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Drink Spotlight: Tinto Amorío launches new Spanish Wine Cocktail in response to shifting millennial consumption habits


NEW YORK, Oct. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Tinto Amorío announced today that it is releasing its first sparkling wine cocktail - Red Wine of the Summer™ - with limited availability in New York and online. The brand was created in response to a shift in millennial consumption habits in the alcoholic beverage and wine categories. Their first flavor is based on a Spanish wine cocktail - Tinto de Verano – which originated in Cordoba, Spain in the early 1900s. The flavor is in a new cocktail category – sparkling wine cocktails – and features a low-calorie profile, natural ingredients, and a refreshing lemon spritz.

"We are excited to get Tinto into the hands of millennial consumers," said Anish Patel, CEO & Founder of Tinto Amorío. "Millennials have started to shift consumption habits towards products that have an authentic story and deliver an experience. We already know they want more sparkling beverages, natural and low-calorie options, as well as premium products, but they also crave something that's new, and something that they can talk about and believe in. We check all of those boxes. Tinto Amorío is as much a conversation piece and experience, as it is a phenomenal product. We aren't just packaging wine in a can as most of the industry is trending towards. The only innovation in canned wine is in the packaging. We are introducing a brand-new cocktail category, flavor profile, and authentic experience to consumers who are looking to get to know brands and products on a more intimate level."

Tinto Amorío is committed to staying true to its Spanish wine cocktail origins as it discusses the story behind Tinto de Verano and its origins at the hands of Federico Vargas. Vargas operated an establishment, The Brilliante, where artists and bohemians found refuge on their travels through Cordoba in the early 1900s. He blended a mix of red wine with lemon soda pop for his patrons, which soon came to be known as: "Tinto de Verano" or Red Wine of the Summer. A legacy began at The Brilliante that spread like wildfire through Spain, and made Tinto de Verano into a household name.

Anish was first introduced to Tinto de Verano and other Spanish wine cocktails while in Cádiz, Spain, and knew they were the perfect response to shifting millennial consumptions habits back home in the states. A true labor of love, Tinto Amorío took 7 months and countless iterations to formulate their Red Wine of the Summer™. They were passionate about making sure it tasted perfect and that it wasn't just another commercially viable wine product, but one that was true to its roots. Red Wine of the Summer™ is translated from "Tinto de Verano" however the semi-sweet taste profile of this sparkling red wine cocktail is a perfect blend to be enjoyed year-round. "The flavor profile is complex enough that it draws you in and captures your attention, but it is also simple enough that you can distinguish hints of lemon and citrus. It's not another summer party drink; it's a finely crafted wine cocktail," described Anish.

Tinto Amorío also has a commitment to social responsibility and is donating a portion of every sale directly to causes in the community. Each production run is dedicated to a new cause with their 2017 run being dedicated to the Children's Hospital of LA.

Red Wine of the Summer™ is available in 4-packs for a suggested retail price of $20. Tinto's first cocktail is 110 calories, made with Natural Ingredients, and with No Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners, or Preservatives. It's also Gluten Free.

To Learn More:

To find Tinto near you, or to order online, visit https://drinktinto.com/buy-tinto/.

For updates, giveaways and deals, like us at https://www.facebook.com/tintoamorio/ and follow us at https://www.instagram.com/tintoamorio/



Tinto Amorío launches new Spanish wine cocktail in response to shifting millennial consumption habits - Red Wine of the Summer™ - a sparkling red wine cocktail, spritzed with lemon. (PRNewsfoto/Tinto Amorio)

Tinto Amorío launches new Spanish wine cocktail in response to shifting millennial consumption habits - Red Wine of the Summer™ - a sparkling red wine cocktail, spritzed with lemon. (PRNewsfoto/Tinto Amorio)


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Company Spotlight: BEAUTY & GO Bioactive Beauty Drinks



The first Beauty drinks enriched with Macro-Antioxidants®; highly antioxidant, ultra-beneficial bioactives and macromolecules that protect and regenerate, strengthening your skin’s beauty and health. With BEAUTY & GO a new category of nutricosmetics is born: Bioactive Beauty Drinks.



Discover the BBDs from BEAUTY & GO

• Four delicious Beauty drinks.
• Gluten-free, no sugar added.
• Low calorie, 35 kcal per 100 ml.
• Light, convenient bottle. No refrigeration required; enjoy anywhere, any time of the day.
• The perfect supplement to cosmetic Beauty treatments.
• Enjoy up to three BBD every day, according to your needs and lifestyle.




About the company:

The ground-breaking BIOACTIVE BEAUTY DRINKS are the outcome of scientific collaboration between two Spanish companies that have a well established international presence and a clear strategy of investing in research, innovation and new technology: Natura Bissé, trend-setter in the world of luxury cosmetics, and AMC Group (the AMC Innova division), leader in the research and development of functional beverages and the principals of natural bioactives.

FEED YOUR SKIN JV is the first joint venture between these two companies. Natura Bissé brings to the table its extensive experience with skin needs and highly effective beauty treatments, while AMC Group contributes its considerable knowledge about functional nutrition and exclusive fruit drink processing technology. Read More





Company: Feed Your Skin JV, S.L.
Brand: BEAUTY & GO
Slogan: Beauty from the inside out
Origin: Spain
Category: Beauty Drinks
Claims: Low in calories. Without added sugars. Gluten Free.
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: www.mybeautyandgo.com









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The Next Big Health Drink? Spanish Horchata

Get ready, America. It’s only a matter of time before Spanish horchata becomes the new super-healthy it drink. Unlike milky-white Mexican horchata—made by straining and sweetening a pureed blend of raw rice and water—Spanish horchata is made from tiger nuts (shown above), a tuber that thrives in the area around Valencia.

Often called chufa in Spain, tiger nuts were brought to the Iberian peninsular by the Arabs in the 8th century. The ancient Egyptians knew a good thing; they’ve been cultivating tiger nuts for over 4,000 years. Although the tubers are about the size of a pea, they pack a wallop of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids, while the list of health benefits goes on and on, from improving digestion, to helping with hot flashes, cleansing the liver, as well as possessing anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties.

Walk into a horchateria in Valencia, and you’ll be served a tall glass filled with an ice-cold liquid the color of pale cappuccino, with a flavor faintly reminiscent of caramel and almonds. Although it looks milky, it’s dairy-free, and it goes down easily.

The best version I had was at La Huertana, a stand in the Mercado Centrale, which claims to be the largest indoor market building in Europe. Along with the horchata come long fingers of a soft, lightly sweetened bread called fartons (yes, you read that right!).  Dip the warm fartons into the chilled liquid for a delightful play of simultaneous hot and cold sensations in your mouth.  Eager to try horchata? Order it from LaTienda.com.

via Gourmet

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