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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Brooklyn Biltong – New Peri Peri Flavor



We know you like biltong. 

Hi, guys. We're back! And this time, we know you like biltong 🙂 300 backers from our last Kickstarter and 300% growth over the last year can’t be wrong. You have proven that you’re ready for dried meat in it’s purest form. Free of MSG, syrups or sugars.

Never again will you return to the world of plastic, unrecognizable cooked beef. No way Jose. The day we met was a game changer. For you and for us.



Brooklyn Biltong Founders


This year was filled with excitement and progress! We've partnered with the phenomenalHomeless Bus in our giving, been a go-to high protein, snack for the lovely Whole30 crowd. We've been voted best beef jerky in America by EatThisNotThat, and we're launching with our first big box retailer in October, right in Brooklyn.


Grass Fed Biltong



So what’s next?  

Do you like a challenge? Do you like a surprise? (in a good way!) Do you like to explore and pronounce new words? Then say this along with us: Zulu Peri Peri!

Brooklyn Biltong was founded with two goals in mind, one to introduce biltong to America, and two, lend a hand while doing so. That is still our mission, and now that you know the great taste of original biltong, it’s time to advance your taste buds.

To tickle them in all the right ways, we have just the answer in the form of, garlic, ginger, cardamom… and here’s the kicker.. Cayenne pepper. Did that make you sit up straight, bright eyes? If it’s too much, our original flavor will still be your trusted fall back compadre, but we’re convinced you will fall in love with this new one.


Zulu Peri Peri



Why another Kickstarter?  

We love the Kickstarter platform for its practical benefit. ie (funds are needed) but what we really love is all the new backers and friends we get to meet and share our story with during each campaign. Excitement is the name of the game and introducing a new flavor, in this case, a “wild” one, is definitely exciting! You get to know about it first and also help us make it a reality.

Logistically speaking, we have grown into the need for a fourth box! Yes, that’s 4 now. The funds for this KS will be used to get that 4th box and also introduce the Peri Peri flavor. We have to file paperwork, purchase full printed bags and yadda yadda. Basically, the funds will be to set up a meeting between your taste buds and Zulu Peri Peri!


What we are planning.

With your help, we can expand our production and get our new flavor ready to meet the world!

We need help supporting:

  • NEW RECIPE: We have already perfected our new Zulu Peri Peri recipe and the response has been great! Now we need your help to order the first run of bags and expand our production line.
  • TWO MORE DRYING BOXES: In order to bring you more biltong, air dried and all, we will be purchasing and shipping two more South African Biltong boxes to our USDA facility.



Drying Cabinets



Spending summary:  

  • Biltong drying boxes
  • New Flavor paperwork and legalities
  • New bags


The Lovely Rewards!  

Our tees are printed on American Apparel 50/50, great quality, American made, and always, awesomely Brooklyn!


Limited Edition Kickstarter Shirt


Awesome Rewards



Thank you!  

We are excited to be introducing this new flavor, and we can't wait to share it with you. We want to thank our loyal Biltong Tribe for coming on the journey with us, and welcome any newcomers to the Biltong revolution!

All the best,

Ben and Em


Risks and challenges

Though we are confident in making Zulu Peri Peri happen, there are more often than not some hold-ups when working with food. We will do our best to take them in stride, remain transparent with our friends and customers, and keep you updated on when you can expect the flavor explosion!

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