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Fashion Spotlight: TOMS White Canvas Sheep Women’s Paseos



An airy sneaker for stepping into spring adventure, this shoe features a playful sheep print that you will love. Wear it throughout the year as a little reminder that it’s the year of the sheep. And there’s nothing baaaaaaahd about that.

• Canvas upper and lining
• Rubber cupsole for durability and flexibility
• Elastic tongue straps for optional lacing

With every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One®.



The TOMS® Story
While traveling in Argentina in 2006, TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie witnessed the hardships faced by children growing up without shoes. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a new pair of shoes for a child in need. One for One®.

What began as a simple idea has evolved into a powerful business model that helps address need and advance health, education and economic opportunity for children and their communities around the world. Read More



Company: TOMS
Brand: TOMS
Slogan: One for One
Origin: USA
Category: Shoes
Claims: Playful sheep print. Rubber cupsole for durability and flexibility
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $59.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: www.toms.com



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Tech Spotlight: Budiu GPS Tracking Shoes


Created in China, Budiu are a pair of kids’ sneakers that feature embedded GPS locators so parents know where they are.

Developed by Angela & Lucas, each pair features a GPS chip integrated into the tongue of the shoe, able to pinpoint their location to within 3 meters if the child is outdoors and 50 meters if they’re indoors.

Read Full Article @ SpringWise




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Fashion Spotlight: Nike Hypervenom Soccer Cleats

In soccer, every extra bit of advantage you have over your challenger counts. Nike kept that consideration front of mind when creating the Hypervenom ($TBA), a soccer shoe built to enhance agility and speed. Constructed from a soft mesh outer, coated in polyurethane film and special weatherproofing technology, the shoe feels like the closest thing to playing barefoot. It was designed with feedback form some of the biggest names in the game — Neymar, Rooney, Ibrahimovic — with a stud configuration that allows fast movement and swift kicks, so they (and you) can defeat even the most skilled opponent.

Full Article @ Uncrate

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Fashion Spotlight: Nike Lunar Presto

Nike continues its quest to make its shoes even more like cushioned socks with the Nike Lunar Presto (£79; roughly $120). This incredibly lightweight shoe features a water-resistant mesh upper that works with a Flywire lace cage to provide an excellent fit while minimizing bulk and allowing for maximum ventilation. A Lunarlon sole rounds out the offering, which comes in a spring-friendly light grey/dark slate grey/orange colorway. [via]

Nike Lunar Presto

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Fashion Spotlight: Sriracha Stilettos

Rock Out” is the name of a pair of stilettos by Hourglass Footwear which are hand-painted à la Sriracha hot sauce.

Rock Out

via The Sriracha Cookbook, Foodiggity

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Nike Golf 2013 Dunk NG SL

For the sneakerhead who’s also got a mean golf game, Nike has you covered with the Dunk NG SL golf shoe. Part of Nike Golf’s 2013 spring/summer range, the Nike Dunk NG SL combines the iconic Dunk silhouette with golf-specific traction cleats so that you don’t miss a step while out on the greens. Cleats aside, the shoe remains the same as a traditional low top Dunk and is available in a classic red, white and black colorway as well as the more restrained all black (shown here) and all white colorways. The Price will approximately be $150 USD.

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Digital Diesel Promotes the Pre-Internet Shoe

Diesel celebrates life beyond the web by launching a new international initiative, which is linked to the re-launch of the YUK Pre-Internet shoe from 1993. The brand is encouraging its fans to get disconnected from their social media life for at least three days for a chance to win shoes from Diesel. “Stop sharing things online for three days and you could win 20 pairs of shoes! Select Facebook to participate, add Twitter and Instagram to complete the challenge faster,” calls Diesel. Get back to the pre-Internet time, when life was also cool, go do various real things, meet different people and have real offline fun just it was two decades ago.

Pic. Pre-Internet YUK shoe poster (click to enlarge), www.diesel.com/yuk

To join the initiative, which runs from November 12, 2012 to January 12, 2013, users from around the globe are invited to go to the dedicated page, where they can find the pledge form. They are asked to accept the challenge by promising not to post on Facebook (Twitter and Instagram, too, if chosen by the user) for three days. Once you click the “Go Offline” button, Diesel posts an announcement message to your FB timeline saying “[Name] is enjoying a pre-internet experience and has gone offline for a couple of days. But don’t despair, she/he is probably going places, doing things, meeting people and having fun.” The brand has also revealed a series of visuals as well as a ironic video (below) dedicated to the shoes, which are just shoes, not your brain on your feet (can you smell a slight take on Nike and adidas?).

Pic. Pre-Internet YUK shoe poster (click to enlarge), www.diesel.com/yuk

Pic. Pre-Internet YUK shoe poster (click to enlarge), www.diesel.com/yuk

In addition, the brand is posting a series of informational visuals with the #daystolive hashtag on Facebook, which tell users how much time in their life average people spend on different stupid things including talking to intimate objects, deleting spam, dreaming of being a superhero, etc. Diesel continues to encourage its fans to make more of their live by living it to the fullest. Back in 2010, the brand teamed up with Fiat to launch a hilarious campaign titled “Disconnect,” calling people to get out of the web to experience great things in the real settings.

via PopSop

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Zappos Leverages Pinterest To Assist Customer Decisions

Combining e-commerce and social sharing, Zappos, Amazon’s online store has created a new service that recommends consumers what to buy based on what people post on Pinterest.

Zappos consumers can share what they buy through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The new project created by a team at Zappos Labs is called PinPointing and is designed to draw parallels between users’ personal pins and those of other Pinterest users, and then to suggest appropriate Zappos products such as shoes, dresses and swimsuits, reports Bloomberg. Using one of the most popular social web platforms, Zappos expands the borders of e-commerce and promotes not only shoes but other products it sells.

“Social shopping is a total buzzword that people throw around, but I don’t think any big brands have cracked it,” said Will Young, director of Zappos Labs. “When we talk to people and ask what they think is the best social-shopping experience, they say Pinterest, and it’s not even a retailer.”

Zappos has got approval from Pinterest for the PinPointing site but it doesn’t mean that the companies have signed an official partnership.

According to Young, though consumers share more often on Pinterest than on Facebook and Twitter, sales from Pinterest posts contribute the smallest amount of revenue. He added that posts on Twitter generated the most revenue, which is an average of $33.66 an order and Facebook posts resulted in $2.08 per order, while sales from Pinterest were mostly just 75 cents. In December, Zappos launched its iPad app.

via PopSop

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Footwear Trend Watch: Nike’s Neon Moment

At the London Olympic Games, the only thing that might be more eye-catching than the athletes' bodies is their footwear. Chances are you've seen flashes of neon yellow blazing across your screen. The likely source: Nike's uber-bright Volt collection. Athletes are sporting the electric-hued shoes everywhere from the road to the track to the medal stand and back again. You may have seen them on Trey Hardee, Ashton Eaton, and even the swimmers.

Track-and-field purists might consider the color distracting, but for the increasingly style-conscious world of sports, the pumped-up kicks are a modern example of function meeting fashion, the second coming, perhaps, of Michael Johnson's golden Nike spikes that grabbed headlines at the 1996 Atlanta Games. "Using the Volt color for all of the Nike shoes is designed to make a bold statement on sports' biggest stage," says Martin Lotti, Nike's global Olympic creative director. The statement: If you look fast, you will move fast.

Full Review @ Details

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