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Alcohol Spotlight: Rekorderlig Passionfruit Cider


Made from the purest Swedish spring water, Rekorderlig Passionfruit is best served over ice with a wedge of fresh lime for a crisp, cool and refreshing experience.

About Rekorderlig
Our cider was first created in 1999 with the purest spring water from Vimmerby, Sweden, where it is still brewed today by Abro Bryggeri.

From its humble Swedish roots, Rekorderlig has retained its dependable honesty to become a much-loved, fourth generation family-brewed cider.

Stocked in a wide range of the UK favourite bars and supermarkets, Rekorderlig continues to launch in new countries while strongly maintaining its proud Swedish heritage.

Rekorderlig is a dependable and premimum cider that you can rely on and trust. With a typically Swedish funsion of high-end, premium design and modesty, it has a clear identity that sets it apart from others.

Enjoyed by those who yearn for something refreshingly different, join Rekorderlig on a journey of exploration, innovation and invigoration.


Company: Rekorderlig
Brand: Rekorderlig
Category: Cider
Origin: Sweden
Packaging: 500ml
Claims: Premium
Alcohol Volume: 4%
Varieties: Strawberry Lime, Wild Berries, Mango Raspberry, Peach Apricot, Apple, Pear, Apple Blackcurrant
Website: rekorderlig.com



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Product Spotlight: SaVse Beetroot, Apple, Avocado and Lime Smoothie


Always on the go? No problem! All our delicious smoothies contain 2 of your 5 a day - all you have to do is drink!  Smoothie juice drink with beetroot, apple, avocado, lime, mango and lemon flavors. A blend of crushed vegetable, fruit and pure juices.


150ml Apple (juice)
80ml Beetroot (purée)
8ml Lemon (juice)
5ml Lime (juice)
5ml Mango (purée)
1ml Avocado (purée)
1ml Red Pepper (juice)

Product Features
100% natural. Unpasteurized. Delicious and nutritious. No sugar added. No sugar and preservatives are added.



SaVse's Story:
27 years ago, whilst living in Georgia, Nina was diagnosed with an iron deficiency during pregnancy. Her doctor advised her to drink a blend of spinach and apple juice. So with this advice in mind Nina set about juicing a mixture vegetables and fruits. She loved the taste and results so much she has been developing and juicing her recipes ever since.

In 2011 her son asks the question why it isn’t possible to buy smoothies as good as his mother makes for the family. Following months of research, Nina and her family have embarked on a mission to bring their concept to the mainstream consumer.


Company: SaVse Smoothies
Brand: Nina's Savse
Slogan: Crammed Full of Goodness
Category: Smoothies
Origin: UK
Packaging: 250ml
Claims: 100% natural. Unpasteurized. Delicious and nutritious. No sugar added. No sugar and preservatives are added.
Varieties: Broccoli Pear Spinach Kale Kiwi Lemon & Banana, Rhubarb Carrot Strawberry Apple Yoghurt, Mango Carrot Passion Fruit Pineapple & Yoghurt, Strawberry Broccoli Celery Kale Orange & Spinach
Website: savsesmoothies.com














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Product Spotlight: Big Shotz Vitamin & Mineral Juice Shot

Vitamin and mineral fruit juice shot with mango and passion fruit flavor, in a 120ml plastic bottle.  Specially developed to deliver an optimised solution for a wide range of health and dietary needs at different life stages, Big Shotz is naturally beneficial to all the population but is particularly relevant to those with specific needs. The human body works best when it is nutritionally optimised and as we develop right from conception through to old age we need to ensure we look after our needs by a balanced diet and ensuring the full range of nutrients are received at optimal levels.

Features: Everyday nutrition. Contains 11 vitamins, 6 minerals, omega 3, prebiotic fiber, 100% RDA. Preservatives free. Gluten free. Lactose free. caffeine free. Low fat. No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Company: SHOTZ
Brand: Big Shotz
Slogan: Everyday Nutrition
Category: Functional Drinks, Juice
Origin: UK
Packaging: 120ml
Claims: Vitamin Enriched, Functional, Prebiotic, Gluten Free
Website: shotzhealth.com

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Product Spotlight: Bao Fruit Smoothies with Baobab Fruit


Bao is the first line of smoothies from Delice Foods to pair the Baobab Superfruit from Africa`s legendary Tree of Life with 100% natural exotic fruit purees and concentrates. Bao smoothies™ has no preservatives, no dairy, and no artificial colours or flavours. Just a taste of the exotic, the different-natural and nourishing. That`s what we share with you in each bottle of Bao with a taste of Africa!

Bao was born at the family table, a time when love, laughter and a certain rich beverage made the rounds. Repeatedly, and always after a swig to nourishment and good health, discussions would coalesce around how wonderful it would be to share such goodness with everyone. And the rest is Bao history.

At its core, Bao is about giving back - passion for health inspired by nature, commitment to helping local communities and purpose in leaving a gentle footprint upon the Earth.


  • 100% organic wildcrafted, the Baobab fruit pulp in Bao smoothies is not pasteurized, heat extracted, freeze dried or concentrated. This ensures uncompromised nutrient synergy for that sustained natural energy release.
  • Baobab fruit contains some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any known Superfruit. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals thereby strengthening the immune system.
  • Bao smoothies fill you up! Our smoothies contain 5 to 6 g of highly soluble pre-biotic fibre which aids in stimulating intestinal flora.
  • Bao smoothies have an incredibly low sugar composition (check out the competition) and the sugar is all-natural-from fruits.
  • Baobab is an exceptional source of minerals and nutrients-six times the amount of vitamin C contained in an orange, more fibre than a peach and more potassium than a banana. It`s higher in calcium than milk, and has more iron than leafy greens.


Company: Delice Foods
Brand: Bao Smoothies
Slogan: Drink from the Tree of Life
Category: Smoothies
Origin: Canada
Packaging: 300ml
Claims: Organic, 100% Natural, No Artificial Colors, Preservatives or Flavors
Varieties: Mangosteen & Passionfruit, Acerola & Guava, Pineapple & Coconut
Website: baosmoothies.com



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Product Spotlight: Firefly On the Go Tonics

Firefly On the Go Tonics.  Original blends of delicious fruit juices and natural botanical extracts with absolutely nothing artificial. Currently Firefly carries three lines: Original, On the Go and Weekenders. Below we have featured the on the go line.

Raspberry & Pomegranate

Take a handful of raspberries, a crush of pomegranates, and a pinch of elderflower and before you know it you'll be whizzing along singing 'I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike'...

So what are you waiting for? On your marks, get set, go!

Still Water
Fruit juices from concentrate:
Raspberry (12%)
Orange (4%)
Cloudy Lemon (2%)
Pomegranate (1%)
Botanical extracts (0.5%)(see website)
Natural flavouring



Lemon & Lime

Do you know your Spanish from your Sicilian?

(We're talking lemons, not lovers, darling)

Well, the answer for us is Sicilian every time.

Mix with a squeeze of lime and a sprinkling of ginger and it'll have you saying "si signor" and wanting to mount Etna!

Still Water
Fruit juices:
Sicilian Lemon (8%)
Cloudy Lemon* (2%)
Cloudy Lime* (1%)
*from concentrate
Botanical extracts (0.5%)(see website)
Natural lemon


Orange & Passionfruit

If advertising has taught us anything, it's that holidays make us happy and oranges taste like sunshine.

We'll drink to that, with this tropical blend of oranges and passionfruits infused with cardomom to put some extra leap in your frog...

Still Water
Fruit juices from concentrate:
Cloudy Orange (15%)
Cloudy Passionfruit (7%)
Grapefruit (0.5%)
Botanical extracts (0.5%)(see website)
Natural flavourings


Company: Firefly Natural Drinks
Brand: Firefly Tonics
Slogan: Natural Drinks
Category: Beverages
Origin: UK
Claims: Natural
Packaging: 16oz
Varieties: Raspberry & Pomegranate, Lemon & Lime, Orange & Passionfruit
Website:  fireflytonics.com





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