 'lets keep it the same.' There was a lot of friction between us," the 28-year-old says.

Over the past four years, he has made Asian and Latin American spices like habanero (paired with pineapple), ginger (paired with wasabi) and shichimi (paired with apricot) part of the company's chocolate selection. Among the fans of the Los Angeles-based chocolatier's spice-infused offerings are local A-listers like Heidi Klum and Jennifer Garner.

Keeping up with demand without compromising quality has been challenging for this third-generation chocolatier. Because Compartes chocolates are handmade with colorful designs on the outside, it's tough to speed up production. To boost capacity, the company moved to a bigger chocolate factory this year, and by the end of the year, Grahm hopes to expand to 20 employees from the current seven. Earlier this year, he began selling the spicy treats in Tokyo, and he plans to expand across the U.S. in the next few months.

To keep his product line growing, Grahm is constantly researching surprising but tasty combinations. He visits L.A.'s ethnic enclaves, including Persian and Japanese neighborhoods, and looks for new ingredients when he travels abroad. Some regular customers even bring Grahm spices to incorporate in the special edition batches that he produces for a limited time. Temporary offerings with exotic spices like grains of paradise and ghost pepper have been a hit.

Grahm expect sales to over to double over the next year as he expands his offerings and works with new retailers.

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Daniel Sullivan, founder of Tumeric Alive

Daniel Sullivan, founder of Tumeric Alive

TumericAlive Product: Herb-based drinks, including raw organic turmeric, ginger, and cardamom and more Founder: Daniel Sullivan

When Daniel Sullivan took a working vacation to farm in Maui in 2008, he didn't expect to come back with a new business idea. But while farming turmeric, an ancient spice typically used in South Asian cooking, he got the idea to concoct herbal drinks back home in New York.

Sullivan started selling his drinks in 2009 to yoga studios and health food stores and has since expanded to dozens of Whole Foods stores. In addition to turmeric, the beverages contain other spices like cayenne pepper, cardamom and ginger. "People are becoming more sensitive to what makes them feel good; herbs are a huge part of that," says the 35-year-old entrepreneur.

The company is selling 14,500 bottles a week, compared to only 4,000 a week a year ago. So, production has been one of the biggest challenges. As a start-up business, TumericAlive finds it difficult to purchase supplies upfront, while waiting to get paid by retailers. "There is so much overhead and you need to purchase in volume on the front end," Sullivan says. "It's a challenge to manage the expenditure." But he says he has been getting by through negotiating prices and sustainable payment terms and learning to balance the product flow.

Sullivan says the most rewarding part of his success is creating a product he and his 20 employees believe in: "We all drink it everyday, it's our fuel."

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Daniel Lubetzky, founder of KIND Healthy Snacks

Daniel Lubetzky, founder of KIND Healthy Snacks

Kind Healthy Snacks Product: Nuts and Spices snack bars, including cinammon, ginger and more Founder: Daniel Lubetzky

Launched in 2003, Kind's fruit and nut snack bars have long been popular with the Whole Foods crowd. Now, the company hopes to attract new customers with low-sugar bars that include nuts and spices, but not the fruit. New combos include Cashew Ginger and Madagascar Vanilla Almond bars. "Consumers are looking for lower sugar options," says 43-year-old founder Daniel Lubetzky.

But the bars posed challenges for the 120-person company. Employees had to experiment quite a bit to make the spicy bars as crunchy and chewable as the original products, but without adding sugar and calories. "To be able to bind a nut and spices bar with so little sugar and not use anything artificial or anything dodgy is a challenge," Lubetzky says. "There's a lot of technology that goes into simplifying our products."


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