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Industry News: PepsiCo Launches LifeWTR Premium Water




New brand takes aim at Coke’s Smartwater.

PepsiCo will next year launch a premium-priced bottled water called LIFEWTR, adding a new brand to the company’s portfolio that plays to strengthening consumer interest in healthier beverages.

The food-and-beverage giant confirmed to Fortune that it will debut LIFEWTR at an industry conference in New York City. A purified water that is pH balanced with electrolytes, the brand will start appearing on retail shelves across the U.S. in February 2017.

“We are starting to see water play a greater role in the repertoire of a consumer’s beverage consumption,” said Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo’s Global Beverage Group. “I think we are seeing a secular and irreversible trend toward healthier beverages.”
The launch of internally developed brand LIFEWTR also contributes to a dramatic makeover PepsiCo vowed this fall. The company is promising that at least two-thirds of the company’s global beverage portfolio volume would have 100 calories or fewer from added sugars per 12-ounce serving. LIFEWTR, of course, fits perfectly into this promise as it is a bottle of water—which of course has zero calories and no added sugar or preservatives.

The launch of LIFEWTR is especially intriguing because PepsiCo has a big, bottled water brand already. It owns Aquafina, which is one of the company’s 22 “billion-dollar brands” and already dominates the $185 billion global bottled water market. Read More at Fortune



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Packaging Spotlight: Me Tonic


 Varma from Madrid, Spain has launched a premium Tonic product in Europe called Me Tonic. Gin products have gotten more sophisticated in the past few years and so have the products used as mixers.  Me Tonic is a very fresh, Premium designer tonic with character thanks to its fine bubbles from natural spring water, large amounts of natural quinine and exotic citric notes from japanese yuzu and black pepper.  Me Tonic is a project that began in 2011 to create a universal high quality beverage with its own unique style.  80% of Tonic products in Spain are consumed as a refreshment.  In 2011 there was a 25% rise in the consumption of gin & tonic products in that country.  Retails in a 200ml tall bottle.

Impact & Analysis

Spain is the leading consumer of Gin & Tonic products in the world.  Varma hopes to capitalize on this fact with the launch of Me Tonic as a premium beverage.  The research that went in to creating Me Tonic and the marketing efforts that were launched in conjuntion give Varma a great chance of not only competing but being very successful in a saturated tonic market.  The size of the bottle (tallest in the market), quality ingredients and clean design are all positive attributes that make Me Tonic stand out.




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