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Fiery Pepper Flavor By SoCo

Loving this SoCo design and launch kit for their new Tabasco Fiery Pepper flavor.

"Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper is a fusion of two Louisiana classics, Southern Comfort and Tabasco. Devilishly spicy with a genuine Cajun heat, Fiery Pepper invites new consumers into the Southern Comfort brand with a taste that’s challenging and fun.

Fiery Pepper’s package design features a flame motif on the Southern Comfort shield and necker, illustrating its spicy flavor. The brand identity system uses iconic elements of the 70 proof bottle and extends the visual language to accommodate new flavor variations.

To announce the arrival of Fiery Pepper, we created a launch kit to promote the product to the industry trade. The box contains branded coasters and a siren to deliver a disruptive, high-energy teaser."

Designed by cue

Full Article @ TDL

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