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Food Spotlight: Popbar – Handcrafted Frozen Treats on a Stick – Announces New Product


NEW YORK, May 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2010, gelato met stick. It was a match made in dessert-heaven and popGelato was born. The new treat quickly became one of the hottest on the scene, and put Popbar on the foodie map for kids, adults, and everyone in between. Since inception, hundreds of thousands of 'popaholics' around the globe have popped in for a tasty, fun, love-at-first-bite experience.

For newbies, Popbar serves handcrafted, all natural gelato, sorbet, and yogurt pops. Flavors range from classics (Vanilla, Chocolate) to the more unique (Green Tea, Tiramisu, Passion Fruit). Customers can enjoy their pop as-is, or customize it to their liking. Premium dippings and toppings include dark, milk, and white chocolate, coconut, pistachios, waffle cone, caramel corn, and more!

Over the years, flavors, dips, and sticks, Popbar has had the pleasure of serving smiles through sweetness to customers of all walks (and taste buds) of life. The frozen treat company couldn't be prouder of its history, or more excited about the dessert-paved road ahead. Today, Popbar is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to its supremely delicious menu.

Meet popWich, the world's very first gelato sandwich - on a stick!

As with all things Popbar, first comes first - choose a pop from a variety of 40+ flavors. From there, 'make it a popWich' by adding two decadent, crunchy, double chocolate cookies. Last, but not least, dip and top with chocolate, crushed nuts, sprinkles, waffle cone, and more. Behold the creamy, crunchy, always sweet, sometimes salty popWich.

With so many flavor combinations to try, there's a popWich to satisfy every sweet tooth. Maybe it's a salted caramel popWich dipped in white chocolate with caramel corn, or possibly a pistachio popWich with dark chocolate and pistachios? Brought to fruition by popular request, your new dessert goal owes its glory to the Popbar fan.

If you're a dessert lover, adventure seeker, or just straight up human being, you're going to love this innovative, refreshing, indulgent treat - guaranteed. It's everything you want in a dessert, and more. Enjoy a popWich in NYC, Los Angeles, Delray Beach, San Jose, Charlotte, and/or Calgary. If you're a foodie, don't forget to snap a picture first – that is, if you can wait. Happy eating and treating!

To keep up with everything Popbar, follow the brand on Instagram @popbar and Facebook @popbarUSA, or visit www.pop-bar.com.  New territories are available for franchising. For more information, email franchising@pop-bar.com.

"cute, trendy", "high quality", "Deliciousness on a stick"…..ZAGAT; "You cannot do much better than the frozen gelato and sorbetto at Popbar"….. THE NEW YORK TIMES; "Not your average ice cream shop…we can go there every day of the week and try something different"…..FOOD NETWORK; "revolutionary advance in dessert science"…..NEW YORK MAGAZINE;  "A brilliant concept."…..NBC; "Intensely rich", "Miracles on ice"…..NEW YORK POST; "Rich Pistachio"…..TIME OUT NEW YORK; "The city's tastiest cold sweets"…..NY1; "The combination was surprisingly rich and filling"…..THE VILLAGE VOICE; "Popbar draws the crowds for impossibly beautiful gelato on a stick in a gazillion flavors"….. THE LOS ANGELES TIMES; Top Ten Frozen Dessert Retailer of America"…..DESSERT PROFESSIONAL



Customize your very own gelato sandwich - on a stick (PRNewsfoto/Popbar)

Customize your very own gelato sandwich - on a stick (PRNewsfoto/Popbar)


popWich - your new dessert goal (PRNewsfoto/Popbar)

popWich - your new dessert goal (PRNewsfoto/Popbar)




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Company Spotlight: Popbar – Handcrafted Gelato on a Stick



Popbar introduces handcrafted gelato on a stick made with all natural ingredients.

We offer a traditional gelato treat by preparing it in the most genuine way, using only real fruit and a handful of ingredients.  All our popbars are natural and made fresh daily. Blending authenticity with innovation, we serve our gelato in a new way - on a stick, which is more fun, customizable, easier to eat and kid friendly.

At Popbar, we pride ourselves on ensuring flavor in every bite and in providing you with an eventful, personalized and memorable experience on each visit.


Our Secret

Our secret is simplicity itself. Freshness and high quality ingredients are the main contributors to the unique taste and quality of Popbar. Unlike mass produced ice cream that can sit in a warehouse or grocery store for months, our popbars are made fresh daily in our popLab, for everyone to see.

Feel free to take a peek at our certified Popologists while they produce small batches of 26 popbars at a time, using only fresh and natural ingredients.

Attention: popbar consumption may result in addictive behavior.



All of our popbars are made using just a handful of natural ingredients to ensure authenticity and great taste.

In order to offer a traditional gelato experience, Popbar proudly selects all ingredients from a variety of sources. Each location sources top quality milk and fruit supplies that comply with our strict quality standards to guarantee the freshness and lightness to which Popaholics are accustomed.

And it gets even better! All of our popbars are Kosher certified, gluten and preservative free with no artificial coloring. All of our popSorbettos are lactose-free and vegan-friendly.



Company: Popbar
Brand: Popbar
Slogan: Handcrafted Gelato on a Stick
Origin: USA
Category: Ice Cream
Claims: Gluten and preservative free. No artificial coloring.
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: View locations on the website
Website: www.pop-bar.com






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