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Drink Spotlight: Sanpellegrino Chinotto Sparkling Citrus Flavored Beverage


A beverage with an unmistakable taste that is entirely made from Sicilian high-quality Chinotto oranges grown at the foot of the Etna volcano. Chinotto is a small bitter citrus fruit similar to an orange, but with an extraordinary distinctive bittersweet taste. Chinotto, a real ‘cult drink’, has a vast number of fans that love its unique taste. Amber colored with glints of gold, it has a sharp, intense aroma of fine, ripe fruit of excellent quality, which gives it an unmistakable taste that is soft, full, round, extraordinarily balanced and persistent with a delicate finish of bitterish and fruity notes.




About the Company
Homemade, delicious and thirst-quenching aranciata is an all-Italian tradition. With this inspiration,Sanpellegrino has produced a genuine and authentic beverage since 1932: Sanpellegrino Aranciata, which is prepared with high-quality ingredients selected with care. Keeping the same inspiration, now Sanpellegrino offers a wide range of delicious citrus-based beverages.




Company: Sanpellegrino
Brand:  Chinotto
Slogan:  Sanpellegrino
Origin:  Italy
Category:  Mineral Water
Packaging:  200ml per bottle, 1.2L six-pack
Claims:  Unmistakable taste, high-quality Chinotto oranges
Variants:  View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy:  Worldwide
Website: http://www.sanpellegrinofruitbeverages.com/intl/en/








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Packaging Spotlight: Arya / SanPellegrino packaging project




Designed by
Multiple Owners



SanPellegrino Arya is a student project made at NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts, Milan - 2014.
Special thanks to Luca Cappalonga.

All the products shown are not linked to the real SanPellegrino Company in any way.






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