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Food News: Yasso® Frozen Greek Yogurt Unveils First Of Its Kind Sandwich Format And New Flavors



Unique innovation and on-trend flavors up the ante on dessert with benefits; Nationwide sampling tour will support new products and summer season

QUINCY, Mass., March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt, one of the fastest growing dessert brands in the country, has introduced new innovations for 2017 that will make everyday indulgence undeniable for consumers everywhere. Today, Yasso announces a first of its kind sandwich format in Mint and Vanilla flavors, along with three new flavors joining its stick bar lineup, S'mores, Toffee Caramel Chocolate Chip and Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip.

With incredible entrepreneurial success among deeply entrenched legacy brands, Yasso has revolutionized the dessert category with its fresh take on innovation and consistent use of quality ingredients. Yasso's award winning products have brought consumers back to the dessert category, increasing dessert consumption, and offering a new dessert experience that can be enjoyed throughout the day. The launch of the new sandwich line, and three new exciting flavors to the core stick portfolio, further cements Yasso's positioning as the leader in better-for-you desserts with a perfect blend of decadent taste and superb nutritionals.

"We're having a lot of fun with our innovation and we are truly dedicated to providing consumers with a dessert they can enjoy everyday" said Drew Harrington, Co-Founder of Yasso. "As an entrepreneurial brand, we pride ourselves in our David vs. Goliath story and how we've taken a different, more creative approach to our innovation by listening to our fans and their suggestions over the years. Our national sampling tour will be another exciting opportunity to continue the innovation conversation with our loyal fans and meet new ones too" continued Harrington.

Yasso's 2017 new products are created with a commitment to quality, functional ingredients and great taste, and the new form and flavors are no exception. Products are now available nationwide:

  • NEW Frozen Greek Yogurt Sandwiches in Mint & Vanilla: Not just any classic cookie, these two sandwich offerings use a unique, round, dark chocolate wafer to hold a thick layer of creamy Greek yogurt for a portable dessert you can enjoy daily, without the guilt. Truly a game changer and innovative product offering, the new Yasso sandwiches contain only 120 calories and 5 grams of protein per sandwich.
  • S'mores: Your favorite summer craving without the campfire. Made with a graham cracker base, mini marshmallows and chocolate inclusions, it's no wonder some flavor forecasters have predicted 2017 as the year of the S'more.
  • Toffee Caramel Chocolate Chip: With its rich, decadent taste profile, chunks of toffee and chocolate chips, you won't believe this bar clocks in at just 100 calories and has 5 grams of protein.
  • Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip: A truly iconic ice cream flavor gets the Yasso treatment. Packed with dark chocolate and white chocolate chips within creamy raspberry Greek yogurt base, Yasso's Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip will be a fan favorite adults and kids alike.

Yasso will have a fleet of six vehicles touring the country this spring and summer. The Yasso Brand Ambassadors will visit over 30 states and will give away more than 1 million free samples at charitable fundraisers, road races, music festivals, community events, corporate visits and other family-friendly outings.

For more information about Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt or to find a retailer near you, visit http://www.yasso.com and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

About Yasso®: Kindergarten friends turned entrepreneurs, founders Drew Harrington and Amanda Klane set out on a mission to create desserts that deliver on everyday indulgence with great taste, quality ingredients and superb nutritionals. Since hitting store shelves in 2011, Yasso quickly became one of the fastest-growing dessert brands in the world, disrupting the brand ranks of deeply entrenched competitors and attracting a loyal following of brand enthusiasts. Yasso currently offers 19 flavors and formats from sticks to candy bars to sandwiches and products can be found at major grocery and club stores nationwide. To find your local retailers and to learn more about the Yasso brand, please visit www.yasso.com.

SOURCE Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt

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Food Spotlight: Tofurky Peppered Deli Slice



Peppered Deli Slice

Popping with pepper! These pastrami-style Peppered slices have a lot of personality. They really shine in a Reubenesque sandwich (that’s a meat-free Reuben).


How to make: These slices are ready to eat out of the pack cold or heated.


Ingredients: Water, vital wheat gluten, organic tofu (water, organic soybeans, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride), shoyu soy sauce (water, non-GMO soybeans, wheat, salt, culture), non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil, vegan natural flavors, non-GMO corn starch, pepper, white bean flour, garbanzo bean flour, lemon juice from concentrate, garlic, onion, celery, calcium lactate from beets, sea salt.

Contains: Wheat, Soy





About the company

In 1980, after making from-scratch tempeh to share with friends and family, 30-year-old teacher/naturalist/hippie Seth Tibbott opens his own company in Forest Grove, Oregon. He expands operations to a vacant elementary school in 1983 -- and decades ahead of the tiny house trend, he builds a 300-square-foot treehouse to call home. Fast forward to 1995, Tofurky debuts the very first Holiday Roast. It strikes a cultural chord with a nation hungry for a tastier meat-free Thanksgiving. 2000 and beyond welcomes even more deliciousness, with the addition of deli slices and sausage and frozen items. Today our growth plans include new products, but also new countries. We're so inspired by a world that is waking up to the benefits of veg cuisine. Read More



Company: The Tofurky Company
Brand: Tofurky
Origin: USA
Category: Sandwich
Packaging: 5.5oz (156g)
Claims: Source of Protein and fiber. Low saturated fat. Non-GMO Ingredients.
Variants: View Product Range Here
Where to Buy: Find a Store







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Sweet Spotlight: Tillamookies Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich


Sweet, sweet Oregon strawberries—how we love thee. Our Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream is an ode to them. For each Tillamookie, we sandwich it in between waffle cone cookies made with real butter and brown sugar and no high fructose corn syrup. Each cookie is baked to perfection and dipped in dark chocolate for a well-rounded treat.

Milk, Waffle Cookie (wheat flour, brown sugar, chocolate coating [sugar, palm and palm kernel oils, cocoa (processed with alkali), buttermilk powder, soy lecithin, natural flavor], egg, vanilla, sugar, salt, natural flavor, cultured cream), Cream, Sugar, Strawberries, Corn Syrup, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Guar Gum, Pectin, Corn Starch, Xanthan Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Red Beet Concentrate (color).

milk, wheat, soy, egg

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 caloarie diet.






About the Company
We take special pride in our history here at Tillamook. For over a century our farmer-owners have been committed to providing families with the most consistent, best tasting, highest quality dairy products made in the most natural way possible, and our origins stretch back even earlier. It takes a lot of hard work to produce our high-quality dairy products, and it is a long tradition of excellence that makes us who we are today.

“Tillamook” is a Native American word for “Land of Many Waters.” And it’s true: we’ve got 5 rivers, 5 bays, and the Pacific Ocean. The first settlers arrived in the Tillamook Valley in the 1850s (covered wagons and all). The climate, water sources, and constant rain were ideal for dairy farming: cows love nutritious grass, grass loves rain, and rain loves the Tillamook Valley.

Transporting dairy goods by land was tough, so in 1854 we built the Morning Star ship to carry our dairy goods to market. The Morning Star is now on our logo and packaging, as a symbol of our dedication to bringing Tillamook to you. Read More






Company: Tillamook
Brand: Tillamook
Origin: USA
Category: Frozen Desserts
Packaging: 4 - 3.5fl oz sandwiches
Claims:  No Artificial Growth Hormones
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: tillamook.com







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Dunkin’ Donuts adding bacon doughnut breakfast sandwich to menu

Even as fast-food chains tout their healthy offerings, they're also coming up with fatty new treats to keep customers interested. Case in point: Dunkin' Donuts is adding a doughnut breakfast sandwich to its national menu next week.

The sandwich, which comes with fried eggs and bacon between a split glazed doughnut, will become a part of the permanent menu starting June 7, which the chain claims is "National Donut Day." Dunkin' Donuts had tested the sandwich in select stores in eastern Massachusetts in April, creating considerable buzz online.

Continue Reading @ NYDN

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Are Alcohol Covered Sandwiches The Next Trend?

Manhattan Panini shop Salumé is taking the sandwich making game to the next level by dousing their deli meats in alcohol. Featuring liqueurs such as gin, rye whiskey, and scotch, you might need a designated driver to take you back from this shop.

Although they are open with the fact that they drizzle liquor on their meats (not the first time I heard that, AMIRITE?), you don’t have to be 21 to order, and it won’t get you tipsy off of a few sandwiches. I mean, I guess you can try, but you might be better off brown bagging a bottle of booze with one of these sandwiches. At either point, you should really consider having that designated driver, and consider doing something about your life.

The amount of liquor varies from sandwich to sandwich, so it all really depends on what you end up ordering.

Available now, these Paninis might have just made sandwich history as the world’s first alcohol-infused sandwiches.

[Thx: HuffingtonPost via UrbanDaddy]

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A Sandwich Chain Targeting Marijuana Users?

If your funny bone tickles at the sound of ordering a ‘nug’ or ‘blunt’ sized sandwich, the growing Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs chain might be worth your patronage.

The high concept* behind Cheba Hut is simple (*no pun intended) — a friendly fast-food chain themed entirely around the cannabis lifestyle. The best part about it — well, besides the awesome names of their sandwiches — is that the chain is not a joke.

In fact, the chain has been in business since 1998, where Cheba Hut opened its first location near Arizona State University, which we were recently reminded is ranked as #17 on a recent “Higher Education: Top Colleges for Marijuana” list.

That’s right stoners, if you walk in to one of Cheba Hut’s roughly 15 locations, you’ll be ordering sandwiches that come in one of three sizes: Nugs (4″), Pinners (8″) and Blunts (12″).

Not tongue-in-cheek enough for you stoner synonym seekers? All the sandwiches are named after that ‘good good’ like a Majic Mushroom (portabella sub), the Silver Haze (hummus sub),  Kush (BLT), Endo (reuben sub) and the Dank (a pizza sub).

Full Article @ FB

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subway large

Subway testing 3 vegan options

More than just veggie-heavy sandwiches, the three vegan choices will include meat substitutes and beans. Is this something to be excited about, even if it is from a fast food company?

Eating healthy when you’re traveling or simply in a rush isn’t always easy. Trying to eat vegan under those circumstances can be even more difficult. Subway, the world’s largest fast food chain, is testing three new vegan sandwiches. If they go over well, eating vegan on the go may be about to get easier for many people, including MNN’s lifestyle blogger, Starre.

Yesterday, Starre mentioned Subway’s new vegan sandwiches on her Facebook page, and an interesting discussion took place. While some of her friends aren’t very impressed with the announcement, Starre sees it as a potential good choice for when she’s traveling. She mentioned that Subway already is one of the places she can eat when she’s traveling because of their veggie sandwich. These three new sandwiches will give her and others who want to eat vegan more options.
The three sandwiches will be the Sweet Riblet, the Malibu Greek and the Italian Black Bean subs. The Sweet Riblet, I assume, will be a meatless rib-like sandwich. I’m not sure what will be in the Malibu Greek, and the Italian Black Bean will obviously contain beans. At least two out of the three choices will contain protein, something a veggie-only sandwich usually doesn’t contain.

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The Ever-Morphing Banh Mi

The first time I had banh mi was in a California strip mall, in a shop between a burrito joint that smelled like dirty steam and a secondhand porno store that never opened (I lived close by). That gateway banh mi was intense and surprising with its shattering roll, tangy shock of carrots and daikon, and jalapeños’ burn. To be honest, the roasted pork and paté seemed a little sketchy, but I thought that only added to the thrill of the new.

Chefs love eating banh mi because they have vivid flavors and startling textures, and also because they’re cheap (news flash: cooks make crappy money). And what chefs like eating, they like making. These days, chefs who cook in fancy neighborhoods far from the kind of strip malls where you can get a $1.50 sandwich are putting them on their menus. They’re making banh mi fancy, or at least turning them into vehicles for ingredients no traditional Viet sandwich maker would ever think of wedging into a roll.

Full Article @ Chow

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5 Sandwiches You Should Eat in Mexico

Thinking the Mexican sandwich is limited to the widely known torta is like the medieval belief that the earth is flat. Not only is it dead wrong, there are whole other worlds to explore. Mexican sandwiches have expanded to all sorts of fillings and techniques that leave some of our proud American sandwiches trailing in the evolutionary chain. Here are five you should eat, and these are just the beginning. What are your favorite Mexican sandwiches?

The Torta

At an enclosed street cart called Tortas al Fuego on a corner in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City, a father and his daughter griddle up a typical version of Mexico's best-known sandwich. The torta is simple and straightforward—grilled ingredients arranged on a bun—and is the basis for many of the other sandwich varieties found throughout Mexico. The tortas of Mexico City are smaller, simpler, more focused on filling than what is generally served in the U.S.

The father builds the torta by slicing open an encased chorizo sausage, emptying out the crumbled meat on the heat. The cheese layer is grilled on its own, directly on the flat-top, a change from the typical, melted-in-sandwich style seen in American sandwiches. As the cheese and chorizo finish up, a buttered roll joins them over heat. The roll gets a smearing of beans before being carefully stacked with the meat and cheese, as well as avocado, tomato, and lettuce. The torta is best enjoyed standing against the counter at the cart, watching the old man grill up the next torta, trying to ignore that the finished sandwich sat atop the same cutting board as the raw sausage.

The Cemita

Follow the line of people at all hours of the day, or look for the five staff members devoted solely to the stringing of cheese, through the Mercado del Carmen, and you'll find Cemitas Las Poblanitas, home to the quintessential cemita.

While the town of Puebla lays claim to the creation of the torta (also the Mexican traditional sauce molé and another national dish, chilies en nogada), its current sandwich loyalties lie with the cemita. At its most basic, the cemita is distinguished from a torta primarily by the eggy, sesame-seed speckled bun. It's not hard to understand why this sandwich is a point of pride. This is a sandwich that will keep you full for days and cover pretty much all the food groups: fried meat (in the form of a breaded cutlet called "milanesa"), lunch meat (a thick layer of sliced ham), cheese (quesillo, the cheese that requires oh-so-many stringers), and of course the cemita-specific bread. There are even a few vegetables, if you count the avocado and a spicy slaw of pickled peppers and onion.

The Pelona


Each time someone wants to eat at Antojitos Los Portales, the cook has to roll her cart out of the way—boiling pot of oil and all—to let the patron enter, then rolls it back into place. The oil in her vat is used to fry the small roll on which the pelona is served, leaving it with a shiny, bare top, presumably the source of its name, which means "baldy" in Spanish.

The fried roll sets the pelona apart from other sandwiches, creating a contrast between the cool, runny cream and the crunchy bread, still warm from the oil. Inside, shredded beef spills over a bed of lettuce and chopped avocado, doused in crema (the thin Mexican dairy product, vaguely related to sour cream), and your choice of sauce (red or green). The small-ish pelona is considered but a snack on the way to bigger sandwiches, yet its fresh vegetables and fried shell of bun make it a worthy stop along the Mexican sandwich path.


The vividly red, nearly glowing color of the chile sauce surrounding chanclas makes it a notable choice at many of the snack stands around Puebla. Antojitos, or the snacks served here, are generally meal-sized and vary from jellied cow's foot tostada to the brilliant-hued, deceptively simple chanclas.

A pair of sandwiches set afloat in a sea of chili sauce is not the easiest thing to eat while standing on a street just north of the El Bajio market. For chanclas, though, it's worth it. White bread is sliced and stuffed with shredded beef, avocados and onions. The slightly spicy and blindingly red sauce is ladled over the top of the pair—and they come only in pairs, like the flip-flops for which they're named. Yes, like huaraches—the oblong fried masa base—chanclas are a member the elite club of Mexican foods named after sandals.

The Pambazo

The ingredient list for the pambazo includes at least three ingredients with the word "fried" in it: fried potatoes, fried bread, and refried beans. As you'd expect from such a hearty sandwich, it sells well from carts located near bars. This shredded beef version came from the town center of San Juan del Rio, where the locals described it as "típico" of the area.

The mighty pambazo, heavyweight of the Mexican sandwich world, picks up where the chanclas and the pelonas give up. Named for the type of bread used, the pamabazo is dipped into a sauce (made from guajillo chiles), giving it the same flavor-sponge properties as the chancla, and then it's fried in oil, similar to the pelona. With fillings that read like a college kid on a dining hall bender, it starts with either shredded beef or sliced ham, gets a little extra starch from a sprinkling of home-fry-like potatoes, a liberal smattering of cheese, a thick layer of refried beans, and a barely there, nearly symbolic addition of lettuce. A messy assemblage of ingredients barely capable of holding themselves together, the pambazo is the far end of the sandwich evolutionary chain from the simple, neatly organized torta.


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New York’s Carnegie Deli Introduces “The Jetbow”

Newly acquired New York Jet Tim Tebow hasn’t even been formally introduced as a Jet, but he already has a sandwich with his name on it.

“The Jetbow” was announced by the Carnegie Deli in New York as the restaurant’s latest celebrity-named sandwich.

The Jetbow consists of corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, American cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato all crammed in between two pieces of white bread, and weighs an estimated 3.5 pounds.

Carnegie Deli’s walls are completely covered with pictures of celebrities who have attended the restaurant, and is known for its tributes to certain celebrities. The deli has sandwiches such as “The Woody Allen,” cleverly named after Woody Allen, and “The Melo,” named after Knick’s star Carmelo Anthony.

Carnegie Deli Owner Sandy Levine said that it would be the first time in the restaurant’s 75 years that a celebrity-named sandwich would contain white bread and mayonnaise, different from its usual combination of rye bread and mustard.

Levine also said that the ingredients in the Jetbow perfectly tailor to Tebow’s “All-American Boy” personality. Tebow’s picture already adorns the Carnegie Deli walls as he visited the restaurant after his Heisman-winning Season at the University of Florida in 2007.

Tebow is not even the starting quarterback for the Jets, but Tebowmania is the only thing stronger than Linsanity in New York, so he gets a sandwich.


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