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Product Spotlight: Spy Moscato Gold Ready to Drink

SPY Wine Cooler is a sparkling wine drink with moderate alcohol content: made from a blend of grape wine and natural sparkling water. It comes in a variety of flavors: Classic, Red, White, Black and Gold. SPY Wine Cooler is the first contact to the wine category; currently the market leader in Thailand and South East Asia.

NEW!! SPY Moscato Gold
The latest premium wine cooler from popular Italian grapes.

Since the launch of the first export market in 1998, Siam Winery has grown its international business to 25 countries; including USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and several in Asia. Continuous growth was recognized by the Prime Minister’s Export award in 2005.


Company: Siam WInery
Brand: SPY
Slogan: Color up your life
Category: Alcohol, Ready to Drink
Origin: Thailand
Packaging: Bottle
Alcohol Volume: 5%
Variants: Mai Tai, Kamikaze, Screwdriver, Margarita
Website: spycocktail.com


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