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Supplement Spotlight: Pure Pharma SYNBIOTICS SB3



13 billion live probiotic bacteria
Prebiotic fibers
200 mg vitamin C

Health Begins In the Gut

Your gut flora contains trillions of bacteria of different types. In a healthy gut, most of these are "good" bacteria, which help you fight pathogens and protect you against unwanted germs. Unfortunately, lack of sleep, processed food and stress can upset your natural balance. SB3 keeps your gut healthy no matter what life throws at you

Alive and Well

Health and well-being begin within. SB3 is designed to give you the perfect formula for gut health. Some of the world's most well documented strains, BB-12® and PCC® contribute to your gut's team of good bacteria. However, all living things need food. With a full spectrum of prebiotic fiber, the good bacteria have everything they need to thrive and so do you.



Give Your Immune System Some Muscle

Nobody likes getting sick. The good bacteria in SB3 is your inner line of defense against germs and pathogens, while
200 mg of vitamin C defends your cells from oxidative stress and inflammation - the perfect synergy. This combination provides your body precisely what it needs to strengthen your immune system.



Innovative. Efficient. Convenient.

Our unique blend of probiotics, prebiotics and vitamin C come freeze-dried in single serve packs. Because probiotic bacteria are activated by moisture, we've created innovative packaging that keeps 99.99% of moisture out, protecting your SB3 until you're ready to drink it. With this kind of convenience, you can take SB3 wherever life takes you.


Drink to Your Health. Enjoy Daily.

Your day is not complete without SB3. We recommend having one stick per day before or with a meal. Simply mix the contents of an SB3 stick with cold juice or water for a delicious cranberry-flavored drink!














About the Company
PurePharma is a Danish company founded in 2009 in the heart of Copenhagen. All PurePharma products are rooted in a core of strong scientific research, and our production is a unique implementation of technology and innovation that secures market-leading quality through every link.

At PurePharma we are creating only the most evidence-based products, ensuring that they are of absolute benefit, which have revealed a unique approach to product development and quality.

Our product portfolio is among the smallest within the supplement industry, but we believe that only by specializing within a narrow field we can create superior products.

Our product innovation is based on “the never-ending cycle” which is a circular incremental approach to product development, meaning that we are constantly developing and improving our products in cohesion with new technology and scientific knowledge.






Company: Pure Pharma
Brand:  Pure Pharma
Slogan:  Power Begins Within
Origin: Denmark
Category: Supplements
Packaging: 135g
Claims:  Prebiotic, Probiotic, Vitamin C, Gluten Free, GMP Certified, No Artificial Additives, No Nuts, Non GMO, No Added Sugar
Variants: View product range here
Price:  $42.00
Where to Buy:  Buy Online
Website: purepharma.com









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