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Drink Spotlight: Bundle Organics Pregnancy & Lactation Support Teas




Our USDA organic pregnancy and lactation support teas are designed specifically for pregnant and nursing moms, blended in partnership with esteemed tea merchants Harney & Sons.

Our two pregnancy teas, Nausea Relief Tea and Pregnancy Wellness Tea, are designed with whole food based, OBGYN-approved ingredients like lemon, ginger, and rooibos to address moms’ needs during all stages of pregnancy.

Our Lactation Support Tea includes ingredients like fenugreek and fennel that have traditionally been used to help boost milk supply for nursing moms.





Organic Rooibos Pregnancy Wellness Tea
Our naturally caffeine-free, non-herbal Organic Rooibos tea is made especially with expecting and new moms in mind. A little bit of sweet, a little bit of spice, and everything nice. Rooibos helps calm cravings and soothe heartburn, while cardamom, mango, and orange peel help ease nausea. All while providing a peaceful, delectable teatime for two. Tastes like: Rich and fruity with sweet-and-spicy hints of orange and cardamom.







Organic Citrus Ginger Nausea Relief Tea
Enjoy a serene teatime for two with our naturally caffeine-free, non-herbal, all-around wonderful Organic Citrus Ginger tea. It’s light and lemony and easy on your belly. Ingredients like lemon, orange and ginger help ease heartburn, digestive issues and those bothersome morning sickness symptoms that often last way past morning). So you can relax and get back to more important matters. Tastes like: Smooth and mellow with citrusy ginger goodness.







Organic Lemon Cardamom Lactation Support Tea
Our naturally caffeine-free Organic Lemon Cardamom Tea is blended with nursing moms in mind. Ingredients like fenugreek, fennel, thistle, and coconut have been traditionally used to help increase milk supply, while ginger and cardamom add a subtle spice. It’s the perfect cup to reach for whenever you need a boost - morning, noon, or night. Tastes like: Light and soothing with nutty notes, and a gentle splash of lemon and spice.




About the Company
We get it – the moment you found out you were having a baby your brain kicked into overdrive. Suddenly you’re no longer dining for one and everything you put in your body matters. The questions never stop. How much broccoli is too much? Is it safe to eat an entire watermelon? Will your baby inherit your great uncle’s ears? It can be a confusing time.

Have no fear, we’re here to help (with the nutrition part… good luck with the ear thing!). Bundle Organics juices are packed with quality, organic fruits and veggies (we are extremely picky produce people) with an extra bump of vitamins and minerals essential for healthy prenatal development. Best of all, we’ve done all of the research and checked all of the boxes so you don’t have to. And – you might have to sit down for this – it actually tastes good. Really, you’ll want to drink it even after your little bundle of joy arrives. And why not? Folic acid, calcium, iron, and all the nutrients we have in our juices are good for pre-conception and breastfeeding too!





Company:  Bundle Organics
Brand: Bundle
Origin:  USA
Category: Tea
Packaging: 20 bags
Claims: Caffeine Free, Non Herbal, Kosher
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $21.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: bundleorganics.com









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eisberg feat1

Company Spotlight: Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine



Going alcohol-free might be a lifestyle choice or a medical necessity. But it's no reason to give up your favourite wines.

Eisberg wines have all the great taste of your favourite wine, but none of the alcohol.

Everyone from your mum to your hairdresser to your neighbour will have an opinion about what you should and shouldn’t be eating and drinking right now.

You know what is best for you and the bump, but what about those times when you really fancy a glass of wine?

Whether you’ve had a hard week at work or are trying to keep the early stages of your pregnancy quiet, not drinking in a social situation can be the obvious giveaway – so Eisberg’s range of crisp Chardonnay, fruity Rosé, ruby rich Cabernet Sauvignon and aromatic Riesling varieties ensure you can enjoy the sensation of pouring a real glass of wine, while still avoiding the alcohol content.



Company: Eisberg
Brand:  Alcohol-Free Wine
Slogan:  Eisberg
Origin: UK
Category:  Wine
Packaging:  Coming soon
Claims:  Zero alcohol,
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: UK, Store Locator (located below)
Website:  http://www.eisberg.co.uk/



aisberg 1




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megafood feat1

Supplement Spotlight: Mega Food Baby & Me



  • Supports the health of a woman and her
    baby during pregnancy and lactation*


  • Safe and sound potencies of
    FoodState Nutrients™


  • Nurturing Prenatal Blend delivers herbs
    to support strength, balance and mood
    of a woman during pregnancy*


  • Easy to digest & can be taken on an empty
    stomach without upset


  • Includes phytonutrient rich foods to support
    strength and balance of a woman during



Supplement Plan



About the company

MegaFood™ was founded with one goal—to improve people’s lives by delivering the most authentic nourishment possible. Our mission has always been to produce superior whole food supplements for those who care about their health and well-being.



Company: Mega Food
Brand:  Baby & Me
Slogan:  Mega Food
Origin: US
Category:  Supplement
Packaging:  120 tablets
Claims:  Supports women's health during pregnancy
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website:  https://megafood.com/





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Drink Review: Boost it Up! Pregnancy Energy Drink


Need a pick me up when a nap is not a possibility? While you’re pregnant or nursing, coffee or energy drinks may be no-nos, Enjoy an all natural lift with Boost It Up!, the expert developed energy and anti-nausea drink that’s rich in protein, B-vitamins, ginger, fiber and electrolytes. It’s lightly sweetened to be refreshing, hydrating and helps quell the queasies too, really! Boost It Up! all natural pregnancy energy drink.


Protein- 7 g: the building blocks of your body’s cells and of your baby’s too!
B-Vitamins- supports optimal energy*
Ginger-250 mg: reduces nausea**
Electrolytes- hydrates and reduces leg cramping
Fiber-3 gm supports healthy digestion
• Lack of Energy
• Nausea


• All Natural
• Caffeine Free
• Supports Optimal Energy
• Reduces Nausea and Hydrates
• Mighty Mango Flavor

Directions: Shake Well and Drink cold for optimal refreshment. Enjoy (you deserve it!).Refrigerate after opening.


About the Company
Finally, a complete brand of over-the-counter remedies developed to provide pregnant and nursing women with the safest* solutions to their common ailments. healthy mama™ is a revolutionary, first to market brand that provides health and wellness, convenience and peace of mind.




Company:  Healthy Mama
Brand: Boost it Up!
Slogan: Remedies for Pregnancy, Nursing and Beyond
Origin: USA
Category: Energy Drinks
Packaging: 12fl oz
Claims: For Pregnant Women
Price: $3.49 USD
Where to buyDirect on Website

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Drink Spotlight: Fruit Milk Drink for Pregnant Women



No artificial flavors,no colors,no preservatives,more secure,more healthy

In each milk can you may find benefits of building and rebuilding your bone thickness

Help you to balance your sugar problem

Help your digestion and colon problem

Increase your immune system





Brand: Trobico
Category: Dairy Drinks
Origin: Vietnam
Packaging:  250ml, 330ml
Claims: Digestive, No Artificial Anything
Varieties: Dragon, Guava, Grape, Mix, Passion
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website: juicevn.com

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