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raw fairies feat1

Packaging Spotlight: Raw Fairies



Designed by

Konrad Sybilski



One of the London leading purest cleanse companies, Raw Fairies provide their customers with a selection of cleansing raw foods and juices. They create high quality products from organic, non-gm, pure ingredients, and deliver them on daily bases. The project includes refreshing their logotype and creating new labels.





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black fruit feat2

Packaging Spotlight: Black Fruit – packaging and logo design



Designed by
Malgorzata Krych
Łódź, Poland




Packaging and logo design for fruit juices. Black Fruit are natural juices. The name explains exactly what the juice brings with its packaging. There are 3 flavors, lemon, green apple and strawberry. If you also love fruit, enjoy! Project created at Design Studio of Visual Information of prof Piotr Karczewski at Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.




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hundog feat1

Packaging Spotlight: Hundog Premium Dog Snacks



Designed by
FLOV Creative Agency

Wrocław, Poland



Branding and packaging design for premium dog food brand.





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deer beard feat1

Packaging Spotlight: Deer Beard RYE IPA



Designed by
Łukasz "Closetmonkey" Krzywdziński
Toruń, Poland




Here is the logo creation , and the label design that I've recently created for a polish brewery called "Deer Bear"





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Packaging Spotlight: ZEW for Men



Designed by
Mamastudio Design
Warsaw, Poland



is a series of natural cosmetics based on a charcoal from Bieszczady mountains.

Currently the series contains of four soaps and a soap stick with a characteristic grey colour coming from the main component. Our task was to design the packaging so that it would communicate: strength, naturalness, masculinity and active life.

We decided to use black and characteristic typography, which makes for an impactful packaging. Letter 'W' in the brand’s logo refers to a mountain shape - another interpratation can also be a canine giving the mark some edge. An important element for the line is also a signet with a feather element and geographical coordinates showing where the important ingredient - Bieszczady charcoal - comes from.












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glutenex feat1

Packaging Spotlight: GLUTENEX Gluten-Free Products



Designed by

about ad, Andrzej Kostus

Poznan, Poland




Glutenex is polish company that produces gluten-free products. After 18 years of existence on the european market, the company decided to change their logo and whole set of packaging (over 250 products). The aim was to develop a packaging concept that will stand out from competitors' products. Light, fresh, clean, simple and original. After that, the client decided to improve the recipe of all the products, thereby improving their quality. Now, with new visual identity and first series of new packaging, they are stepping on another level, retargeting and changing their marketing activities.






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quique feat

Packaging Spotlight: QUIQUE cosmetics



Designed by

Sebastian Bednarek

Częstochowa, Poland




Quique originated and is headquartered in the heart of beautiful Marseille. The cosmetics line was founded in 2014 by a young entrepreneur named Quique M. Quique has been involved in color cosmetics since she was a teenager and has always desired to create and share a line of cosmetics that provided quality products at approachable prices





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Drink Spotlight: Swoody Malt Beverage


Swoody is a lightly- carbonated alcohol-free malt drink based on wort made from natural ingredients. It contains no preservatives, artificial colouring dyes or aromas. Swoody is the perfect choice as an isotonic drink - it refreshes, stimulates, and provides a surge of energy. It's also a unique product for those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, as it's high in nutritious content in the form of proteins, vitamins and minerals.



About the Company
Perla – Lublin Breweries S.A. is currently the largest regional manufacturer in Poland. The history of the company dates back to 1846. In 2006 Perla Lublin Breweries was one of the first breweries in Poland to receive the ISO 22000 certificate. Our products are exported to Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia. Recent years have been a period of the dynamic development of the company. The latest product is Swoody. It’s alcohol-free malt drink based on wort made from natural ingredients.




Company: Perla Lublin Breweries
Brand: Swoody
Slogan: Natural Nutrition Shot
Origin: Poland
Category: Soft Drink
Packaging: 330ml
Claims:  Original Taste, Traditional Recipe, 0% Alcohol
Price: Coming Soon
Where to buy: Coming Soon
Website: swoody.pl











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