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Industry News: PicoBrew’s Pico Model C Campaign Sets Record with $1.812M USD, Becoming Most Successful Food Kickstarter Ever



Last Chance for Beer Enthusiasts to Score a Pico Model C Automated Craft Beer Brewing Appliance for 40 Percent Off Retail Price--Campaign Ends at Midnight PDT on May 12th

SEATTLE, May 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- PicoBrew, manufacturer of the world's first line of automatic, craft beer brewing appliances, today has earned the title of Most Successful Food Kickstarter ever, raising a record-breaking $1.812M USD generated by more than 4,000 backers of its "Pico C - Craft Brewing For All" campaign. The Kickstarter, PicoBrew's fourth successful campaign, went live on April 3, 2017 and met its $350K USD goal within just seven hours. The 40-day Pico Model C campaign will conclude on this Friday, May 12th at midnight PDT. This is the last opportunity for beer enthusiasts to take advantage of the Kickstarter early bird rates, offering 40 percent off the appliance's expected retail price this fall.

"PicoBrew is one of our favorite creators, bringing round after round of innovative products to the Kickstarter community," said Clarissa Redwine, Kickstarter's Design and Technology Outreach Lead for the West Coast. "We picked the Pico Model C as a Project We Love early on and are thrilled that, with the help of over 4,100 backers, it broke the record for Most Funded campaign in our vibrant Food category."

The previous Food Kickstarter record ($1.811M USD) was set by Anova for its Precision Cooker, which later was sold to Electrolux when the company was acquired for $250M USD.

"Wow! Thank you to all of our Pico Model C backers for helping us make this campaign the number one Food Kickstarter of all time," said Dr. Bill Mitchell, PicoBrew's CEO. "We couldn't have done it without you! The support we've continued to receive from the Kickstarter community, especially those who have backed us since our very first project, is just incredible."

As promised, in addition to bragging rights, PicoBrew is rewarding all Pico Model C backers pledging $250 USD or more with a free PicoFerm™, the world's smartest web-connected fermentation monitor.

All Kickstarter customers who pledge for the new Pico Model C by the May 12th deadline will also receive the following previously announced "Stretch Goals" (an added $284 USD value):

  • Free PicoPak from Mike Hess Brewing 2014 World Beer Cup Gold Winning Habitus Double IPA ($1M USD Stretch Goal)
  • Free Lemon Kombucha PicoPak ($1.2M USD Stretch Goal)
  • Built-in sous-vide capabilities (Fully Funded Reward)

This Kickstarter campaign marks a fourth successful crowdfunded initiative for PicoBrew. Earlier campaigns include, Pico - Craft Beer at Home, previously the company's most successful Kickstarter raising $1.4M USD, PicoBrew Zymatic: Automatic Beer Brewing Appliance and Kegsmarts: Smart Craft Brewpub Kegerator. Product has been delivered to every backer, every time.

Pico Model C is the new, easier-to-use countertop Pico model that uses the same innovative technology as the earlier stainless steel Pico to brew fresh craft beer automatically in about two hours. Coined the Ultimate Appliance, Pico Model C can also be used to cook sous-vide, brew kombucha and gluten-reduced beer, and with the addition of PicoStill, distill hop oils, water, essential oils and spirits (with proper licenses and permits).

Pico Model C has a sleek, black powder-coated exterior and high-contrast two-line OLED display. It also includes the new Pico C Brew Keg, which features a simplified hose connection and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Pico Model C will retail for $549 USD when it hits stores in fall of 2017 and will include the brewing appliance, Pico C Brewing Keg and 5L serving keg. PicoPaks and the CO2 carbonation kit will be sold separately. The Pico Model C Kickstarter campaign offers early backers a chance to purchase the new model at prices starting at just $329 USD.

PicoBrew's Pico appliances allow anyone to enjoy the freshest, most delicious craft beer from more than 160 craft breweries around the world brewed in their home in seven to 14 days. For a list of current partners, visit the BrewMarketplace and select "Breweries."  Select "PicoPaks" to view the most current PicoPaks available for purchase. Breweries interested in joining the Pico program can learn more here.

To contribute to the Pico Model C Kickstarter campaign, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1708005089/pico-c-craft-brewing-for-all


About PicoBrew

PicoBrew was founded in Seattle in 2010 by brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell, a former Microsoft executive and food scientist, along with engineer Avi Geiger.  Combining their food science and technology expertise with their passion for homebrewing, they set out to improve the craft beer brewing process for small producers and homebrewers. PicoBrew introduced its flagship product, the award-winning Zymatic® automatic beer-brewing appliance for beer brewing professionals and homebrewers, in 2013. The Pico™, designed for consumer craft beer enthusiasts, followed in 2016. Both machines are designed to improve the precision, repeatability and overall quality of the brewing process to create consistently delicious craft beer. For more information, visit www.picobrew.com or follow PicoBrew on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.





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