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Tech Spotlight: OMsignal Shirt


What does the OMsignal shirt track?

The OMsignal shirt tracks your deep bio-signal including:

- Heart rate
- Breathing rate
- Breathing depth
- Activity intensity
- Steps walked
- Calories burned
- Heart Rate Variability (the basis for our fuel and RPM insights)





Can the OMsignal shirt replace a visit to the doctor?
The OMsignal shirt is not a certified medical device – please see a doctor if you need medical advice.


When will shirts be available?
Men’s shirts will be available Summer 2014 and women’s shirts will be available by the end of the year.


Where will the OMsignal shirts ship?
Worldwide. Please note that extra shipping charges will apply based on your delivery address. OMsignal will not be responsible for extra fees, such as duties and customs charges.


Why are women’s shirts coming later this year?
The sensors of the OMsignal shirt need to be worn directly on the skin to give the best readings and we are currently working on a female design that fits a women’s body perfectly. Please keep in touch to hear the latest!


Is the OMsignal shirt waterproof?
For now, the OMsignal shirt can't go swimming with you. However, if you get caught in light rain, you’ll still get your data. While the shirt itself is machine washable, we ask that you disconnect it from the little black box before throwing in the wash.


Is the OMsignal little black box waterproof?

For now, the little black box is water-resistant. It will do well with sweat and regular fitness wear and tear, but it’s not made to dive into the pool with you. We also ask that you disconnect it from your OMsignal smart shirt before washing.




What TrendMonitor Thinks

Wearable tech is becoming more popular by the day. Just in the last month we have featured a number of devices including the Vidameter. These gadgets are becoming more sophisticated in what they are able to track to a level not even imaginable a few years back.  At the rate these products are developing there is no telling what we will be able to track next.  Most of these devices track multiple things and will be very useful when detecting health problems that can automatically alert the right people to get help immediately.  We see this trend continuing and the success will depend on combining tracking technology with products that most people use on a daily basis. We have already seen this with watches, glasses and now shirts.  Most of these products will only be of interest for a niche market but as the technology advances and prices drop more consumers will begin using them.

Learn more at OMsignal.com


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Lacoste’s Polo of the Future

In celebration of René Lacoste’s 80th birthday, the French apparel brand teamed with creative agency MNSTR to demonstrate Lacoste‘s “Polo of the Future”. In this clip located below, you’ll discover futuristic video which showcases the brand’s most popular item, technologically-advanced for the future. Without spoiling too much, let’s just say if Lacoste ever develops this high-tech polo in real life, it’s going to be game over.

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