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Beer Spotlight: Stone Ripper San Diego Pale Ale





When it came to creating Ripper, we drew inspiration from the coastal surf cultures of SoCal and Oz. Sourcing classic Cascade from the Pacific Northwest and Australian Galaxy hops from…yes…Australia, we made a beer both lovers of frothy peaks and hoppy green buds will be stoked about. At the same time, we stayed true to our San Diego roots by pushing the hop boundaries of this style.

While some might think it lingers on an edge far closer to an IPA, with all the dry-hop flavor and aroma, it’s actually right in line with the current-day interpretation of a West Coast pale. Ours just so happens to have an Aussie accent that’s cascading with a juicy amount of grapefruit and passion fruit hoppiness. So veg out or venture out. Either way, rip one open and taste this awesome golden nectar!





About Stone Ripper

Founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner, Stone Brewing has come a long way since opening up in San Diego, California in 1996. We have been listed on the Inc. 500 | 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list 11 times, and has been called the “All-time Top Brewery on Planet Earth” by BeerAdvocate magazine twice.

Stone Brewing is the tenth-largest craft brewer in the U.S. and with our breweries in Richmond, Virginia & Berlin, Germany, we join artisanal brewers across the world in the quest to show the public that there are more…and better…choices beyond the world of industrial beer.



Company: Stone Ripper
Brand: San Diego Pale Ale
Origin: US
Category: Beer
Packaging: 12 oz. cans, 6-pack
Claims: 5.7% alc/vol
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator




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point feat1

Beer Spotlight: Point Siesta Key Citrus Pale Ale



Generous amounts of Australian Vic Secret Hops create a tropical fruit citrus sensation.  A refreshingly tart burst of freshly squeezed grapefruit will inspire you to put your toes in the water after a sun drenched day.  It’s island time.



AVAILABILITY April 1 - Aug 31


HOPS Vic Secret


IBU'S 27



About the company

Stevens Point Brewery, in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is the 5th oldest continuously operating brewery remaining in the United States. Today, the Stevens Point Brewery is proud to be Wisconsin-owned and independently operated.



Company: Point Brewery
Brand: Siesta Key Citrus Pale Ale
Origin: US
Category: Beer
Packaging: 355ml
Claims: 4.3% alcohol volume by content.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: http://www.pointbeer.com/






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fulton feat1

Beer Spotlight: Fulton Sweet Child of Vine Indian Pale Ale



Move over grapes. We’re celebrating the world’s most glorious vine. Generous quantities of CTZ and Glacier hops are added throughout the boil. Then, late in fermentation, we infuse the Sweet Child with another dose of Glaciers, imparting a bouquet of hop aroma that veritably bursts forth upon serving. But don’t let all this talk of hops mislead you. The Sweet Child has a serious malt backbone to stand up to all those hops, creating a delightful balance that will keep you coming back for more. It’s an IPA, Fulton-style.



  • ABV 6.4%
  • IBU 69
  • SRM 12.5
  • Plato 15.8



About the company

When we founded Fulton in 2009, we were homebrewing out of a South Minneapolis garage and contract brewing at a small Wisconsin brewery. Our dream was to build a real Minneapolis brewery of our own in the next 5-10 years, and quit our day jobs along the way. We never guessed we’d build two Minneapolis breweries in three years. Looks like being wrong can sometimes be awesome.



Company: Fulton
Brand: Sweet Child of Vine Indian Pale Ale
Slogan: Fulton
Origin: US
Category: Beer
Packaging: Coming soon
Claims: ABV 6.4%
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website: http://www.fultonbeer.com/



fulton 1



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Beer Spotlight: The Problem Solver India Pale Ale


Finally, you can drink to solve problems
Have you ever considered why you seem to find the most interesting solutions after a couple of beers? As it turns out there might be some truth to it after all. Beer-loving researchers have proven that when reaching an alcohol level of precisely 0.075% the average person produces the most creative thinking. That's why we have now brewed a beer especially made to bring you as close to your creative peak as possible. All you have to do is drink and think!


Scientific studies suggest that at an alcohol level of 0.075% the average person produces the most creative thinking.



A delicous way to reach your creative peak. The perfect state for solving problems.

The Problem Solver is a handcrafted Indian Pale Ale brewed to tickle taste buds and brain cells. It has a refined bitterness with a refreshing finish. The indicator on the bottle makes is easy to find your creative peak. Drink the amount that fits your weight to make sure you hit the magical 0,075%.

Caution: Enjoying the right amount will enhance your creative thinking. Drinking more will probably do exactly the opposite!

“Innovation may happen when people are not so focused”

Professor Jennifer Wiley – Drinking Alcohol May Significantly Enhance Problem Solving Skills. Read article





Join ‘The Problem Solvers’

‘The Problem Solvers’ is an initiative that invites creative minds to brainstorm sessions, with the purpose of coming up with creative solutions to problems.

The initiative is aimed to help local communities, charity organizations and several others. Instead of money they will pay “a beer for an idea”. Everybody who likes to solve problems in a creative way is welcome.
Just join our Facebook group and we will invite you to the first session when the date is set.
Lets solve some of the world’s problems over a beer!






Company: Rocket Brewing Company
Brand: The Problem Solver
Origin: Denmark
Category: Beer
Packaging: 750ml bottle
Alcohol Volume: 7.1%
Varieties: View Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: theproblemsolver.com, rocketbrewing.dk










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Hair Care Spotlight: BRÖÖ Volumizing Pale Ale Shampoo



BENEFITS: Go from FLAT to FULL instantly!

Sodium Chloride-free (gentle on chemically straightened hair)
100% Vegan
Lathers like no other natural shampoo

SCENT: Energizing notes of citrus, ginger, and lemongrass with a subtle malt finish


Pop the top on a microbrewed American Pale Ale, with vitamin-and-mineral-rich malted barley for STRENGTH
Add a light shot of BRÖÖLuxe, our revolutionary natural alternative to silicone for WEIGHTLESS GLOSS & DETANGLING
BÖÖST with Barley Protein for BODY
Blend with our unique mix of 3 gentle, sulfate-free cleansers

Serve up for an amazing Head of Volume!

HOW TO USE: Shake. Pour. Lather. Rinse. Enjoy Responsibly! NO you can’t drink it!



About the Company
At BRÖÖ, we search out home-brewed beauty remedies, handed down through the ages, and transform them into ultra-performing, natural beauty products that you’ll love. It’s a never-ending journey, and this is how it all began.   Read More




Company: BRÖÖ
Brand: BRÖÖ
Slogan: Barley. Hops. Beautiful
Origin: USA
Category: Hair Care
Packaging: 150g
Claims: Volumizing, Cruelty Free, Vegan
Variants: Volumizing Pale Ale Shampoo, Volumizing Pale Ale Conditioner, Hydrating Porter Shampoo, Hydrating Porter Conditioner, Smoothing I.P.A Shampoo, Smoothing I.P.A Conditioner
Price: $12.99 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: broo.com




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Beer Spotlight: Cerveza Güera Coquetona Pale Ale


Cerveza Frontera from Tijuana, Mexico has launched Guera Coquetona, a Pale Ale beer. Features a Pale Golden Color, a Soft Medium Body, with an Aroma of Fresh Hops, with Soft Citric Notes, a Flavor of Pale Dry Malt with a touch of Honey. These amazing ingredients make this beer a delicacy for the most demanding palettes.


About the Company
We are a young company that specializes in craft brewing, concerned with meeting the expectations of the market and to please the most discerning palate.

Committed to excellence in craft beer production, and we have the human talent for production, always looking for customer satisfaction through continuous improvement policies, taking deep care to care for the environment in all of production processes.


Company: Cerveza Frontera
Brand: Cerveza Frontera
Origin: Mexico
Category: Beer
Packaging: Bottle
Alcohol Volume: 5%
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Select Locations in Tijuana Mexico
Website: cervezafrontera.com.mx



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Beer Spotlight: Elysian Brewing Loser Pale Ale

Elysian Brewing based out of Seattle, Washington offers a wide array of craft beers that are all made with the finest of ingredients. We decided to showcase their Loser Pale Ale here for our readers.

Corporate Beer Still Sucks

STYLE Pale ale

BODY Medium

TASTING NOTES Light tropical flavors balanced with a crisp malt-hop finish.

MALTS Pale, Munich, Crystal and Cara-hell

HOPS Bittered with Sorachi Ace and finished with Crystal hops

ABV: 7.0%

IBU: 57

AVAILABILITY Year Round — Draft, 22 oz bottles, Six Packs/12oz bottles


The Elysian Brewing Story:

The Elysian was founded in 1995 by principals Dick Cantwell (President/Head Brewer), Joe Bisacca (CFO/Head of Operations) and David Buhler (Sales & Marketing Director). Our first Seattle location, a 220-seat beer hall and our main brewery, opened in 1996 on Capitol Hill, Seattle’s most populous neighborhood. In 1997 Elysian was chosen to operate a pub and small brewery at Gameworks—a large entertainment complex owned by Universal Studios, Dreamworks & Sega. Elysian left this partnership in 2002 upon expiration of the five-year contract. A short year later Elysian opened TangleTown, an 80-seat neighborhood brewery/bistro. With a 3-bbl pilot brewery, Elysian-TangleTown acted as the brewers’ test kitchen, fueling the creative fires and helping cement Elysian’s reputation as Seattle’s top brewpub. The most recent addition to the Elysian empire, Elysian Fields, opened in August 2006. Perched next to Seattle’s two sports arenas, Fields seats 400 and packs the house at lunch and on gamedays. It is typical for us to offer over twenty different Elysian beers between the three locations


Company: Elysian Brewing
Brand: Loser Pale Ale
Category: Beer
Origin: USA
Packaging: 12 fl oz
Alcohol Volume: 7%
Varieties: See website for full list
Website: elysianbrewing.com


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