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Dunkin Donuts Caters To China With Pork Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is adjusting its good ol’ American menu to a more Chinese palate to include pastries like pork donuts. No, not the chocolate bacon donuts that hipsters like to brag about. Shredded pork donuts. Or “pork floss,” to be exact.

In this Reuters article, Nigel Travis, the Chief Executive Officer of Dunkin Donuts, spoke about how the company works hard to create custom menus to fit the locale of their stores all over the world. With over 5,400 locations in Asia, offering sweet and savory donuts that Asians would most likely eat makes sense. Oh, and they also just hired LeBron James as their new “brand ambassador” for China. What, no love for Jeremy Lin?

Here’s what doesn’t make sense. Dunkin Donuts plans to open at least 100 more stores in Asia. WHY WON’T THEY OPEN ONE IN CALIFORNIA? Don’t give me the whole “Oh, there’s a weird tax/franchise law in California” reason. I don’t care. The people who work in the horrible factories that made my iPhone have better access to a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee than me. Not only that, but they get to munch on pork floss donuts. I WANT A PORK FLOSS DONUT, TOO. Ugh, I’m going to go wallow in my first world privilege now.

[Image courtesy of FoodBeast]


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