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Packaging Spotlight: Two for Tea



Designed by

Openmint Studio
Moscow, Russian Federation

Dima Je
Moscow, Russian Federation

Ekaterina Teterkina
Moscow, Russian Federation




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Packaging Spotlight: Optimist Energy Bars




Optimist | Energy bars

Life is like a zebra. There are whites, and black stripes on it. When you are on a white stripe walk slowly, enjoy it. When you come to a black stripe raise your collar, shut your eyes, and run as fast as you can go to get to a white one. Optimist energy bars will help you out to reach a white stripe. No matter if it's pushing up your physical strength or boosting up your brain power!





Yellow Images is an online marketplace of unique mockups and templates for your design projects, presentations and other creative solutions. They are all made within the same template, to be as practical and high quality as possible.

Yellow Images is an online marketplace of unique mockups and templates for your design projects, presentations and other creative solutions.
They are all made within the same template, to be as practical and high quality as possible.






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Packaging Spotlight: FM Shower Gel



Designed by

Aleksei Pashnin

Moscow, Russian Federation



Do you like to sing in shower? If your answer is "yes", this shower gel package is exactly what you need. Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur will help you to reveal your talent. And sponge top part of package will serve you as an additional convenience while washing. Trow away diffidence and feel yourself like a superstar! But be careful, because your neighbours might knock on your door not to take your autograph!





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Branding Spotlight: Globbing




The brand: Globbing is a lifestyle liberator that makes all that the world has to offer easily available. It is a disruptively radical start-up in the area of shopping, based in US and operating in the US and European markets. Globbing, for the first time ever, makes shopping online at American or European stores a viable possibility for people based in countries where shopping and traditional shipping options are limited.


The project: It was a very challenging and exciting experience. Since Globbing is an international project with a unique profile and revolutionary impact on the market, it required involvement of various international experts at different stages. In cooperation with our colleagues from the US, Maeutica came up with a logotype supported by a corporate character: a giraffe, as a part of brand visual identity. The choice of this mascot illustrated the unlimited opportunities Globbing offers to its customers: the giraffe is an animal with a unique ability to reach out to anything he wants and make those things easily available for the shoppers. Apart from being a part of the visual identity, the giraffe also allowed a wide space for gamification and functional use on the website.


Client: Globbing
Art Direction: Anna Margaryan
Brand Identity/Mascot Design: Hovhannes Papoyan
Project Director: Marina Ghazaryan
Photography: Arnos Martirosyan
Service: Brand visual concept, brand mascot, corporate style, business documentation design and communication materials design
Category: Shopping





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funky feat1

Packaging Spotlight: Funky Business® NY’16 Gift



Designed by

Funky Business

Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation




New year's gift set for clients and friends of brand agency FUNKY BUSINESS

"Work is a good way to forget about main thing and concentrate on little things. Don't forget to live, add into business a little bit of Funky!" Congratulation message carries appeal not to forget that life is a joy. And even in work process must be place for smile and light playful note.

The aim was to congratulate clients and friends of agency, to add in their live part of improvisation and funk, and don't forget about aesthetic weight of presented souvenir. Additional condition was possibility of constant presence of the gift at client's table.

As solution of the problem perfect metaphor was finer-skate, which you can get from beautiful and functional packaging and you can play with it at your workplace. Mounts of fingerboard made of neodymium magnets, so it's possible to quickly and effortlessly pull toy and return back. Packaging made of wood with glass cover, it allows to keep the gift as decoration element of workplace.



None animated GIF



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barkables feat1

Packaging Spotlight: Barkables



Designed by

Dima Je, openmint and Ekaterina Teterkina

Moscow, Russia



The Barkables is a subscription box service which provides healthy treats for dogs to deliver every month. Their mission is to significantly improve the health and wellbeing of dogs through the use of legal non-synthetic oils, extracted from the best quality hemp plants available today. The story of the brand has begun after the company founder’s  german shepherd recovered from a serious illness thanks to the treatment involving these oils.

So the brand was based on the boundless love to the pets by their owners. And we thought that this very idea  should become  the basis of the brand communication. The dog face in the shape of heart has been established as a logo, and it can also be a funny character that appears on the brand items.





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preblo feat1

Packaging Spotlight: PrebioSweet



Designed by

Team Wunderbar and Sasha Kischenko

Moscow, Russia



PrebioSweet is a sugar-free sweetener developed and produced by a Moscow company OJC Felizata Holding. PrebioSweet is 10 times sweeter than common sugar and much healthier. Also it contains prebiotics which help your digestive system to work properly.PrebioSweet comes in three variations: Fibre, Fitness and Vanilla.

Each of them has its unique properties. For example, Fitness is a zero-calorie product. Fibre contains alimentary fiber. All of them give a new experience of healthy life. With PrebioSweet you don't decline the joy of sugar – you just do it the right way.







The main idea of the design is to show that when you use sweetener instead of sugar you don't lose anything.

PrebioSweet isn't any type of medicine. It's another type of sweet so you can still live a colorful life without sugar.
The package design is scalable and can be used on different form types. Doypack form of PrebioSweet is the first one that already has reached shops. And more to come in near future.




• A brand positioning strategy.
• Package design and a new visual language.
• A brand guidebook.
• A promo website.
• POS-materials.





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oisix feat1

Packaging Spotlight: Milk package for Oisix



Designed by

Mila Katagarova

Saint Petersburg, Russia




Renewal design of Milk package for Oisix. A vital selling point of Oisix milk is not price but very fresh and special milk packaged at factory very close to farm where only carefully selected dairy farmers raise cattle to produce raw milk with all their love.





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Packaging Spotlight: Honey + Berries




Designed by
Masha Ponomareva
Moscow, Russian Federation




PRODUCT Creamed honey with berries and dried fruit.

CLIENT A major Russian producer and distributor of honey.

TASK Design jar labels that are unconventional while conveying the contents in a clear & fun manner.

SOLUTION Playful characters - fruits and berries in bee costumes - are central to the design of the packaging. Customers are drawn to the product by characters that are active, lively, and enjoying themselves. The characters can be seen waving and looking up from the jar lids so that even if the jars are on the lower shelves of a store, customers are attracted to them.










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