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Food Spotlight: Pots & Co. Rhubarb & Custard Pudding



A smooth Madagascan vanilla custard set on a fresh rhubarb compote.

✓ Suitable for vegetarians

✓ Gluten free




Our Rhubarb & Custard Pot is ready to eat and does not need cooking.

Best served lightly chilled.

Keep refrigerated and use within 1 day of opening.



Vanilla Custard (70%): [Double Cream (Milk) (60%), Free Range Pasteurised Egg Yolk (16%), Whole Milk (15%), Sugar (9%), Madagascan Vanilla, Gelling Agent: Carrageenan]

Rhubarb Compote (30%): [Rhubarb Puree (65%) (Rhubarb (80%), Sugar), Water (16%), Sugar (16%), Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice, Gelling Agent: Carrageenan]



Contains: Milk, egg.



Typical values PER 100g

Energy: 1184kJ/285kcal; Fat: 23.2g, of which Saturates 13.3g; Carbohydrate: 16.2g, of which Sugars 16.2g; Fibre: 0.1g; Protein: 3.1g: Salt: 0.06g

Typical values PER 110g POT

Energy: 1302kJ/314kcal; Fat: 25.5g, of which Saturates 14.6g; Carbohydrate: 17.8g, of which Sugars 17.8g; Fibre: 0.1g; Protein: 3.4g: Salt: 0.06g



About Pots & Co.

Our team of chefs, who have worked at some amazing restaurants (including Bath Priory, and The Square), are fanatical about the best ingredients, ethically sourced, and British grown or manufactured where possible. It’s why we use real Devon cream and Cornish Sea Salt, and why we know our fruit farmer Ted’s best jokes!

There’s not a chance that we would have preservatives or additives anywhere near our Pots, and there are no shortcuts in the cooking process. There is, however, classical training mixed with passion and flair in our kitchen and that’s why we believe our Pots are that extra bit special.

We know that you want a pudding that is effortless to move from fridge (to oven) to table and each of our Pots is prepared and served in its own special ramekin. It guarantees perfect results, looks beautiful, and means that you get the colourful ceramic Pots to reuse again and again.


Company: Pots & Co.
Brand: Rhubarb & Custard Pudding
Origin: UK
Category: Dairy
Packaging: 110g
Claims: Contains milk & eggs
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: http://www.potsandco.com/



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Industry News: European Gourmet Launches The First Ready to Eat Organic Pudding

Discover the irresistible taste of our authentic European recipes.
European Gourmet Products are USDA certified organic and GMO free.

For more information
, visit europeangourmet.com
For wholesale inquiries contact colin@healthybrandsco.com


About European Gourmet
Our products have been thoughtfully created with a delicious blend of organic ingredients. Made in the USA, European Gourmet Products are USDA certified organic and GMO free. Discover the irresistible taste of our authentic European recipes.


European Gourmet recipes are part of our core mission to provide healthier foods for healthier lifestyles. Our commitment to organic baking ingredients is a vital principle of our company and we’re proud to be GMO free.

With an incredible assortment of cakes, brownies, cookies, icings, puddings and muffins, you’ll be able to bake and enjoy organic treats all year round. We provide the #1 Organic Baking Mix in the U.S. and Canada, free from man-made pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and chemical processing. At European Gourmet, we believe that food should be the way nature intended.


Our Roots – Until 2013, European Gourmet was known as Dr. Oetker Baking Goods (North American Division). The company developed out of a family-owned enterprise that all started with baking powder back in 1891. After creating a baking innovation with a perfect ratio of raw materials and active ingredients, Dr. August Oetker’s product soon became known for the ability to guarantee perfect results every time. This eventually evolved into a major business enterprise, gaining a reputation for quality and excellent taste. Soon, in addition to baking mixes, the brand expanded its offerings, and pudding mix was introduced as a trusted product developed by the company.


Thanks to its roots, today, the taste of European Gourmet is an all-time favorite, bringing up nostalgic memories for many. For generations, families have enjoyed and delighted in these world class recipes, and with a fresh image and new look, the tradition will continue into the future. The quality upon which European Gourmet baking products is based can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. We invite you to join us in celebrating the European Gourmet experience Share what you have baked with us, we love photos of all your wonderful kitchen creations!








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Dairy Spotlight: Ambrosia Devon Custard with Apple & Blackberry Compote & Crumble on the side



Devon Custard with Apple & Blackberry Compote & Crumble on the side

Healthy snacks full of Devonshire goodness


Skimmed Milk, Sugar, Water, Wheat Flour, Buttermilk, Modified Starch, Vegetable Oil, Blackberry juice (from concentrate) (2.8%), Dried Apple (Dried Apple, Dextrose, Humectant (Glycerol), Apple juice concentrate, Starch, Acidity Regulator: Malic Acid) (2.8%), Whey, Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar Syrup, Thickeners (Pectin, Locust Bean Gum), Salt, Natural Blackberry Flavouring, Natural Flavourings, Colours ( Curcumin, Annatto), Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrate). Crumble content (12%).Total milk content 52%.

Allergy Advice
Contains Milk, Wheat and Gluten



nutri 1


nutri 2




About the company:

1917, Ambrosia is the brain child of an English businessman, an American and a pub landlord.

The Ambrosia Creamery starts business at the site of the landlords’ pub, The Arundell Arms in Lifton.

Local farmers deliver gallons of fresh milk every day in huge 17 gallon churns which two ladies washed out by hand to be returned to the farms and re-filled ready.

The creamery supplies dried milk to our troops in the First World War. Read More




Company: Ambrosia
Brand: Ambrosia
Slogan: Full of Devon Goodness
Origin: UK
Category: pudding
Packaging: 125g
Claims: 100% natural flavours. Nor artificial colours and preservatives
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: www.ambrosia.co.uk







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Dairy Spotlight: MHP’s Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding



MHP’s Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding is a creamy and delicious low calorie, ready-to-eat snack packed with 15 grams of protein and 0 sugar. At only 100 calories per satisfying cup, Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding is a delicious treat to help you lose weight and eat healthy.

Women everywhere are getting the slim, sexy body they want with Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding. And men can build the lean, fit body they want with this high protein muscle building snack. With only 5 grams of carbs and 2.5 grams of fat, you can enjoy this healthy treat without feeling guilty. You’ll love Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding – protein never tasted so good!

  • Real, Delicious Protein Pudding
  • 15 Grams Protein, 100 Calories
  • Anabolic, Low Calorie Snack
  • ZERO Sugar, Gluten & Lactose






About the company:
When it comes to performance supplements, one brand stands out as the strongest in the industry: MHP. Since its inception in 1997, MHP’s mission has been to develop premier science-based, research-driven sports supplements to help athletes achieve their greatest physical potential. Over the years, MHP has introduced many innovations and breakthroughs in performance nutrition. MHP was the first company to introduce arginine for nitric oxide production back in 1999 when it launched the creatine/NO product TRAC. The patented 12-hour sustained release protein formula found exclusively in Probolic-SR has been an unmatched industry standard since it was released in 2004. In addition, MHP was first to introduce the incredible blood-boosting power of EPO in 2008 with Dark Rage, and its 2010 creation of Power Pak Pudding provided the ultimate on-the-go high protein snack.

Today MHP leads the way with its fat burning dopaminergic product DOPAMITE, which helps make dieting easier, plus its X-FIT TRAINER pre-workout designed specifically for high intensity training. And its revolutionary MYO-X myostatin inhibitor has introduced a totally new muscle building pathway. Because of its dedicated research and development, innovative formulations, clinically researched ingredients and cutting edge products, MHP has become the most trusted brand among pro bodybuilders, world record powerlifters, professional athletes, World’s Strongest Man competitors and fitness enthusiasts alike.




Company: MHP, LLC.
Brand: MHP
Slogan: Maximum Human Performance
Origin: USA
Category: Protein Pudding
Claims: High protein, Gluten Free. Sugar Free. Lactose Free. Low Carbs
Variants: Chocolate Flavor, Vanilla Creme Flavor
Price: $11.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: powerpakpudding.com







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Food Spotlight: Rachel’s Divine Desserts Range



August 2014 - Rachel’s proudly announces the launch of its first ever organic Divine Desserts range, arriving in Waitroseand Sainsbury’s stores from late August 2014.


Renowned for supreme taste and premium organic credentials, Rachel’s new indulgent desserts are made lovingly and with care, using only the finest fresh organic ingredients and no artificial flavourings or preservatives. Presented in individual glass ramekins which can be re-used after eating, the new desserts are available as a pack of two, ideal for sharing during nights in with friends and family, after dinner, or simply when you want to spoil yourself to a mid-week treat. Divine Desserts are available in two delicious varieties:


  • Divine Chocolate Pot - A combination of the finest organic chocolate, milk and cream, the chocolate pot has a meltingly luscious texture and a rich, chocolate flavour.
  • Divine Vanilla Pot - With a careful blend of fragrant vanilla and a light and silky smooth texture, Rachel’s sumptuous pot promises a melt in the mouth experience.


Sophie Giraudel, brand manager at Rachel’s, comments, “The addition of Rachel’s Divine Desserts brings another dimension to the Rachel’s brand, presenting an exciting opportunity for us to leverage our expertise in the dairy sector as we expand into the desserts segment.


“Following the success of Rachel’s Divine Rice; our new desserts range provides shoppers with a different way to enjoy Rachel’s straight from the fridge, incorporating the very same passion, care and organic ingredients as all Rachel’s products. Such innovation brings fresh opportunity for us to capitalise on the moments of indulgence we know everyone looks forward to, whilst keeping our consumers engaged and excited by the Rachel’s brand.”


Rachel’s new range is available from Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, priced at a RRP of £1.99 for a pack of two.







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Protein Spotlight: Go Nutrition Protein Puddings

Protein Puddings from GoNutrition® are a brand new sports nutrition innovation, packing over 15g of milk protein, while containing only 3g of fats and only 1g of sugar in each delicious rich chocolate protein dessert. Protein Puddings contain over 70% less fat and 95% less sugar than a typical ready to eat chocolate dessert, while providing 15g of protein to support muscle growth. There are four in every pack.

15g of quality milk protein per pot
Low in fats and sugars
Four pots in every pack




What are Protein Puddings?
Protein Puddings are our latest delicious product innovation delivering 15g of milk protein in a fantastic ready to eat dessert format. Each 125g rich chocolate protein pudding delivers a sweet tasting chocolatey dessert which is low in both fats and sugars.


How can Protein Puddings supports my training?
Protein Puddings are a great tasting way to increase your protein intake without affecting your fat and carbohydrate intake too much. The premium quality milk protein contains all the amino acids required to help your muscles repair and grow. For those who are training regularly, a high protein diet is required and Protein Puddings are ideal for boosting protein consumption.


How do your Protein Puddings taste?
Protein Puddings taste amazing! They are sweet, have a rich chocolate flavour and the thick creamy texture will ensure that you feel full after a single serving. If in doubt as to just how good they are, just remember that "the proof is in the pudding".


Why are Protein Puddings such a great snack choice?
Protein Puddings are a great choice for a snack because they provide over 15g of protein while containing just 3g of fats and 1g of sugar, meaning you can enjoy a Protein Pudding without negatively affecting your macros. For those who need to feel that have had a treat or dessert they couldn't be better as they provide a convenient ready to eat snack, and they do not need to be kept refrigerated, so they are great to take to work with you. For those who have a number of protein shakes every day, Protein Puddings offer a great alternative in terms of taste and texture while still providing that vital protein.


When is the best time of day to consume Protein Puddings?
Protein Puddings can be consumed any time of day. The slow release milk protein content makes them a great treat before bedtime, however they are also ideal in between meals or after a training session.


How do I need to store my Protein Puddings?
The great thing about Protein Puddings is that unlike a conventional milk based desserts they do not need to be stored in the fridge. They can be safely kept in a cool dry place, so they are great for throwing in your gym bag or lunch box for work. Protein Puddings typically have 12 months shelf life when kept at room temperature, however, they do taste best when served chilled.





About the Company
I thought it would be more personal to write a few words introducing us, rather than using the faceless "about us" section found on most other websites.

Some of you may have known my previous business MYPROTEIN®, which I founded in 2004 and then later sold in 2011. Why is this relevant? Well, primarily I know what customers expect in terms of service, quality and innovation. Furthermore, as sports nutrition is fundamental for anyone wanting to improve their athletic performance, we aim to surpass expectations on all fronts.

The sports nutrition industry has undergone an incredible decade of development and growth. Unfortunately, it is also full of companies who want to make a "quick buck" who cut corners on their products and services to improve profits. Read More




Company: Go Nutrition
Brand: Go Protein
Slogan: Go Further
Origin: UK
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 125g (4 x 125g)
Claims: Protein
Variants: Rich Chocolate
Price: £4.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website:  gonutrition.com








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Product Spotlight: Nature’s Child Pudd’n Pouches


Nature´s Child Pudd´n Pouches are an all natural fruit snack that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Retailed in an 85g pouch currently there are 3 flavors available: Chocolate, Vanilla and Banana.


- 100% All Natural Fruit
- Never Preservatives
- High In Vitamin C
- Gluten Free
- Grab & Go Resealable Pouch
- Child Safe Cap
- University Penn & Yale Study
"Natural Food Preferred w/ Recognized Cartoons"

* Healthy Snacks Kids Love
* No Spoon, No Mess
* High Purchase Frequency


Company: Nature's Child
Brand: Pudd'n Pouches
Category:  Pudding
Origin: USA
Packaging: 85g pouch
Claims: 100% All Natural
Varieties: Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate
Price: $6.58 ($1.65 / count)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: puddnpouches.com



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Product Spotlight: Lovetub Sticky Toffee pudding


Delicious sticky date sponge with gorgeously gooey sticky toffee sauce topped with fudge.


per 100g/tub
Energy kJ 1557
Energy kcal 371
Protein 2.5g
Carbohydrate 54.1g
of which sugars 42.1g
Fat 16.2g
of which saturates 10.2g
Fibre 1.0g
Salt 0.6g
of which Sodium 0.23g

Contains: egg, soya, wheat and gluten. May contain: date stones or stalks.
Produced in a factory that uses nuts.


Company: Lovetub
Brand: Lovetub
Slogan: Just for You!
Origin: UK
Category: Deserts
Claims: Suitable for Vegetarians
Packaging: 100g tub
Variants: Chocolate, Sticky Toffee, Chocolate Orange
Price: £1.29/unit
Where to Buy: You can locate lovetub in the chilled desserts section in
several UK supermarkets; Coop, Morrisons, Nisa, Sainsbury's, Spar and Waitrose
Website: lovetub.co.uk




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Product Launch: Lovetub Chocolate Orange Volcano pudding

Sumptuous chocolate orange sponge with gorgeously gooey rich
chocolate sauce topped with volcanic popping candy and chocolate


Per 100g/tub
Energy kJ 1802
Energy Kcal 431
Protein 2.1g
Carbohydrate 50.6g
of which sugars 39.2
Fat 22.7g
Sat Fat 13.6g
Fibre 1.9g
Salt 0.5g
of which Sodium 0.21g

Contains: egg, milk, soya, wheat and gluten.
Produced in a factory that uses nuts


Company: Lovetub
Brand: Lovetub
Origin: UK
Category: Deserts
Claims: Suitable for Vegetarians
Packaging: 100g tub
Variants: Chocolate, Sticky Toffee, Chocolate Orange
Price: £1.29/unit
Where to Buy: You can locate lovetub in the chilled desserts section in
several UK supermarkets; Coop, Morrisons, Nisa, Sainsbury's, Spar and Waitrose
Website: lovetub.co.uk




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Product Spotlight: ZenSoy Chocolate Almond Pudding


Looking for a great tasting and nutritious snack that will satisfy even your pickiest eater?

Try Zen Organic Puddings made Almond Milk. The newest member of the Zen family is available in creamy chocolate with a hint of almond.
NEW! Zen Chocolate Almond Pudding (Made with Almond Milk)




Company: ZenSoy
Brand: ZenSoy
Origin: USA
Category: Dairy Alternative
Claims: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, Organic
Packaging: 108g
Website: zensoy.com

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