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Company Spotlight: Güdpod



Güdpod is a new pod based supplement delivery platform that provides the same ease & convenience of popular single serve coffee makers for protein shakes & much more




What is Güdpod?



The Güdpod Machine Making a Whey Protein Shake



The Easiest Way to Make Protein Shakes



Protein Shakes Made Easy







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Drink Spotlight: Kellogg’s Special K Strawberry Protein Shakes



Strawberry Protein Shakes

The sweet taste of strawberries gives you the perfect little pick-me-up. It's the strawberry protein shake you've been waiting for!





About the company

From one great day over 100 years ago all the way to today, Kellogg's has continued to fuel better days for American families. From going to the moon to feeding the U.S. Army to making your days great, some of our best days have been in your home country, the United States.

Here’s what our founder, W.K. Kellogg, once said about the Kellogg’s family: “Whatever success I have had in business has been a result of my good fortune in selecting employees who could do their jobs better than I could have done them myself.” Over a century later, we still know our people are what make Kellogg’s foods great — and that’s why we’re always striving to make our company the greatest place it can possibly be. Read More



Company: Kellogg NA Co.
Brand: Special K
Origin: USA
Category: Protein Shake
Packaging: 10 fl oz
Claims: Naturally Flavored
Variants: View Product Range Here
Where to BuyStore Locator





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Supplement Spotlight: Designer Whey Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes



Ready-to-drink Designer Whey Natural High-protein Shakes with award-winning taste and smooth texture are an easy and delicious way to boost your protein intake when you’re on the go.

Ready-to-drink Designer Whey Natural High-protein Shakes are perfect for building and maintaining a lean and toned body and satisfying hunger on the run. With all the benefits of Acti-Blend, a unique combination of amino acids, specially selected vitamins, and protease, a natural vegan digestive enzyme to help your protein work harder, these are no ordinary shakes. Premium quality nutrition from a blend of natural whey protein concentrate free of artificial growth hormones, non-GMO soy protein isolate, and casein, they contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives, no added sugar, and are certified gluten-free and kosher.

  • Natural whey, soy, and casein proteins
  • For protein nutrition on-the-go 
  • 18g of protein and only 90 calories per serving
  • With Acti-Blend – a unique blend of natural amino acids (the building blocks for a lean and toned body), B-Vitamins to help convert protein into usable energy, and protease, a natural vegan digestive enzyme that supports the body’s digestion and absorption
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives
  • Certified gluten-free. Certified Kosher
  • ChefsBest Award for taste excellence
  • Made in the USA





About the company

Designer Protein is a leader in high quality products that support healthy nutrition, fitness and overall well-being. Our range includes whey & plant-based proteins designed for health, strength, power and performance. Our family of brands includes Designer Whey, Aria Women's Wellness Protein, Designer Protein LITE, Essential 10 100% Plant-Based Protein, Sunshine Protein, and Designer Whey Sustained Energy. Read More



Company: Designer Protein
Brand: Designer Protein
Origin: USA
Category: Protein Shake
Packaging: 11 fl oz / 325 ml
Claims: Gluten-free. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $9.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: designerprotein.com





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Company Spotlight: Güdpod – Like a Single Serve Coffee Maker for Protein Shakes



Güdpod is a POD-based technology for the delivery of nutritional supplements. We license our PODs to world-class supplement brands to deliver custom “shakes” with increased bioavailability, easy, no mess/clean up with any liquid in the gym/home. The customer profile ranges from the weekend warrior to serious athletes to need driven seniors, expecting mothers & infants.


Shakes, made easy

Choose a Güdpod blend you want to make and insert it into the Güdpod machine. Place the Güdpod cup, filled with your favorite liquid, into the machine, press drink size, then the start button, and watch it blend.


Variety to meet your personal & changing needs.

Not matter what type of supplement you are looking for you will be able to get in a Güdpod. Whey protein, Casein, weight loss shakes and more.


Quick & Easy
No More Lugging Around Tubs of Whey

Güdpod is the easiest way to take protein shakes, & all of our pods are 100% recyclable.


Inovative Design
Cool, Sleek, Designed to fit your lifestyle.

Designed with you in mind. Our simple, quiet machines have a small footprint to fit in any kitchen and under every kitchen cabinet.


No Contamination
No Mess, No Cleanup, No Maintenance

The Güdpod machine does not have a water tank to fill where bacteria and junk can grow. There is no maintenance or clean up; the machine never comes into contact with the beverage.


Best Ingredients
Non-GMO, No rBST or rBGH, Organic

Güdpods are made with only the highest quality premium ingredients and are all certified organic & Non-GMO. Our whey & casein are not treated with rBST or rBGH. We also offer vegan, gluten free, and kosher Güdpods.






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Dairy Spotlight: Organic Valley Organic Balance Protein Shakes


Balance is satisfying the delicious without sacrificing the nutritious.

Organic Balance is a delicious, organic milk protein shake perfectly portioned for a quick breakfast, a light snack, or anything in between. Made with a simple list of high-quality ingredients, it's the perfect shake to keep you energized while you're on the go.
Nutritious, wholesome ingredients to power you through your day.

At Organic Valley, we believe in keeping things simple. Use what you need, and leave out what you don't. That's how our family farmers have operated every day since 1988.

This belief is brought to life with Organic Balance, which consists of only 9 high-quality ingredients, 16g of organic milk protein and 50% of your recommended daily intake of calcium.

Like all Organic Valley products, Organic Balance is made without the use of GMOs, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or artificial sweeteners.

Balance is knowing when to choose quality over quantity.

Organic Balance is packed with 16 grams of organic milk protein, and has a shorter ingredients list than the other protein shake brands. So you know you're getting only the good stuff that you need—and nothing else.











About the company:

If a company is going to make a difference in today’s world, it’s going to have to think differently. At Organic Valley, our philosophy and decisions are based on the health and welfare of people, animals and the earth. We’re a mission-driven cooperative, owned by family farmers, and we’ve been leaders in organic agriculture from the very beginning. Read More





Company: Organic Valley Family of Farms
Brand: Organic Valley
Slogan: High Protein Milk Shake
Origin: USA
Category: Dairy Drinks
Packaging:  11fl oz (325ml)
Claims: High Protein, Kosher, Organic
Variants: Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: organicvalley.coop









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