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Supplement Spotlight: Progenex Flow Salmon Protein

The Best Non-Dairy Protein

Power through your mid-day lulls with salmon, non-dairy, protein powder you can drink - the first EVER of its kind! Hydrolyzed for rapid and efficient absorption, PROGENEX Flow delivers a perfect non-dairy alternative protein in an easily digestible formula. And it tastes incredible too!

When you need a high quality source of protein, reach for a refreshing splash of PROGENEX Flow. It’s the only hydrolyzed salmon protein in beverage form that will make both your mouth and your muscles smile!

Did Someone Say Salmon?

PROGENEX continues to lead the way in sports performance nutrition with salmon protein you can drink!

Find Your Flow:

What does it mean to find your flow? Well, those that have experienced flow know. It’s that moment when time disappears. When you become so absorbed in an activity that you forget about your surroundings and nothing else matters in that moment but the task at hand. You are in the zone, on fire, centered. You have found your flow.

Finding your flow isn’t always easy—especially when the day grows long and your “to-do” list looms large. But you don’t have to let your mid-day lulls drag you down; PROGENEX now makes it possible for you to find your flow and power through your mid-day lulls with the all-new salmon protein you can drink!

How Does it Taste?

PROGENEX Flow tastes like a tropical island punch. There is no fishy or unpleasant aftertaste either. Buy it and try it, for each serving delivers a refreshing splash of tropical Island Punch deliciousness that will make both your mouth and your muscles smile!

Serious Servings of Sustainably Sourced Salmon

It takes two-thirds of a pound of salmon to make one serving of the highly concentrated PROGENEX Flow. Can you imagine the insane amounts of goodness your body will receive by regularly slamming salmon in our super convenient, easily digestible and incredibly delicious form?

Our salmon is GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe by the USFDA). Also, all of our salmon is sustainably sourced and “Friends of the Sea” certified. The salmon we use comes from the ocean, just outside Norway, a source free from bacteria, antibiotic issues, and the heavy metal contaminations (think mercury) known to occur in coastal salmon farms.




Company: Progenex
Brand: Progenex Flow
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 40g packets
Claims: Non Dairy
Price: $99.95
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: progenexusa.com












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