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Will bracelets for singles revolutionize dating?

MY Single Band is designed to help single people identify each other, but would you want to publicize your relationship status?

A bright-colored bracelet could open singles to a whole new world of romance, at least according to its creators.

MY Single Band, a silicone wristband designed by Rob Young and Rina Mardahl, was designed to make it easier for people who are on the market to spot each other.

"Online dating isn't for everyone, and if you don't go to bars and clubs that often it can be very difficult to meet other singles," Young, co-founder of the MY Single World startup, told the Daily News. "We wanted to create something that would connect singles in everyday life, be stylish and identifiable, and still allow for chemistry between two people."

The concept was inspired by Young and Mardahl's own love story (the "M" and "Y" of MY Single Band and MY Single World come from the first letters of their last times). The pair met by chance when they were both on vacation in Lanzarote, Spain, and Young says their paths never would have crossed had they not said hello to each other.

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Dutch firm creates ‘Divorce Hotel’ service

A Dutch entrepreneur has offered couples the chance of a weekend away with a difference - by staying in a hotel where he will help them finalise their divorce.

Jim Halfen's 'Divorce Hotel' allows pairs intent on breaking up to get quick divorces by staying for two days in their accommodation and coming out as two all-but-separated people.

The Netherlands-based firm aim to talk couples through alimony, splitting assets, visitation rights for children and any other outstanding marital issues to help finalise a divorce.

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Pheromone Parties Let You Pick Your Date By Their Scent

Pheromone Parties are a new type of dating service created by Georgia-based artist Judith Prays. They drill down to the basics of attraction and matchmake dates based on the scent samples of guests. Those taking part are instructed to sleep in a clean cotton t-shirt for 3 nights in a row to capture their odor and bring this in a ziplock bag to the party. The bags are then given a number and labeled pink for girl or blue for boy. They are then places on a table with only the guest knowing what their shirt’s number is, and everyone can smell the bags throughout the party.

If a guest finds an attractive scent they take a picture with the bag at a photographer station, and these are then projected as a slideshow on the wall. If they see a photo of a guest they find attractive holding their number, this indicates they should go up and talk to them. At the end of a party, the photos are uploaded to a Facebook album and tagged, so guests can still contact each other if they missed their chance. Check out Justin Rocket Silverman from The Daily visiting a Pheromone Party in the video below:


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