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Drink Spotlight: OATH: New Organic, Oat-Milk And Plant Protein RTD Beverage



NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, new brand, OATH, announces its launch with hero product, OATH Organic Oat-Milk with Plant Protein, the first and only organic oat-milk protein beverage with 15-16 grams of protein and 6-10 grams of fiber. The product is available in four flavors, each one as unique as their mission: Double Chocolate, Matcha Chai, Indian Rose, and Golden Turmeric.

The organic-based company leverages clean, sustainable ingredients including protein-rich oats, nuts, and seeds to reinvent the saturated RTD industry. Founded on the idea that if consumers are able to feed their body with premium, healthy, organic foods, they're able to free and fortify their mind, OATH has crafted full-bodied, rich blends, each boasting a benefit including: metabolism and boost enhancement, sustainable energy restoration, and more.

The organic oat milks harness the power of PLANTS WITH PROMISETM to deliver functional health benefits, with each ingredient handpicked for its 'promise' of nutrients, evocative flavor, and exceptional taste. A pioneer in the space, OATH utilizes atypical proteins like almonds, pumpkin seeds, and oats, uniting them with natural sweeteners like apple fiber, spices and botanicals including saffron, ginger, and cardamom to offer numerous health benefits and create a flavor, taste, and silky mouthfeel that has yet to exist.

"Andy, my co-founder, and I share a passion for food that is so delicious, it feels like a cheat treat, yet is super healthy, it adds to your wellbeing. Together, after almost two years of tasting and testing, we created this in a grab and go format that works for anyone, anywhere, at any time," notes founder, Royce Pinkwater, who found inspiration for OATH as a busy, working mother and real estate mogul.

Co-Founder Andy Khiani states, "OATH is a perfect expression of sustainability for the planet, for its inhabitants, and for myself. Living with HIV, I have always known the connection between body and mind and how food plays a huge part between the two -- a healthy body, via organic, whole foods, creates a healthy mind and that, in turn, creates a healthy, sustainable environment I could connect with and it has always, without a doubt, led me to a place of peace and a greater understanding of myself and my relation to all life."

OATH Milks with Plant Protein contain no artificial flavors, hidden sugars, gums, fillers, or stabilizers and have no artificial taste or aftertaste. They can be enjoyed pre- or post-workout, as a meal replacement, or in the evening to help promote muscle regeneration and building as you sleep. The versatility of each flavor allows consumers to enjoy it cold, heat them up for a warm drink, and more.

To celebrate the launch, OATH is partnering with LA-based optimistic lifestyle label, Madhappy, as the brand's exclusive beverage partner at their pop-up location in SoHo, New York through January 2020. The missions of the two brands are rooted in promoting a healthy mindstate while creating premium products and experiences with overall wellbeing in mind.

OATH Organic Oat Milks with Plant Protein are available now at select retailers. For more information, visit www.oathlife.com or follow @oathlife on Instagram.

About OATH:
At OATH™ we share a passion that food should be absolutely delicious while healing our bodies at the same time. We believe that a healthy body empowers a curious mind. Our organic and vegan oat protein milks harness the true promise of plants, from protein-rich oats, nuts and seeds to naturally delicious spices and botanicals. Each OATH™ protein drink is expertly blended for real health benefits and the most sensational mouthfeel ever (no aftertaste).

Plant Proteins are key to providing the building blocks for healthy muscles and tissues. They are often lower in calories and fat than animal proteins and HIGHER in fiber and essential nutrients. We stopped at nothing to provide a functional beverage that would excite your taste buds while benefiting your mind and your body.

We are always organic, vegan, kosher, ethically sourced and never made with gums, dairy, soy, gluten, processed sugars or GMO's, and that is our promise to ourselves and to you.


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Alcohol Spotlight: Austin-Based Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails Launches New Tropical-Inspired Flavor


Expands market availability to include 6 new states in the U.S.

AUSTIN, Texas, March 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Austin-based beverage company, Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails, announced today the launch of their newest flavor, Mango, the first flavor addition since the company launched in 2016. The new Mango Mighty Swell delivers a taste of the tropics with sweet, ripe fruit balanced with slightly tangy citrus notes along with fragrant floral aromatics.

Just like the current offerings — grapefruit, peach, and lemon — from Mighty Swell, the new Mango-flavored cocktails are made with premium ingredients including real fruit juice and pure cane sugar. They are then carbonated to create a distinctive cocktail with five percent alcohol by volume. The cocktails do not contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, sodium benzoate, or food dyes.

"As the popularity and prevalence of mango in the U.S. continues to grow, we are excited to bring this refreshing, tropical-inspired new flavor to the Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails lineup," says Jason Bronstad, President of Mighty Swell. "New Mango Mighty Swell is delicious out of the can, over ice or as a base for an exotic cocktail.  Its signature portability means you can enjoy it at the beach, pool, golf course or other places bottles can't go."

In addition to the new flavor profile, Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails will increase its availability in the U.S. to include distribution in 6 new states:

  • In Southern California, distributed by Craft Beer Guild Los Angeles and Craft Beer Guild San Diego
  • In Connecticut, distributed by Craft Beer Guild Connecticut
  • In Georgia, distributed by National Distribution Co.
  • In Massachusetts, distributed by Craft Beer Guild Boston, L. Knife and Son, Inc. and Seaboard Products Co.
  • In New Jersey, distributed by Hunterdon Brewing
  • In Rhode Island, distributed by Craft Beer Guild Rhode Island

Mighty Swell is available at select retailers with a suggested price range of $8.99 to $9.99. For more information, visit www.mightyswell.com.

About Mighty Swell
Austin, Texas-based Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails is on a mission to rescue people from the average and artificial with distinctive sparkling juice cocktails made with fruit-based wine. The company's product line includes four refreshing flavors; Grapefruit, Peach, Lemon and Mango. Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails are available in 12 ounce cans at finer retail shops in Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Colorado California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and Georgia.






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Drink Spotlight: Stumptown Sparkling Cold Brew



We’d like to introduce you to the celestial marvel called Sparkling Cold Brew.

These refreshing and tasty pop-tops come in three varieties: Original, Ginger Citrus, and Honey Lemon.

The inspiration for Sparkling Cold Brew, like most ideas we have, was born in the cafe. For the past year, we’ve been mixing up fresh seasonal Cold Brew sodas in our home cafes. We first launched them in our New Orleans cafe last April, the idea emboldened by a city that loves iced coffee and drinking, in general. We started with the summery Endless Summer and bright Duane Sorenson, both refreshing versions of our favorite cold coffee cocktails.

As the weather cooled this Fall, we happily sipped The Salty Henry and The Tonty into the long afternoons. Further encouraged by our love of drinking coffee while rambling around, we canned up this line of portable buzzy bubblers that are ready for you to sip wherever you find yourself.

For the days when you need a lift but maybe aren’t all in for a lightning ride, Sparkling Cold Brew is your co-pilot. These babies contain half the caffeine of our classic Cold Brew coffee with the added lift of bubbles. We figure Sparkling Cold Brew is just the road soda to pack along on your next campout, surf trip or barbecue. Also, quite nice as a hangover helper, incidentally. We’re looking at you, Mardi Gras.





The Original is a nod to classic old world coffee sodas like the Manhattan Special and Brasilena, made with carbonated Cold Brew coffee, natural cane sugar and a touch of lemon.

Ginger Citrus

Inspired by our big love of Ginger Beer around our Portland HQ, the Ginger Citrus doses out a hearty ginger kick-in-the-pants, which sits well with a bit of sugar and citrus to balance it all out.

Honey Lemon

Our Portland neighbors and beekeeper/honey makers Bee Local reminded us how good honey and Cold Brew are together. This one is a nod to our Duane Sorenson soda in the cafe – it’s an Arnold Palmer-type refresher.


Creative Director & Composer: Tim Wenzel

Director of Photography: Jon Humphries











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Drink Spotlight: Yumix Cocktails


We believe the best cocktails are the ones you make yourself. It’s why we don’t pre-mix our drinks.

Instead, we bring you premium alcohol and delicious juice, and leave the mixing to you.

Turns out, you’re a natural.


In the bottom is premium alcohol. In the top is refreshing juice. Just twist off the bottom, pour it into the top, shake and presto!  You've just made a tasty cocktail with your bare hands.  Well done, crafty mixologist!














Company:  Yumix
Brand:  Yumix
Origin: USA
Category:  Ready to Drink Alcoholic Beverages
Packaging: 10.7oz
Claims: 40% alcohol
Price: $3.99 - $4.99
Where to Buy: TEXAS
Alamo Liquors, San Antonio • Bottle Shop, Corpus Christi • Sigel’s, Dallas • Uptown Liquors, Dallas • S&K, Plano
Website: drinkyumix.com




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Drink Spotlight: Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer

Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzers are a delicious blend of crisp, refreshing taste and bubbly carbonation. Available in Watermelon, Cranberry Lime and Orange Mango flavors, these spiked seltzers are infused with natural fruit essence, purified water and no added sugar or sweeteners for a sophisticated adult beverage with only 90 calories per 12 oz. can


Company: Diageo
Brand: Smirnoff
Origin: USA
Category: Ready to Drink Flavored Alcohol
Packaging: 12oz can
Alcohol Volume: 4.5%
Price: $8.99 (6 pack)
Where to buy: Buy Online
Website: smirnoff.com




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Drink Spotlight: Be A Breakfast Pioneer With Coffiest By Soylent


The Latest Addition to Soylent's Suite of Nutritionally-Complete Products Makes Breakfast Too Easy to Skip

Soylent Bar Also Coming Soon

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Soylent today announced the debut of Coffiest, the newest addition to its suite of complete, convenient foods, now made with real coffee. Coffiest includes approximately 150 mg of caffeine per bottle to kickstart the morning. Coffiest is now available for convenient online ordering at www.soylent.com in the U.S. and Canada.

"Breakfast sets the tone for the entire day, but busy people all too often skip it entirely," said Soylent CEO and Founder Rob Rhinehart. "Now with Coffiest you can get the nutrition your body needs enhanced with caffeine and l-theanine as mild nootropics. It also tastes great!"


Made with real coffee, each bottle of Coffiest offers a comprehensive nutritional profile with the added benefits of a caffeinated beverage and rich coffee flavor. Coffiest also includes 75 mg of L-theanine per bottle to promote relaxation without drowsiness and works in concert with caffeine to boost cognitive performance. Coffiest, like its predecessors, is designed from the ground-up to provide the vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and protein that the body needs - all in a convenient, ready-to-drink package. Each bottle of Coffiest contains 20 percent of the daily recommended values for all essential vitamins and minerals and a macronutrient profile of 47 percent calories from lipids, 33 percent calories from carbohydrates and 20 percent calories from protein.

In addition to Coffiest's debut, Soylent will introduce a new product category with Soylent Bar. Soylent Bar offers the same complete nutrition, but in a lighter, more portable form factor. With only 250 calories, Soylent Bar makes an excellent snack or small meal, with a macronutrient breakdown of 38 percent calories from lipids, 43 percent calories from carbohydrates, and 19 percent calories from protein in each bar, providing one eighth of an average adult's recommended dietary needs.

Coffiest and Soylent Bar both reinforce Soylent's mission of expanding access to quality nutrition by increasing our support for World Food Program USA, a non-profit based in Washington, D.C. that builds U.S. support and resources for the World Food Programme, the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Soylent will donate one meal** to World Food Program USA for every case of Coffiest and Bar sold, thus contributing to our goal of providing 1 million meals to those in need by the end of 2016.

Coffiest 12-pack cases can be purchased online at www.soylent.com in the U.S. and Canada for $37.05 per case for subscribers and $39 per case for one-time orders, with availability on Amazon.com to come. Soylent Bar will also be available soon. For specific inquiries related or additional information on Coffiest or Soylent Bar, and comprehensive product and FAQ pages, please visit www.soylent.com.

**For every case of Coffiest and Bar sold, Soylent will donate $0.25 to WFP USA. Please note that WFP USA does not endorse any products or services.

About Soylent

Soylent is a pioneer in food technology, producing convenient, complete foods designed to provide maximum nutrition with minimal effort. CEO/Founder Rob Rhinehart and team developed Soylent after recognizing the need to expand access to quality nutrition by improving the food system through innovation. Soylent's products are produced with affordability and efficiency in mind to create food focused on our health and environment. The Company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, visit www.soylent.com.








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Drink Spotlight: White Claw Hard Seltzer


Minimally sweet spiked seltzer redefines refreshment leaving drinkers satisfied, but not full

CHICAGO, July, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for warmer weather, get ready for this summer's most sought-after drink that embraces the healthy lifestyle with the launch of White Claw Hard Seltzer. White Claw Hard Seltzer brings the simplicity that is seltzer water, along with a spike of alcohol and a hint of natural fruit flavor, to create a refreshing low calorie seltzer drink with no artificial ingredients.

Crafted with simple and pure sparkling water, it's a brand new kind of alcoholic refreshment that is more relevant than ever given today's healthier lifestyles and choices. White Claw Hard Seltzer makes it possible for health-conscious drinkers to enjoy a convenient and refreshing alcoholic beverage they can feel good about. At only 110 calories, White Claw Hard Seltzer is all-natural, low carb and gluten-free. Each refreshing flavor of White Claw is naturally sweetened with a touch of pure cane sugar and free of artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, or crystalline fructose.

"Alcoholic beverages and healthy alternatives don't always go hand-in-hand but White Claw fuses convenience, refreshment and subtle flavor to deliver a drink that's considerably lighter than a cocktail or beer," said Sanjiv Gajiwala, vice president of marketing, White Claw Hard Seltzer. "Serving as a step away from high-sugar sodas and mixers, White Claw is a shift into a lighter, all natural, better-for-you alcoholic beverage – defining a whole new category for those who want to enjoy life and have fun while maintaining a healthy lifestyle."

The 5% ABV White Claw Hard Seltzer is available in three minimally sweet flavors with zero aftertaste:

  • Natural Lime – Similar to the crispness of a vodka + soda, natural lime delivers the ultimate refreshment to quench your thirst on a hot summer day without the hassle of mixing your own drink.
  • Black Cherry – Just as black cherries thrive in sunlight, the pre-mixed seltzer with all natural black cherry flavors comes in a convenient can that can be cracked open wherever the outdoors may take you.
  • Ruby Grapefruit – The tart and tangy natural flavors packs a punch of antioxidants making White Claw a refreshing post-Yoga sip.

The newest product line from Mark Anthony Brands gives consumers the popular mixed drink taste they love with the added convenience of a pre-mixed 12 oz. can – available in a 6-pack with a retail price of $9.99 at grocery and liquor stores nationwide.

To find White Claw Hard Seltzer near you, please visit www.whiteclaw.com or learn more at @whiteclaw on Instagram.



Just in time for summer, White Claw Hard Seltzer is the perfect drink for those that like to have good, clean fun and live an active lifestyle. It brings the simplicity that is seltzer water, along with a spike of alcohol and a hint of natural fruit flavor, to create a refreshing seltzer low calorie seltzer drink with no artificial ingredients. (PRNewsFoto/White Claw Hard Seltzer)

Just in time for summer, White Claw Hard Seltzer is the perfect drink for those that like to have good, clean fun and live an active lifestyle. It brings the simplicity that is seltzer water, along with a spike of alcohol and a hint of natural fruit flavor, to create a refreshing seltzer low calorie seltzer drink with no artificial ingredients. (PRNewsFoto/White Claw Hard Seltzer)


White Claw Hard Seltzer Natural Lime (PRNewsFoto/White Claw Hard Seltzer)

White Claw Hard Seltzer Natural Lime (PRNewsFoto/White Claw Hard Seltzer)



White Claw Hard Seltzer Black Cherry (PRNewsFoto/White Claw Hard Seltzer)

White Claw Hard Seltzer Black Cherry (PRNewsFoto/White Claw Hard Seltzer)


White Claw Hard Seltzer Ruby Grapefruit (PRNewsFoto/White Claw Hard Seltzer)

White Claw Hard Seltzer Ruby Grapefruit (PRNewsFoto/White Claw Hard Seltzer)






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Industry News: Caribou Coffee Launches Line of RTD Iced Coffees


Caribou Coffee is launching a line of premium ready-to-drink iced coffees.

The Minneapolis-based coffeehouse chain announced its move into the fast-growing RTD coffee category in a press release last month, revealing three SKUs — Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla and Sea Salt Caramel — that are now sold in grocery and convenience stores and Caribou Coffee cafes. Available in 14 oz. single-serve and 32 oz. multi-serve bottles, new offerings will retail for $2.99 and $3.49, respectively.

Founded in 1992, Caribou Coffee was acquired by German holding company JAB in 2012 for a reported $340 million. That deal came just five months after JAB purchased Peet’s Coffee & Tea for $975 million
JAB has continued to establish itself as a premium coffee powerhouse in the years since. In October, 2015, Peet’s acquired third-wave coffee leader Stumptown Coffee Roasters and weeks later, announced it was purchasing a majority stake in Intelligentsia Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster and retailer with locations in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

Like Caribou, Intelligentsia is said to be eying a foray into RTD coffee. Industry newsletter Beverage Business Insights reported that at Expo West 2016, Intelligentsia revealed plans to enter the RTD segment with a cold-brew coffee made from Ethiopian-sourced beans. The company has yet to officially announce such plans.

JAB Holding Co. also owns single-serve coffee system maker Keurig Green Mountain, which the company acquired in December, 2015 in a deal worth $13.9 billion.

Caribou Coffee’s full press release can be found below:

MINNEAPOLIS, MN–(Marketwired – 2016) – Caribou Coffee is expanding its caffeinated possibilities to its fans and soon-to-be fans nationwide. The cherished Minneapolis-based coffeehouse company is introducing new ready-to-drink Caribou Premium Iced Coffee into their extensive line of quality, handcrafted beverages. Available in three delicious flavors — Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla and Sea Salt Caramel — Caribou Premium Iced Coffee is the perfect coffeehouse treat that’s ready to drink when you’re on the go or when you need help conquering the day, no matter what’s in store.

Made with authentic, perfectly brewed Caribou Coffee and premium ingredients — like real chocolate and caramel — and real milk, Caribou Premium Iced Coffee is the delicious drink to help fuel life’s adventures, both big and small.

“Following a successful test market launch, we are thrilled to introduce Caribou Premium Iced Coffee to new and longstanding Caribou fans across the country,” said Michele Vig, Chief Marketing Officer, Caribou Coffee. “Caribou Coffee is focused on superior taste and ingredients in all of our products, and our ready-to-drink premium coffee represents our latest real-flavor innovation.”

Caribou Premium Iced Coffee is now available in the dairy case at grocery and convenience stores nationwide, as well as Caribou coffeehouses, in 14-ounce portable single-serve and 32-ounce multi-serve bottles for an SRP of $2.99 and $3.49, respectively.

For more information about new Caribou Premium Iced Coffee, please visit CaribouIcedCoffee.com. To stay up to date on the latest and greatest Caribou Coffee news, find Caribou Coffee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Caribou Coffee

Founded in 1992, Caribou Coffee is the second largest company-operated premium coffeehouse in the United States with more than 274* company-owned stores and 24* Coffee & Bagels stores in partnership with Einstein Bros. Bagels, 130* domestic license locations in 19* states and 235* international franchise stores in 11* countries. Caribou Coffee provides high quality, handcrafted beverages and food options to fuel life’s adventures, both big and small. Known for a commitment to sustainability, the Company was the first major U.S. coffeehouse to serve 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees and espresso. Caribou Coffee products can also be found in grocery stores, mass retailers, club stores, foodservice providers, hotels, entertainment venues and online. To learn more about Caribou Coffee, visit its website, Facebook, Twitteror Instagram. Sign up for Caribou Coffee’s loyalty program, Caribou Perks, on the Caribou Coffee mobile app at any app store







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Drink Spotlight: Drink like a Boss


how to be a boss

1 Pick-up your favorite ice-cold BOSS flavor.
2 Pop that top. Stand up and take a sip like a BOSS.
3 Be it. It’s time for everyone to know there’s a new BOSS in town.








Company: Drink like a Boss
Brand: Boss
Slogan: Drink like a Boss
Origin: USA
Category: Alcoholic Beverages
Packaging: 23.5oz
Claims: 12% ABV, 14% ABV
Variants: Watermelon, Grape, Fruit Punch
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: drinklikeaboss.com






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Drink Spotlight: Glory Mornin’ Superteas

Glory Mornin’ Beverages Ibiza now offers its Glory Mornin’ Super Tea nationwide. The functional ready-to-drink (RTD) teas are made with organic teas and superfruits, according to the company, and are all-natural, vegan and non-GMO.




The RTD teas are available in five flavors:

Instant Detox, which blends rooibos tea with mulberry, grapefruit and prickly pear

Chillin’ Chic, a blend of passion flower tea, blueberry, cranberry and acai

Fly, Fly, Honey! mixes green tea with honeydew, lime and lemondrop

Hydro Pop offers white tea with watermelon, lychee and dragon fruit

Coco n’ Cleanse, which combines organic white tea with coconut water, pears and white peaches


Company: Glory Mornin
Brand: Glory Mornin
Origin: Spain
Category: Tea
Packaging: 330ml
Claims: RTD, Non GMO, Vegan
Price: $3.99
Where to BuyBuy Online
Website: glorymornin.com









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