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Industry News: Agave & Rye Opens Shop with Eccentric (and Delicious) Restaurant Concept Nationwide



The Tequila and Bourbon Hall Introduces Its Modern Take on Traditional Mexican Cuisine With an Aggressive Growth Plan

COVINGTON, KY (May 6, 2019)Agave & Rye, a Tequila and Bourbon Hall based in Covington, Kentucky, has announced major plans for expansion nationwide. The popular restaurant delivering “epic tacos” and an unconventional dining experience will bring its passion for flair to Lexington, Kentucky within the month of June. By the end of 2020, Agave & Rye plans to have up to six additional concepts opened, proceeded by 15 or more concepts annually, in each year to follow. This aggressive growth speaks not only to the restaurant’s current popularity in Covington, Kentucky, but also to its ability to cater to restaurant-goers across a variety of communities nationwide.

Agave & Rye’s concept walks an intriguing line between fine art and street art, which gives each location the feel of “urban grunge”. Guests can expect an eclectic mix of music that spans everything from 80’s pop hits to today’s essential tracks. Visually, both rustic wood and plush, brightly colored cushions dress the space to create a comfortable atmosphere.

The menu, as well, is a differentiator that sets Agave &Rye apart from the traditional taqueria. Nineteen tacos,such as “The Crown Jewel”, featuring truffle mac n’ cheese and lobster, “The Sensai”, featuring soy and ginger kangaroo, hosin, and rice noodles, and “The All Nighter”, featuring duck confit, offer inventive ways for guests to enjoy expertly crafted food, bite-by-bite.

“We’re so excited to share the Agave & Rye concept with restaurant guests and foodies in Kentucky and beyond,” shares Yavonne Sarber, Founder of Agave & Rye. “We want to provide a dining experience unlike any other – from the food to the service to the atmosphere. Furthermore, it is our goal to continue to respect and nourish the communities we serve with exceptional service paired with outstanding energy.”

Agave & Rye will host a private event for Lexington City Officials and local business owners at its newest restaurant location at The Fayette Mall (3535 Nicholasville Road, Lexington, KY 40503). On June 20th, 21st and 22nd, between the hours of 5 pm and 7 pm, the restaurant will sample its vibrant menu with a Cash Bar. Guests interested in attending should RSVP by email at yavonne@agaveandrye.com.


About Agave & Rye
Agave & Rye is a Tequila and Bourbon Hall that offers guests a vibrant menu of both traditional and non-traditional tacos, appetizers and desserts. Over 70 varieties of tequila and over 90 varieties of bourbon grace the menu, specialty cocktails and a series of select wines and beer. Agave & Rye’s first home in Covington, Kentucky is an exciting food scene in the heart of a community that values its heritage.






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Retail Spotlight: Beyond Bread Bakery & Café Puts London On The Gluten-Free Map

London, United Kingdom: Open six days a week and offering 100% gluten-free products baked on the premises, Beyond Bread is doing things very differently in a fast-evolving market. The Bakery & Cafe is already creating quite a storm – not just among gluten-free fans – but those who appreciate good food that tastes delicious in a contemporary, stylish setting.

Since the official opening on January 5th 2015, customer feedback has been very positive and encouraging. Beyond Bread is a progressive culinary concept designed to create familiar tastes through gluten-free foods. Innovating and creating, leading and not following, the expert team is keen to promote gluten-free past any misconceptions of it being a passing fashion fad. Adriana Rabinovich, author of ‘The Gluten-Free Cookbook For Kids’, a highly respected pioneer in gluten-free cooking, assisted with the product development and the range is an diverse, delicious mix of pasties, pastries and pies, cakes and quiches, tempting tarts, sumptuous sandwiches, and of course, an excellent selection of gluten-free breads.

Lunchtimes, as predicted, are the liveliest period during the working week, and the brunch-seeking Saturday crowd are also becoming welcome regulars at the Fitzrovia bolthole. The Bakery & Café has been described as “…a chirpy charm offensive, some wry wit and an astounding range of baked treats in a fitting more fashion than focaccia”.

Feedback from customers is vital at this early stage – the team continually develop new products and seek inspiration from the very people they’re catering for. The gluten-free community has been incredibly supportive of the opening, and there are plans to introduce further innovative gluten-free products in response to demands.

Gluten-Free Is The New Black

“Half tempted to go and get a brownie, they looked awesome!”

“I’d never have considered tuna and avocado in a sandwich together but it’s amazing.”

“I am SUPER excited to swing by this afternoon!”

“…now answering London’s next big movement for healthy living is Beyond Bread, London’s first 100% gluten free bakery and cafe.”https://thehandbook.com/blog/2014/12/healthy-carbs/

“The artisan bread craze is set to grow with Beyond Bread, a 100% gluten free bakery and café in London.” – Stylist magazine

“Beyond Bread, has opened in London’s Soho – its tagline is gluten-free is the new black. ‘We are here to prove that gluten free bakery is far beyond a sad looking and miserable tasting piece of toast’.” – The Independent



Beyond Bread: The Bakery & Café

Serving tempting treats, lunchtime specials, sumptuous snacks and hot teas, coffees and juices, Beyond Bread is an inviting and cosy pit-stop for gluten-free foodies seeking a warm welcome and delicious food away from the busy streets of London. The perfect escape from the shops or the office, Beyond Bread goodies can be eaten in or taken away.

















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Restaurant Spotlight: Taco Bell Launches US Taco Co., An Upscale Mexican Restaurant


Once upon a time, there were people who liked good food. Then they became "foodies." And now those people are an entire demographic that the giants of industrial food desperately want to capture. People are talking about you - a lot - in board meetings and the results are frightening.

Enter U.S. Taco Co., a new concept from Taco Bell that aims to cater to an audience that wouldn't usually eat at Taco Bell. It's an audience willing to pay more for food, who want a better atmosphere, and who take pictures of their food. No, really - part of the idea is to serve food that specifically will look good on Instagram. The look of the place is also supposed to be photogenic - renderings of the restaurant show brightly colored tile walls and bright pink Day of the Dead-themed imagery.

The first U.S. Taco Co. is set to open in Huntington Beach, with a second location in the works for L.A. If all goes well, the concept could go national.

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Restaurant Spotlight: World´s First Kit Kat Store Set to Open in Tokyo

Japan is famous for its Kit Kats. The country has a slew of unique flavors that simply aren't available elsewhere. On this month, it will get the first Kit Kat specialty store on Earth.

Called Kit Kat Chocolatory, the store will open on January 17 at the Seibu Department Store in Tokyo's Ikebukuro. It will be located in Seibu's basement, along with the department store's other food sellers (In Japanese department stores, the basement is typically home to amazing and delicious food vendors.)

According to IT Media, the Kit Kat Chocolatory will offer special Kit Kats that are aimed at adult tastebuds and suit each season. The specialty shop is teaming up with sweet shop Le Patissier Takagi for its gourmet Kit Kat store, with pastry chef Yasumasa Takagai overseeing and developing new Kit Kats.

Full Article @ Kotaku

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Fast Food Spotlght: McDonald’s plans to open first restaurant in Vietnam



The world’s largest restaurant chain McDonald’s will open its first eatery in Vietnam after Tet (Vietnam’s lunar New Year), complete with 24-hour drive-thru service.

Travel and food service provider Good Day Hospitality Company, representative of the chain in Vietnam, announced on Friday that the restaurant will be situated at 2-6bis Dien Bien Phu Street, District 1, downtown Ho Chi Minh City.

The restaurant is expected to be Vietnam's first drive-thru eatery.

Nguyen Huy Thinh, managing director of McDonald’s Vietnam, said their targeted customers ranged from kids to night workers.

McDonald’s coming to Vietnam metro next year

He said 80-90 percent of ingredients will be imported to guarantee the foods’ quality and safety.

That will fall on January 31 next year.

Full Article @ Thanh Nien News

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Get a 50% Discount For Turning Your Phone Off At This Restaurant


The Abu Ghosh restaurant in Jerusalem is encouraging diners to turn off their devices in return for a generous 50 percent discount.

Smartphones may offer consumers a vast array of benefits, but they could be killing the atmosphere in restaurants. So much so that the Abu Ghosh restaurant in Jerusalem is encouraging diners to turn off their devices in return for a generous 50 percent discount.

Run by Arab-Israeli millionaire Jawdat Ibrahim, the restaurant is situated in the village it takes its name from and is popular with the locals. However, Ibrahim has gradually seen customers talk to each other less and less during meals since the introduction of smartphones. According to reports, he has even had diners ask to reheat their meals because they’ve been too distracted by their phones. Now, any customer can benefit from 50 percent off their bill if they agree to switch off their phone while they eat. Almost every customer has taken Ibrahim up on his offer, and he believes that while the price cut has meant the restaurant has taken a financial hit, it will make the venue more popular in the long run.


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Owl Cafes are Trendy in Japan


The concept is straight forward. In main cities many people live in small units and don't have enough space for pets. Cat cafes have proven popular with locals by providing that pet-owner intimacy otherwise unattainable to some. And now owl cafes are meant to offer a similar sort of experience - except that the owls can't be touched. In fact, the owls (like most owls) get scared easily so customers have to behave.

According to Tokyo Times owl cafes like Fukurou no Mise (Owl Shop) and Tori no Iru Cafe (The Cafe with Birds) began gaining popularity in Japan late last year and this summer saw more owl cafes open. Currently there are owl cafes like Fukurou Sabou (Owl Teahouse) in Tokyo, Owl Family in Osaka, and Crew, another owl cafe in Osaka, among others.

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Restaurant serves cheap meals made with expired foods


The Daily Table is a grocery store and restaurant which puts all of its food to use — whether it’s past its sell by date or not.

Food waste is a major global problem, with some 40 percent of all edible goods in the US finding itself in landfill, rather than eaten. Part of this is down to the shelf-life given to fruit and vegetables — supermarkets won’t sell food unless it reaches certain aesthetic standards or is within its sell by date. While enterprises such as Culinary Misfits have begun trying to tackle the first of those issues, The Daily Table is a new grocery store and restaurant which puts all of its food to use — whether it’s past its sell by date or not.

Full Article @ SpringWise

Website: www.thedailytable.org

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McDonald’s testing mobile ordering app


The app will make fast food even faster by allowing customers to order and pay for their food via a smartphone or tablet before they set foot in the restaurant.

Currently being tested at locations in Salt Lake City and in Austin, Texas, the app lets users order a meal remotely then collect it in person from a store or drive-thru window. The app can also be used by the fast food chain to alert customers to special promotions and to offer loyalty programs and rewards points.

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Conflict Kitchen Serves Food From Countries the US has Issues With

Generally, you don't see much Farsi in Pittsburgh. So the façade that marks the takeout restaurant Conflict Kitchen—candy-colored, kaleidoscopic, emblazoned in foreign script—seems like a portal to another land. And, in a way, it is. Every six months the three-year-old restaurant, located in the city's Oakland neighborhood, regenerates itself to highlight a delicious sandwich or dish from a country with which the United States happens to be in conflict. The current outpost, Kubideh Kitchen, serves a tender Iranian spiced beef sandwich, while previous iterations explored Afghanistan (bolani, turnovers with pumpkin filling) and Cuba (mojo-marinated roast pork).

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