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Snack Spotlight: Santa Barbara Coconut Almond Bar



If you like coconut you need to try our Coconut Almond bar. And even if you think you don’t like coconut you must give it a try — you will be totally amazed. We all know the health benefits of coconut, almonds, pumpkin seeds, dates, and chia seeds, but the flavor of this bar is what will get you hooked. The most wonderful balance of flavors will transport you to Santa Barbara Bar heaven. The Coconut Almond bar contains no soy products, no refined sugar, and is GMO free. Give it a try!




Almonds, brown rice syrup, whey crisps (whey protein concentrate, rice flour), gluten free oats, raisins, pumpkin seeds, coconut, dates, brown rice syrup solids, chicory fiber, chia seeds, cashews, organic agave syrup, natural flavors, sunflower lecithin, oat flour, sea salt.
Contains milk, almonds, cashews, and coconut.

Manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts, soy, peanuts, and eggs.






About the company

We own a wholesale bakery in Santa Barbara where we have been serving customers for over 20 years. From the beginning, our goal has always been to produce superior quality products using only the finest natural ingredients. In this spirit, we developed the Santa Barbara Bar. Made initially for family, friends, and local customers as a delicious and health conscious snack, soon the health care industry began requesting our bars mainly for its taste and nutritional values, and because our bars have no soy protein or refined sugars.

We are often told our nutrition bars are the most delicious tasting bars on the market. Each bar is packed with superfoods and only with natural ingredients that result in a nutrient dense bar. As a direct effect, Santa Barbara Bar will enhance your healthy lifestyle and give you energy when you need it most. We know that you will enjoy our bars as much as we do!



Company: Santa Barbara
Brand:  Coconut Almond Bar
Slogan:  Santa Barbara
Origin: US
Category: Bars
Packaging:  1.58 oz. per bar, 12 bars/box
Claims:  Soy free, no refined sugars, 8g protein per bar.
Variants: View product range here
Price: 12-pack $23.88
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://sbbar.co/



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Snack Review: Santa Barbara Cranberry White Chocolate Nutrition Bars



Santa Barbara Bar provides you with a delicious taste, wonderful chewing experience, and great nutritional benefits from super foods like cranberries, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. Best of all, our bars are gluten free, provide a good source of protein and fiber, and contain no added soy protein or refined sugars.




The idea of the Cranberry White Chocolate flavor combination was inspired by our desire to play to your sweet tooth without being too sweet and unhealthy. The taste and texture balance of the cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and almonds combined with the semi sweet white chocolate chips gives you the sensation of eating a candy bar without any guilt feelings. You are doing your body and mind a favor supplying it with this delicious, one-of-a-kind Santa Barbara Bar.


Whey crisps (whey protein concentrate, rice flour), brown rice syrup, gluten free oats, cranberries (cranberries, pineapple syrup), pumpkin seeds, chicory fiber, cashew butter, almonds, white chocolate chips (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk, nonfat milk, soy lecithin, natural flavor), currants, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, brown rice syrup solids, sea salt, natural flavors, sunflower lecithin, citric acid.

Contains Almonds, Cashews, Milk, Soy.
Manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, eggs.






About the Company
We have owned a wholesale bakery in Santa Barbara for over 20 years. From the outset our goal was to produce superior quality products with the finest natural ingredients. We refused to use artificial ingredients or pre-made mixes. We said no to unnatural dough enhancers or chemical stabilizers. It is in this same spirit that I developed these nutrition bars. Made initially for my family and friends as a delicious and healthy snack, I used only real and natural ingredients, and produced the most delicious tasting bars with great nutritional functionality. Santa Barbara Bar is designed as an enjoyable eating experience to improve your healthy life style and to give you energy when you need it most. I hope that you enjoy it as much as we do! Read More




Company: Santa Barbara Foods
Brand: Santa Barbara
Origin: USA
Category:  Snacks
Packaging: 45g
Claims: Good source of protein, Gluten free, No soy protein added
Variants: Cranberry White Chocolate, Coconut Almond, Peanut Chocolate Cherry
Price: $23.88 (12 x 45g)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: sbbar.co


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