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Frozen Dessert Spotlight: Sambazon Açaí Berry + Chocolate + Chocolate Chip Sorbet



Organic & Dairy-Free Sorbet with powerful antioxidants and healthy omegas. Made with organic and GMO-free ingredients sustainably sourced in the Brazilian Amazon. Perfect for making authentic Açaí bowls or enjoying straight out of the pint for an indulgent & purposeful treat.





About the company

We believe that what we do can change the world.  As pioneers of nutrition, bringers of amazing taste, and believers of higher consciousness, we committed ourselves to preserving the Amazon rainforest. We believe in protecting and preserving the environment, in providing healthy and uncompromised nutrition to the world, and to believing in the power of positive change…little by little.  And we want you to come along for the journey.



Company: Sambazon
Brand: Açaí Berry + Chocolate + Chocolate Chip Sorbet
Origin: US
Category: Frozen Desserts
Packaging: 428g
Claims: USDA organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website: http://www.sambazon.com/


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Frozen Dessert Spotlight: High Road Destination Series Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet


Available in 6-pack (2 pints of each flavor) or 12-pack (4 pints of each flavor)


Mango Chile Lime Sorbet - One of High Road's original eight, the afterburn of sugar-roasted habañeros, the zing of fresh Mexican lime juice, and super-ripe mangos make for one versatile sorbet. A little bit to close out a meal is monumentally refreshing. Used as a foundation for margaritas, well, you'll need more than a pint or two...

Aztec Chocolate and Caramel - First released in 2010, this flavor remains a top seller among chefs, and is a monster-seller in Texas. The punch of fresh chiles, the perfume of cinnamon, the roasty-toasty notes of almonds, and our own cajeta-inspired caramel make what we believe is the "hottest" chocolate ice cream on the planet. It'll only burn if you let it.

Roasted Coconut Kaffir - We're coconut freaks here at High Road. This ice cream is built upon a foundation of coconut caramel, sweetened coconut milk, and fresh cream. We then steep galangal and kaffir lime leaf overnight before spinning the ice cream. When the ice cream is near completion, we fold in generous handfuls of oven-roasted coconut. Then, we close our eyes, and pretend we're at a coastal resort in Thailand. It works.

About the Company
We launched High Road in 2010 with a mission to sell ice cream to chefs...because, well, we're chefs too. Soon after being available in better restaurants in the Atlanta area, food enthusiasts started clamoring for High Road in pint-sized containers. First, we opened our factory store, which we still lovingly operate every Saturday between 9AM and 2PM. Soon thereafter, retailers around the country started taking note of our culinary savvy, and invited us into their freezers.


Company: High Road Craft Ice Cream Inc
Brand: Big Kid Series
Slogan: Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet
Origin: USA
Category: Frozen Desserts
Packaging: Pint
Variants: Mango Chile Lime Sorbet, Aztec Chocolate and Caramel, Roasted Coconut Kaffir
Price: $99.00 (6 pints)
Where to Buy: Direct on Website, Store Locator
Website:  highroadcraft.com






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Product Spotlight: Hercules Sorbet Cocktails


Hercules form the Ukraine has launched a new line of sorbet products.



Mojito - Trendy cocktail in the form of sorbet with the taste of lime, mint and the core with white rum aroma

Weight: 80 g.
Term of storage: 12 months at a temperature - 24±2°С, 10 months at a temperature - 18±2°С
Quantity in a box: 28 psc.



Marabu - Refreshing citrus sorbet with ripe orange flavor and the core with juicy grapefruit aroma.

Weight: 80 g.
Term of storage: 12 months at a temperature of minus (24±2)°С, 10 months at a temperature of minus (18±2)°С
Quantity in a box: 28 pcs.


Company: Hercules
Brand: Hercules
Slogan: Invincible Power of Quality
Category: Frozen Dessert
Origin: USA
Packaging: 80g

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Product Spotlight: Smirnoff Sorbet Light

Putting a spin on the flavored vodka category, SMIRNOFF® Vodka is making a splash with a new-to-market delicious, reduced calorie line of vodka specialties, infused with natural flavors: SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light. SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light ups the ante with three fresh flavors inspired by the sweet, icy and light taste of sorbet. This new line of vodka specialties is 78 calories per 1.5 oz. serving and creates scrumptious, light-tasting cocktails.

Beginning with SMIRNOFF No. 21 Vodka, the world's best-selling vodka, SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light is infused with the natural flavoring of fresh-tasting berries, tart pomegranates, luscious mangos, juicy passion fruits and zesty lemons creating three unique, reduced calorie vodka specialties: SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Raspberry Pomegranate, SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Mango Passion Fruit and SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Lemon. With this brilliantly delicious and guilt-free line up, the best way to enjoy SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light is in good company and of course, responsibly.

"SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light is the next flavor experience for those women who strive to lead a balanced lifestyle, but never at the expense of delicious cocktails," said Sandhya Padmanabhan , Brand Manager for SMIRNOFF. "Today's multifaceted woman inspired SMIRNOFF to think differently and create a product that would make guilt free, delectable drinks that truly embody the refreshingly light taste of sorbet."

SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light breaks the mold of traditional flavored vodkas by offering an incredibly tasty reduced calorie spirit that has 25% fewer calories than the leading dessert-inspired flavored vodkas. SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light delivers refreshing flavors and lighter tasting cocktails that don't taste like they are a sacrifice.

Experience the deliciously light and fresh taste that SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light brings to cocktails with a cocktail recipe for any summer occasion. From jasmine tea, coconut water and fresh-tasting juices to mint, cilantro and ginger, these flavors pair perfectly with an array of mixers and fresh ingredients to inspire endless drink creations. Try the SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Berry Cosmo when opening your night to the unexpected; the SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Tropical Martini for those much needed nights in; and SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Lemon Pomegranate Punch while going big at brunch.

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