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Food News: Award-winning Pipers Crisp Co. Potato Chips Joins Liberty Richter


BLOOMFIELD, N.J., June 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The award-winning British Pipers Crisps potato chips will now be enjoyed by more Americans. It is the newest brand to partner with the Liberty Richter division of World Finer Foods, a premier marketer of imported and domestic specialty foods in the U.S.

Pipers Crisp Co. was founded by three British farmers with the aim of making potato chips just as they should taste. And, since they began in 2004, UK potato chip fans haven't been able to get enough of Pipers Crisp Co. specialty chips

Pipers chips start with the finest quality potatoes. These are hand-fried at the optimal temperature and duration for perfect crispness, then dressed with authentic, sustainably-sourced seasonings from around the world. These include spices from India, herbs from Morocco, cheese, charcuterie and cider from England.

"We source all our flavors from passionate producers across the world to ensure our taste and quality is second to none," says Pipers Crisp founder Alex Albone. "They all share our vision of producing Britain's finest, premium potato chips."

"Pipers Crisp Co. is a young and exciting brand with great values and a strong, loyal customer base in the UK," said World Finer Foods President and CEO Susan Guerin. "We think their brand attributes, not to mention their delicious chips, will resonate with U.S. consumers as well as with all trade channels and food service customers. We're delighted to have them join the World Finer Foods family."

For five years in a row, Pipers Crisp Co. has been voted Britain's "Best Brand" of savory snack by the readers of Fine Food Digest. All Pipers Crisp varieties are gluten-free, wheat-free and barley-free, and Liberty Richter will market and distribute four flavors.

Cheddar & Onion: Cheddar produced in a village named Cheddar has to be good. With 400 years of farming behind them, the Alvis family still uses traditional methods to produce their cheese. By hand-turning and stacking the curds allows them to mature and develop the full, distinctive West Country farmhouse Cheddar flavor that goes into a bag of Pipers.

Sea Salt: Pure, naturally formed sea salt is harvested from the Menai Straits on the island of Anglesey in Wales. The salt has been granted EU protected status - the perfect, simple ingredient for a Pipers chip.

Black Pepper & Sea Salt: Tellicherry peppercorns, considered to be the world's finest variety, are grown in southern India and harvested just before they ripen to develop a distinctively deep, rich and robust flavor.

Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt: Now you can eat your cider vinegar! This Pipers variety is seasoned with the sharp flavor of vintage cider apples grown in Somerset, southwest England. The farm has been producing cider for over 150 years.

Learn more about Britain's best premium potato chips at World Finer Foods' booth #1336 at the Summer Fancy Food Show June 25-27 at the Javits Center in New York City.

About World Finer Foods
World Finer Foods (WFF), a leading distributor of more than 1000 owned and third-party premium food, beverage and personal care products, has been a pioneer in marketing domestic and international products to American consumers since the 1940s. From household and traditional favorites to trendsetting health-conscious and global flavors, World Finer Foods offers consumers options for every taste and diet, and provides their clients with a team of dedicated best-in-class sales, marketing and logistical experts to grow their brands. Based in Bloomfield, New Jersey, World Finer Foods and its Liberty Richter division are responsible for nearly 60 household brands. For more information, please visit: www.worldfiner.com.


Award-winning British potato chip brand Pipers Crisp Co. has joined the Liberty Richter division of premiere specialty food marketer and distributor World Finer Foods. Credit: Pipers Crisp Co. (PRNewsfoto/World Finer Foods)

Award-winning British potato chip brand Pipers Crisp Co. has joined the Liberty Richter division of premiere specialty food marketer and distributor World Finer Foods. Credit: Pipers Crisp Co. (PRNewsfoto/World Finer Foods)





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