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Tea Spotlight: Teapigs Spiced winter red tea



how does it taste?

Warming winter spices combined with a delicious rooibos (redbush) tea base.


good if you're feeling

chilled, but not in a good way - this tea will warm you through.


how we like it

Milky - caffeine free, super spicy. Or add brandy for a totally festive brew.



Just cover one tea temple with boiling water and infuse for 3 minutes. Remove temple and top-up glass with iced water. Sweeten with honey.



what is in it?

Rooibos tea, flavours, orange peel, ginko, orange blossom, cinnamon, ginseng root, cloves and safflower.



About the company

Nick and Louise started teapigs in November 2006. They met whilst working for a really big tea company, where they learned all about tea and drank lots of it. And the more they learned, and the more they drank, the more they came to realise something: that there's a whole world of quality teas out there that simply aren't getting the attention they deserve. And so teapigs was born.

Nick describes himself as a tea evangelist (although much nicer than those shouty ones on American TV). Louise, an experienced tea taster who has travelled the world tasting teas, is a self-confessed tea addict (not seeking rehab).

Together they founded teapigs and, since 2006, the teapigs team has grown a little. As well as Nick and Louise, there's now a team of 20!



Company: Tea Pigs
Brand:  Spiced winter red tea
Slogan:  Tea Pigs
Origin: UK
Category: Tea
Packaging:  Sizes x15, x2
Claims:  Naturally caffeine, biodegradable tea temples.
Variants: View product range here
Price: x15 $9.99, x2 $2.50
Where to Buy: UK, Buy Online
Website: https://www.teapigs.com/



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Drink Spotlight: Rooibee Red Tea



Rooibee Red Tea
Our certified USDA Organic, all-natural tea is rich in antioxidants, naturally caffeine-free, gluten-free and contains a full serving of Vitamin C. Yes, we’re tooting our own horn, because we think you’ll love our tea as much as we do.







About the company:

Though others have tried, there is only one place in the world to grow rooibos: the Western Cape of South Africa. Pronounced roy-bos in their native Afrikaans language, rooibos translates to “red bush.” This is the secret to what the rest of the world calls “red tea.” It is not a tea in the standard definition, but rather a legume similar to peas, beans and lentils. Rooibos contains endless health benefits that South African families have revered for generations. They not only take advantage by drinking rooibos, but also put it in baby bottles to calm their colicky children or take baths in it to sooth their skin from eczema. Read More



Company: Rooibee Red Tea
Brand: Rooibee
Origin: USA
Category: Organic Tea
Packaging: 12 fl oz
Claims: Organic, all-natural, rich in antioxidants, naturally caffeine-free, gluten-free
Variants: Rooibee Red Tea, Rooibee Roo Tea
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Buy Local
Website: www.rooibeeredtea.com







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Drink Review: Rooibee Cranberry Pomegranate Red Tea


All Natural Great Taste
• Certified USDA Organic
• Naturally Caffeine Free
• Rich in Antioxidants
• A Full Serving of Vitamin C
• Gluten Free


Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Rooibos Tea
Extract (390mg), Gallic Acid Equivalent (78mg),
Natural Flavor, Organic Citric Acid, Organic Ascorbic
Acid, Hibiscus Extract (color).





About the Company
Africans have revered a red bush tea, called rooibos (ROY-bos), for generations because of its abundant healthy properties. The bush grows exclusively in the Cederberg region of South Africa and offers a rare combination— being naturally caffeine-free, rich in antioxidants and low in tannins. Rooibee (pronounced ruby) Red Tea is sharing this gem with the world; our recipes enhance rooibos’ inherently sweet character and bring to life a refreshing and delicious tea the whole family can enjoy.  Read More

Company: Rooibee Red Tea
Brand: Rooibee Red Tea
Slogan: Organic tea from the African Rooibos
Origin: USA
Category: Tea
Packaging: 12fl oz bottle
Claims: Naturally Caffeine Free, Antioxidants
Variants: Cranberry Pomegranate, Watermelon Mint, Peach, Unsweet, Vanilla Chai
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: rooibeeredtea.com






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Product Spotlight: Nature´s Factory Ready to Drink Zero Calorie Iced Tea


Nature´s Factory is a line of zero calorie ready to drink iced tea products from Gruop IdraPower in Mexico. This line includes five flavor varieties that retail for $15.00 Mexican Pesos. The products retail in a 455ml glass bottle. Ingredients include real tea extracts.


Grupo IdraPower is an up and coming food and beverage manufacturer located in Monterrey, Mexico.  Their product lines include tea products, sports beverages, drink mixes, sweeteners, spices, dried fruits and nuts and soups.

Company: Grupo IdraPower
Brand: Nature´s Factory
Slogan: The Road to Health
Category: Iced Tea
Origin: Mexico
Claims: Zero Calories, Low Sodium, Zero Sugar, Antioxidants
Packaging: 455ml glass bottle
Variants: Red Tea with Rose Petal, Green Tea Citrus, Lemon, White Tea with Cranberry, Berries
Price: $15.00 MXP
Where to Buy: Soriana
Website: grupoidrapower.com, naturesfactory.com.mx








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