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Tech Spotlight: Dating App Matches Lonely Salad Lovers


Salad, we can all agree, is a profoundly isolating meal in our age: Where a family might once have shared a big bowl of the stuff, more commonly we see office drones sadly purchasing individual, customized portions. But one New York restaurant chain wants to change that—with an app that promises to connect you to your “salad soulmate.”

SaladMatch is a service developed by Just Salad, a franchise that features reusable bowls, a healthy menu, and during lunch hour, a line that stretches out the door. The company at some point realized that “their customers really hit it off while waiting in line” and decided to test the idea of salad compatibility further.

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Facebook expected to release a sexy Snapchat clone

Facebook will reportedly release its own version of Snapchat, the "sexting" app known for its ability to create and send self-destructing mobile photos. Facebook's app is expected to launch before the end of the year.

It might not really matter that Snapchat has been getting a negative rep from the press as of late as a “sexting” app. Sources tell AllThingsD that Facebook has recognized the potential of such a service, plans to release its own adaptation of the popular timed photo and messaging app before the end of the year.

Snapchat, if you’re not familiar with the app, sends messages, photos, and now videos between users that expire after one to 10 seconds. The amount of time that the sent message is on the other person’s phone is entirely up to the sender. It’s become a popular way for teenagers and college students to send “secure” messages. However, if you really wanted to save a specific message, there’s always the option to do a screen grab on your smartphone.

Whatever the case may be, Facebook wants to grab a piece of self-destruct messaging pie. Facebook’s version of Snapchat will live outside of Facebook’s native mobile app as a standalone app much like what the social network has done with Facebook Messenger, Facebook Camera, and others. And the app will reportedly mimic Snapchat’s core features, meaning that users can send timed messages through an interface that’s said to be inherently familiar to existing Snapchat users. Whether video messaging will be supported hasn’t been confirmed. We’ve reached out to Facebook for a comment, and will update this space with any response.

Facebook already has its fair share of mobile messaging products that have been upgraded to reflect the market’s current features in messaging. For example, Facebook has been coming to grips with its potential to compete with SMS text messages, and recognized that to dominate mobile, the social network needs to face off with apps like Whatsapp. To do this, Facebook responded by updating its Android app so users wouldn’t be forced to sign up with a Facebook account. Instead new users can sign up with just a name and a phone number. And then, of course, there’s Instagram, the Facebook-acquired ppp that currently dominates the mobile photo-sharing space.

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Photo messaging app makes shared images disappear within 10 seconds

The success of Instagram has shown that photo sharing is now a standard part of the mobile world, but Snapchat offers a different take on this. Whereas Instagram presents photos as a stream from the people a user follows, Snapchat is closer to text messaging and sends photos only to friends the user chooses. Even more intriguing, it gives those friends only a few seconds to view them.

Launched a little over a year ago, California-based Snapchat aims to make social media “fun again,” it says. With versions for both iPhone and Android, the app enables users to take photos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients who also use the app. Along the way, users set a limit on how long recipients have to view those photos, up to a maximum of 10 seconds; after that, the photos are made to disappear. Sending photos with Snapchat is up to 10 times faster than with MMS, the company says. The free service also notifies users when friends take a screenshot of a photo they send.

A testament to Snapchat’s rapid success is that it reportedly posted four times more photos on US Thanksgiving than Instagram did – and that holiday was apparently Instagram’s biggest day yet. At the same time, Snapchat has also reportedly raised concern among parents, some of whom fear it may encourage “sexting” among its many teen users.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying Snapchat has found a niche for itself. Mobile entrepreneurs: one to partner with or emulate with a unique twist of your own?

Website: www.snapchat.com
Contact: support@snapchat.com

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Instabridge: Free WiFi via Facebook friends

Swedish startup Instabridge deals with the annoying problem of bugging friends for their WiFi password when hanging out together. Only to find out, “ummm I lost the paper it was written on.” Described as the easiest way to use and share WiFi, you simply log into your Facebook account and Instabridge automatically sets up up your phone to use WiFi when visiting the homes of your Facebook friends.

You can also setup your own home or office network to share Wifi and then decide which friends you want to grant the priveledge to surf New-Startups.com or any of your other favorite sites via your network. The app can also be used in café’s or other shops, while the more friends in your network the greater opportunities you gain to access free WiFi thus increasing your overall coverage.

A very well thought out idea, the makers did a great job at identifying a true annoying need and answered it with a simple solution.

Instabridge - Wi-Fi made easy from Instabridge on Vimeo.

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Zappos Leverages Pinterest To Assist Customer Decisions

Combining e-commerce and social sharing, Zappos, Amazon’s online store has created a new service that recommends consumers what to buy based on what people post on Pinterest.

Zappos consumers can share what they buy through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The new project created by a team at Zappos Labs is called PinPointing and is designed to draw parallels between users’ personal pins and those of other Pinterest users, and then to suggest appropriate Zappos products such as shoes, dresses and swimsuits, reports Bloomberg. Using one of the most popular social web platforms, Zappos expands the borders of e-commerce and promotes not only shoes but other products it sells.

“Social shopping is a total buzzword that people throw around, but I don’t think any big brands have cracked it,” said Will Young, director of Zappos Labs. “When we talk to people and ask what they think is the best social-shopping experience, they say Pinterest, and it’s not even a retailer.”

Zappos has got approval from Pinterest for the PinPointing site but it doesn’t mean that the companies have signed an official partnership.

According to Young, though consumers share more often on Pinterest than on Facebook and Twitter, sales from Pinterest posts contribute the smallest amount of revenue. He added that posts on Twitter generated the most revenue, which is an average of $33.66 an order and Facebook posts resulted in $2.08 per order, while sales from Pinterest were mostly just 75 cents. In December, Zappos launched its iPad app.

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Beautylish builds online boutiques so cosmetics-lovers can powder, pamper, blush, and at last, buy

Online beauty community Beautylish introduced shopping opportunities onto its site today, so registered members can now buy products, not just talk about them.

Beautylish is a social forum where beauty enthusiasts come together to share editorial content about cosmetics. Members contribute photos, videos, product reviews, and articles and can communicate with each other.

The site’s content primarily relates to specific products and brands. With “purchasing intent” already flourishing within the community, founder Nils Johnson said introducing retail was the natural next step.

Now, the businesses fostering the dialogue will have the opportunity to sell their wares in Beautylish’s Boutiques.

Every few weeks, a new virtual store will open featuring products from the most popular brands. Each boutique will have exclusive items available for a limited time, as well as regularly stocked inventory.

Beautylish is not unlike Pinterest or other style communities where fashionistas merge to find inspiration, exchange ideas, and engage in discussions. However, the specialized topic creates an active, tight-knit community, as well as significant opportunities for brands looking to connect with their most enthusiastic fans (and consumers).

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Persona: Share Everything About You in Pictures

We love pictures! We love pictures so much that companies like Instagram and Pinterest have captured our hearts as the go-to places to discover, share, be inspired and learn through visuals. Persona uses the power of photos to describe everything “About You”. It is the app that tells you a hundred things about your friend you may never have thought to ask and at the same time, it tells the world about you. And it does all of this at the speed of sight.


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