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Superfood Spotlight: Nutiva Organic Sunflower and Red Palm Oil Blend



Our Sunflower & Red Palm Oil Blend is versatile, delicious and easy to use. Red palm oil provides antioxidant vitamins A & E with tocopherols/tocotrienols from vitamin E and beta-carotene from vitamin A. Sunflower oil contributes to the higher smoke point of 350° F making it perfect for medium heat cooking.

With a light buttery flavor, this versatile oil is ideal for sautéing and simmering. It's especially delicious with grains like rice, millet and quinoa. Contains no soy or canola oils and is vegan. It is organic, non-GMO and Fair Trade certified. The vibrant red color reveals the presence of antioxidant vitamins A & E naturally found in red palm oil. Just 1 tablespoon provides 32% daily value of Vitamin A and 10% daily value of Vitamin E. A natural separation process makes the red palm oil liquid, with the bonus of increasing monounsaturated fats (omega-9s).

All Nutiva red palm oil is sourced from small, organic family farms in partnership with Natural Habitats ™. Our palm oil does not contribute to deforestation or habitat destruction. To learn more about our sustainable, responsibly-sourced, red palm oil, go HERE.


• Organic
• Non-GMO
• Sustainably-sourced red palm oil
• Fair trade certified red palm oil
• No hexane, soy or canola
• Non-hydrogenated (Zero Trans fats!)
• No cholesterol
• Vegan

*Bottled in a facility that packs peanut oil.



About the company:

Super people deserve superfoods. For Nutiva, it starts with organic, non-GMO farming—done without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our pure superfoods provide vital nutrition while accelerating the organic food movement.

Serving as catalysts, innovators and pathfinders, we inform and inspire, offering thoughtful solutions to planetary challenges. As these ideas take root, communities everywhere are strengthened.  We’re B Corp and Green Business certified, holding ourselves accountable to sustainable principles by reducing our carbon footprint, becoming a zero waste facility, and donating 1 percent of our sales. Read More



Company: Nutiva, Inc.
Brand: Nutiva
Origin: USA
Category: Superfood
Packaging: 16 oz / 32 oz
Claims: Organic. Non-GMO. No cholesterol. Vegan
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $7.99 / $12.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: nutiva.com




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