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Dairy Spotlight: Arla Foods Launches Quark Line




The secret is out with the launch of Arla Quark, the fat-free cheese ideal for cooking

Arla Foods, the farmer-owned dairy company has continued its expansion of its Arla brand portfolio with the launch of Arla Quark – the relatively unknown but fastest growing cheese category in UK.

The soft cheese is very well-known in Europe, but has taken hold in the UK amongst consumers looking to low fat, tasty, alternatives for ingredients such as ricotta, mascarpone and other soft cheeses.

James Prentice, Senior Brand Manager, Arla Foods UK Cheese Team: “With health and wellbeing so much on the agenda and the growing popularity of quark as a healthy ingredient to cook with, we believe Arla Quark is launching at just the right time to capitalise on this trend.”

Prentice added: “Arla Quark is the perfect example of Arla’s commitment to provide healthy innovation from milk and the cheese team has further plans for more Arla branded cheese innovation in the future.”

Quark is still a relatively unknown ingredient and a bit of a mystery to many, so this new Quark range from Arla is designed to highlight the benefits of Quark and signpost its usage – simple recipe suggestions are included on the inside of the carton for example. In November, Arla is launching a range of 30 second online videos with quick, easy and healthy recipes using Arla Quark.

Since the introduction of the Arla brand in 2015, Arla has launched a wide range of innovative and healthier dairy products including Arla Best of Both, Arla skyr and Arla Protein into categories including fresh milk, drinks and yogurts. Earlier in the year, Arla announced its Strategy 2020 in which it committed to extend the pipeline of healthier dairy products with at least 30 new dairy concepts and 50 new range extensions.

Arla Quark launched onto the shelves of Asda from October 17. It is available in three varieties – Plain (500g), Cherry Tomato & Basil (250g) and Garlic & Herb (250g)

About Arla Foods
Arla Foods is a global dairy company and co-operative owned by 12,700 dairy farmers with circa 2,700 of whom are British.

Dating back to 1881, Arla’s purpose is to secure the highest value for its farmers’ milk, while creating opportunities for their growth. With production facilities in 11 countries and sales offices in a further 30, Arla is the world’s fifth largest dairy company and largest supplier of organic dairy products. Arla has a total of more than 18,000 colleagues and its products are sold under the well-known brands Arla®, Lurpak® and Castello® in more than 100 countries.

Arla Foods UK is the largest dairy company in the country and is home to leading dairy brands Anchor®, Cravendale, and Lactofree® with a turnover of €2.9 billion. As well as being a leading supplier of fresh milk, number one in butter, spreads and cream, Arla is the UK’s largest cheese manufacturer. It has also built the world’s largest fresh milk facility located at Aylesbury and has plans for it to be the first zero carbon site of its kind. The UK business has a team of approximately 3,500 colleagues located at its dairies, distribution centres and head office.








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Supplement Spotlight: Fuel10K Quark with Raspberry and Blueberry



We think Quark is the next big thing at breakfast time. FUEL10K Quark is naturally flavoured, with a high in protein, low in fat boost to support those with lots to do in the morning. If you have a goal to reach – FUEL10K makes the breakfast that helps you get there. FUEL10K – Breakfast just got better.

Raspberry and Blueberry Quark breakfast is next generation stuff – ticking all the morning boxes – it’s high in protein and low in fat. But what is QUARK? It is a fresh tasting dairy product that might remind you of Greek Yoghurt. It is naturally high in protein and low in calories and fat. Packed in an easy squeezable pouch so you can have a great-tasting protein boost whenever you need it. Fuel up and get quarked!





About FUEL10K

We’re an active bunch here at FUEL10K HQ, but we’ve always struggled to find a breakfast that really keeps us going. A breakfast with real pizzazz that tastes great, ticks the healthy boxes and doesn’t require any faffing about during those precious morning minutes.

So we made our own. We call it FUEL10K. It’s a delicious, protein-boosted breakfast that delivers just what you need in the mornings without any messing around, making it the perfect start for people who don’t stop.

It’s working for us. We hope it works for you too. Read More



Company: FUEL10K
Brand: FUEL10K
Slogan: Quark With Fruit
Origin: UK
Category: Breakfast
Packaging: 150g
Claims: High Protein. Low Fat
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £11.92
Where to Buy: Buy Online





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Company Spotlight: Nutrii Quark



say hello to the new snack in the fridge.



Akvile and Juhani grew up in Northern Europe. quark, their favourite snack, has been around since childhood - it was one of those products you would always find in the fridge, next to fresh picked blueberries.

Juhani prefers it plain, when Akvile loves it mixed with fruit.

living in the UK the two felt homesick for a protein packed treat. working in creative industries and doing lots of different sports, from skiing to surfing, and going for a jog every now and then, they both were on the look for something with lots of fruit that tastes nice and can be enjoyed on the go. that's how nutrii was born.

in Scandinavian supermarkets the quark-shelf takes up the most space in the dairy section. no wonder everyone's tall and well-built.

nutrii is virtually fat-free, rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. it’s proudly made in Britain using Dorset milk and contains no nonsense.

it comes in plain, raspberry and mango & passionfruit.



Company: Nutrii
Brand:  Quark
Slogan:  Nutrii
Origin: UK
Category: Yogurt
Packaging: Coming Soon
Claims:  Twice the protein of low-fat yogurt, less than 0.1% fat.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: UK
Website: http://www.eatnutrii.co.uk/



eatnutrii 1a




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Dairy Spotlight: Little Smoothie Tasty Dairy Bite Bar


At the heart of Little Smoothie is a soft, smooth and creamy cheese called quark.
Quark is a naturally low fat dairy product that has been enjoyed since ancient times all across Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic states.
In his book ‘Germania of Tacitus’ written around AD 98, Roman Senator Tacitus refers to the consumption of quark as lac concretum or ‘thick milk’ and in Latvia and Estonia it is still referred to as ‘thick milk’ and ‘foamy milk’!
Quark is very versatile and used in all kinds of dishes including sandwiches, salads, crepes, pancakes and a substitute for cream in many desserts and cakes.
In Central and Eastern Europe quark is regarded as an essential part of a healthy diet, especially for babies and young children.



Quark also offers a great deal of other health benefits...
It’s has a very high protein content (a slow release protein called casein), 150% higher than Greek yoghurts for example, which makes it ideal as an after-dinner treat or a late-night snack.
It is also high in calcium (for strong bones and teeth), Vitamin A (for healthy eyes) and Vitamin B
(for a healthy nervous system).
Because it’s so low in fat it’s very good for weight management and its high protein content actually helps feed muscles overnight.
Unlike other kinds of cheese, it usually has no salt added to it when it’s made, and rennet is not used in its production.



Quark Filling [75%] (Low Fat Fresh Quark (26%), Whole Milk Powder, Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Double Cream (5%), Natural Orange Flavour, Malic Acid) Chocolate Flavour Coating [25%] (Butter Oil, Cocoa Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Sugar)





Quark Filling [75%] (Low Fat Fresh Quark (26%), Whole Milk Powder, Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Double Cream (5%), Malic Acid, Natural Mint Flavour) Chocolate Flavour Coating [25%] (Butter Oil, Cocoa Powder, Sugar)




Quark Filling [75%] (Low Fat Fresh Quark (26%), Whole Milk Powder, Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Double Cream (5%), Malic Acid, Natural Vanilla Flavour) Chocolate Flavour Coating [25%] (Butter Oil, Cocoa Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Sugar)





About the Company
Three food entrepreneurs once had the bright idea to create something so surprising and tasty,
it would be like nothing else around.

What they created was Little Smoothie, with its creamy quark filling, in three flavours,
wrapped in a chocolate flavour coating.

It’s a little moment of indulgence that you don’t have to feel guilty about,
perfect for when you simply need something deliciously different!



Company: Little Smoothie Food Company Ltd
Brand: Little Smoothie
Origin: UK
Category: Dairy
Packaging: 45g bar
Claims: Low Fat
Variants: Orange, Mint, Vanilla
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Stockists, Sold in Morrisons

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Dairy Spotlight: Jale Apricot Fruit Quark


The quark is made by ripening milk with lactic-sour bacterias, separating whey. Quark is rich with proteins, fats, lactose, methionine, lysine, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium etc.

Quark Jale is subdivided to fat quark (18%), defatted (3%) and fruit. To supply your food with proper components and provide healthy way of living, we produce natural and tasty Quark Jale, which contain complex of minerals, vitamins and protein human needs most of all.


Composition: pasteurized pure milk

Feeding value of 100 gr. of product: fats 2%, protein 3%, iron 2.4%, calcium (CaCL) 2.8%, protein 14%

Energy value: 226 kcal

Keeping period: 14 days.

Storage conditions: +4°C, +6°C



About the Company
Our aim: to supply our consumers with qualified goods and to glorify Azerbaijan on the world market by means of our products.

Our mission: to become leader among manufacturers due to our natural and ecologically pure production.

The plant constructing new production zones and increases assortment. To increase production power and assortment of products we develop new projects and install newest modern equipment.

To improve quality and results of production of Dairy Products Company Gilan we are trying to develop agriculture increasing cattle breeding along with informing farmers about it. We believe that on base of adoption of new technologies products of Azerbaijan will win leadership on the world market arena. Our main goal is to enter into the ranks of the most famous manufacturers of fruit juice and creating of our own market niche in the world market.

Our goal means introducing to consumer, loving milk, qualified 100% natural and safe assortment of products. Also we try to add specialties along with successful introducing our products abroad.

Company: Gilan Holding
Brand: Jale
Origin: Azerbaiyán
Category: Dairy
Packaging: 200g
Claims: Protein
Variants:  3%, 18%, Apricot
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: jale.az

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Product Spotlight; Quarki Quark to Go From Germany



Quarki is the better snack. Because Quarki is made ​​from fresh curd and hence rich in quality protein, calcium, plus valuable minerals - and extra easy to digest. Surrounded by a crunchy glaze and low in fat, Quarki tastes wonderfully fresh and something different in every product compared to 60% fewer calories than regular chocolate and other snack bars. All seven tons of quark had to be processed before the perfect Quarki in Berlin saw the light of day five years ago. From the beginning, we went in the quality of our snacks Better not compromise: preservatives and artificial colorings have no place in our Quarki. No wonder that so Quarki and with much good taste for more and more conscious of friends, delicious food arrives very well. We hope also to you!


Each  35-gram bar contains 130 calories, with about 4.5 grams of protein and 8.5 grams of fat
No Artificial Ingredients
Company: Lakomka
Brand: Quarki
Origin: Germany
Category: Dairy Dessert
Packaging: 35g bar
Claims: Low Calorie, Protein
Variants: Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate with Strawberry, Vanilla with Caramel, Vanilla with Strawberry, Vanilla with Raspberry
Website: quarki-lakomka.de






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Product Spotlight: VILVI chocolate glazed sweet Quark Bars


VILVI Quark Bars are made from fresh natural cottage cheese, encapsulated in a thick layer of chocolate. Thеsе delicious bars are not only of unique taste, but also very nutritive and healthy snacks: they are fresh always, because no preservatives are used during production. Quark Bars just melt in childrens' mouth - it is alternative snack for ice-cream and high caloric sweets. Adults appreciate them with coffee or tea. This is a delicious and healthy dessert for the whole family.


Variety of flavors: Quark Bar with blueberries, Quark Bar with baked apples and cinnamon, Quark Bar with sea-buckthorns and rhubarbs, Quark Bar with dried plums, Quark Bar with vanilla flavour, Quark Bar with poppy seeds


100 g of product energy value - 1390 kJ/334 kcal
Carbohydrate – 17.7 g
Fat – 24.1 g
Protein – 11.5 g
Weight 40 g


Company: Vilkyskiu Pienine, AB (Vilvi)
Brand: Vilvi
Origin: Lithuania
Category: Dairy, Bars
Packaging: 40g
Claims: Low Fat
Variants: Blueberries, Baked Apples & Cinnamon, Sea Buckthorn & Rhubarb, Dried Plums, Vanilla, Poppyseed
Website: vilvi.lt



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Product Spotlight: Elli Quark Cheese


Get ready to meet elli, the healthier, cooler cousin of cottage cheese!

With strong roots from Germany, Elli is a protein-packed, fresh, versatile cheese; a cousin to cottage cheese with a smooth and creamy texture, and without the added sodium or sugar. She boasts a very mild flavor profile that can be enjoyed on its own right out of the cup, or used in a variety of recipes.

Born and raised in California, Elli pasteurizes fresh milk from local cows free of rBST and forms into the

irresistible cheese through an authentic German quark making process. This is what makes Elli so unique and highly desirable.

While quark has inhabited Germany and most of Europe for centuries, Elli is making her home in the U.S., offering low calories, high protein, and fat free qualities that'll have her making new friends in no time!


Company: P.S, Let´s Eat, Inc
Brand: Elli
Slogan: Creamy German Style
Origin: USA
Category: Dairy
Claims: Low Calories, High Protein, Fat Free
Packaging: ?
Varieties: Strawberry, Lemon, Plain, Red Velvet, Pineapple
Website: elliquark.com




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Packaging Spotlight: Parker Williams designs packaging for dairy’s new ‘wonder ingredient’, Lake District Dairy Co. Quark

Parker Williams
has designed the launch packaging for First Milk’s new product launch, Lake District Dairy Co. Quark – a versatile and naturally fat free dairy ingredient that is great for cooking, baking and mixing.

The product – now sold in selected Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s stores nationwide – is incredibly versatile and can be swapped into meals and recipes replacing traditional dairy ingredients like crème fraiche, mascarpone, soft cheese and cream. By doing so, meals can be made healthier thanks to the products naturally impressive nutritional credentials – low in sugar, low in salt, high in protein and naturally fat free.

“Quark is an ingredient with really impressive nutritional credentials, and we wanted our design to reflect the product benefits – it’s clean, fresh tasting, and naturally fat free – as well as working in the distinctive equities of the Lake District Dairy Co brand,” explains Parker Williams’ MD Kate Bradford.

“The ‘Q’ of the Quark name itself has been crafted to suggest the soft spoonable consistency of the product, and we chose a bright fresh colour palette for variant navigation to contrast with Lake District’s familiar black livery.”

Claire Irvine, brand manager at First Milk, comments: “Parker Williams has given Lake District Dairy Co. Quark a strong and striking brand presence in the soft cheese chiller. Quark overall a product that has been hiding for too long in the UK dairy sector, and we are pleased to introduce it as part of the Lake District Dairy Co. range.”

Lake District Dairy Co. Quark is launching nationwide this month in three flavours: original, lemon and vanilla. It will have support from TV’s the Fabulous Baker Brothers who have created a range of easy everyday recipes using Quark.

About Parker Williams

Parker Williams is a branding and packaging design specialist with bright thinking at its heart. Bright thinking runs through its approach, its people and its design to create branding and packaging design that brings to life a brand’s story. Bright thinking leads to strong, effective brands and relationships for Parker Williams’ clients worldwide.

Parker Williams is part of the Sun Branding Solutions’ family.

About the Lake District Dairy Co.
• Launched in November 2007, The Lake District Dairy Co. has rapidly established itself as one of the UK’s leading Pre-Pack Cheddar Brands.
• A range of award winning cheddars, and new Quark, all made from British Milk.
• Current cheddar range includes: Mild, Mature, Ex Mature and Vintage with further range extensions planned for later this year.
• Latest range extension is Lake District Quark: a Naturally Fat Free Spoonable Soft Cheese - great for cooking baking and mixing. Available in Natural, Lemon and Vanilla.
• Lake District Dairy Co. Quark is now in national distribution in selected Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s stores, with more to follow.

About First Milk

First Milk is the UK's only major dairy company owned by British dairy farmers.

As a business with a passion for innovation and sustainability, it is constantly seeking fresh ways of working with partners across the supply chain to drive pioneering solutions to industry challenges.
This has been supported through the recent acquisition of added value businesses, by rapid progress on launching new products and securing new customers in the UK and international markets.

For further information on First Milk, please visit www.firstmilk.co.uk or follow the company on Twitter @first_milk and YouTube www.youtube.co.uk/firstmilk1

A copy of First Milk's sustainability report is also available to download via its website - www.firstmilk.co.uk/sustainability/



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