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Drink Spotlight: Sol-ti Arctic Chaga Hotbrew Tea



Arctic Chaga Hotbrew Tea

We have turned the king of medicinal mushrooms into a pure, clean hot brew tea that will leave you feeling energized and full of nutrients. Chaga is a spore that provides a full spectrum of healing benefits to support vitality while tasting incredible, too. For optimal benefits, we hot brew our Chaga to extract the highest amount of nutrients. The combination of chemical free water and Chaga grown in a pristine climate ensures every sip to be pure and refreshing. Maximize your health and wellness with this nutritional tea.

This product comes with *FREE SHIPPING! If you are in San Diego, you can also pick up from our tasting room.

Reverse Osmosis Purified Water
Pure, Clean Water, Chlorine & Fluoride Free, No Metals or Chemicals

Arctic Chaga Spore
Natural Energy, Abundance of Antioxidants, Liver Rejuvenator

Maple Syrup
Energizing, Calcium, Iron, Potassium & Trace Minerals

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About Sol-ti

Sol-ti introduced the first glass bottled, light filtered and cold crafted organic beverages on the market. Fostered from the belief that finding fresh and natural beverages should be easy, our company is built on a passion for healthy living and sustainability. We use only the highest quality organic produce, superfoods and herbs - locally grown (when possible) and non-GMO. As a company, we are focused on triple bottom line: in addition to profit, we measure success by how we positively transform our community and planet.

Each beverage is an alchemy of fresh, organic ingredients with very real benefits for your well-being: energy, positivity and health.




Company: Sol-ti
Brand: Sol-ti
Origin: USA
Category: Tea
Packaging: 15.5 fl oz (458 ml)
Claims: Caffeine Free. Organic. Raw. Vegan. Non-GMO
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $35 per case of 6 bottles
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator





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Tea Spotlight: Parisi Organic Hibiscus Berry Tea




A sweet and juicy herbal and berry tea, with organic Rooibos for a strong fruit front and a tart finish.
Available in loose leaf (2.8 oz) and single serve sachet (15 ct). (Caffeine Free)



About the company

It was our Sicilian grandmother, with the help of a moka pot and Italian espresso, who introduced us to the fine art of coffee. She instilled in us a deep sense of “coffee as a tasteful part of daily life.” It was always the pinnacle moment of every social occasion. It was treated with care and selected purposefully to be an ideal complement.

Years later, the growth of the local roasting movement awakened our fond memories of handcrafted coffee. We were inspired to pair our love of coffee with our long-standing passion for producing fine foods. It had always been our belief coffee played as important a role in the dining experience as it does in supporting the social conventions of our world. Read More



Company: Parisi Artisan Coffee
Brand: Parisi Artisan Coffee
Origin: USA
Category: Tea
Packaging: 2.8 oz
Claims: Organic Tea
Variants: View Product Range Here
Price: $8.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Retailers





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Drink Spotlight: Rooibee Red Tea



Rooibee Red Tea
Our certified USDA Organic, all-natural tea is rich in antioxidants, naturally caffeine-free, gluten-free and contains a full serving of Vitamin C. Yes, we’re tooting our own horn, because we think you’ll love our tea as much as we do.







About the company:

Though others have tried, there is only one place in the world to grow rooibos: the Western Cape of South Africa. Pronounced roy-bos in their native Afrikaans language, rooibos translates to “red bush.” This is the secret to what the rest of the world calls “red tea.” It is not a tea in the standard definition, but rather a legume similar to peas, beans and lentils. Rooibos contains endless health benefits that South African families have revered for generations. They not only take advantage by drinking rooibos, but also put it in baby bottles to calm their colicky children or take baths in it to sooth their skin from eczema. Read More



Company: Rooibee Red Tea
Brand: Rooibee
Origin: USA
Category: Organic Tea
Packaging: 12 fl oz
Claims: Organic, all-natural, rich in antioxidants, naturally caffeine-free, gluten-free
Variants: Rooibee Red Tea, Rooibee Roo Tea
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Buy Local
Website: www.rooibeeredtea.com







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zealong feat1

Company Spotlight: Zealong 100% PureNew Zealand Tea



Waikato, New Zealand. Home of Zealong tea. A Pacific Garden of Eden where tea grows naturally, free of chemical sprays or fertilisers.

Pure air, pure sunshine, pure water and fertile soil give Zealong New Zealand tea a remarkable freshness in flavour and fragrance that excites even the most jaded tea drinker.

Grown as nature intended, Zealong’s hand-picked leaves are thicker and have more flavour, allowing up to six or seven infusions from one serving.

While we leave things to nature, we don’t leave them to chance.

Zealong is the world’s only tea company fully certified to the world’s highest food safety standard: ISO 22000 HACCP.

That includes traceability of every Zealong pack back to the day and block of pick.



Company: Zealong
Brand:  100% PureNew Zealand Tea
Slogan:  Zealong
Origin: New Zealand
Category:  Tea
Packaging: Coming soon
Claims: Hand picked flavor, up to six or seven infusions per serving
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: New Zealand, Buy Online
Website: http://zealong.com/



zealong 2




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organic tea feat 1

Tea Spotlight: Clandestino Roasters Sliver Needle



Kiwifruit & melon with a sugarcane finish

Silver Needle is widely considered the best white tea in the world. It is made from white-tipped leaf buds picked high in the Fujian Province in China. Enjoy delicate flavours of kiwifruit & melon with a subtle sugarcane finish. Perfect for drinking on long, lingering afternoons.



About the company

We are a third generation cafe/restaurant family and we also fly planes. We have grown up in cafes, drinking espresso with our dad since we were in primary school. Back in those days dad used to add a squeeze of lime to his espresso to add brightness and citrus character reminiscent of the coffee he drank in Papua New Guinea. The story of Clandestino Roasters really started back in the 1970’s when our old man, Perry was a 16 year old Macair pilot flying in and out of remote villages and cliff hanging air strips. The cargo was gold, silver and the elusive arabica coffee bean. It was here that our family’s passion for coffee was ignited.

Over the next forty years Perry continued to crave the quality coffee he was drinking in the highlands and in his pursuit of the perfect cup, his passion was shared with us – Ryan, Jaxon and Adam.

A chance coffee experience in Melbourne in the early 2000’s – it was a Panama Geisha – was an ‘aha’ moment that struck a serious cord with the boys. There were 3 single origins on offer and various different brewing methods were available. They tried each origin in espresso, with milk and brewed in a syphon and pour over. It was inspirational.

From that point, the boys haven’t looked back. “Coffee is a seasonal fruit and every grower has a different product. It is our job as craft roasters to bring out the natural sweetness and intrinsic flavours from each origin and deliver them to our customers in the cup”.



Company: Clandestino Roasters
Brand:  Organic Silver Needle
Slogan:  Clandestino Roasters
Origin:  Australia
Category:  Tea
Packaging: 50g and 100g
Claims: Made from white-tipped leaf buds, subtle sugarcane finish, organic
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  50g $17.00, 100g $28.50
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online
Website: http://www.clandestino.com.au/



organic tea2





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riseshine feat

Tea Spotlight: Ovvio Organics RISE & SHINE ORGANIC TEA


We've redefined the teabag. Did you know?
Most teabags use fannings, small pieces of tea that are left over after higher grades of tea are gathered to be sold. Traditionally these were treated as the discards of the manufacturing process in making high quality leaf tea. Most teabags are made from bleached paper, nylon or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This cocktail of plastics and chemicals infuse directly into your tea and don’t break down in nature. Ovvio teabags are unique; a conscious experience. They are made from a biodegradable, delicate plant based mesh bag for eye opening flavor and therapy. They're transparent, a visually beautiful display of premium, certified organic, high-grade tea, herbs or plant: leaves, seeds, twigs, bark, pods, fruit. It's our way of offering convenience without compromise. Steep long and enjoy the Ovvio tea you love, in a bag.



rising nutr




About the company

WE’RE HERE TO REMIND YOU OF WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW. That good health is the ticket to a spectacular existence – getting there should be simple, instinctual, beautiful. that your body deserves the best – fill it with goodness and watch your cup overflow. we’re here to chime in that life’s too short for ill health. that cultivating wellbeing creates freedom -something we can all aspire to. there’s no great secret; it’s obvious, it’s natural. It’s Ovvio. Ovvio means “obvious” in italian or “naturally” or “of course”. Because the most beautiful things in life unfold as nature intended.

A WELL STEEPED HISTORY Anthia began consulting in 1994 and after ten years of clinical experience, opened Ovvio The Organic Health & Lifestyle Store and Naturopathic Clinic. A quaint Paddington terrace reminiscent of old-fashioned apothecaries and teahouses, Ovvio reclaimed the rich history of Naturopathy. From this space, Anthia was inspired to create her own brand of hand-blended, organic teas and herb & spices.

ABOUT OVVIO ORGANIC TEA Ovvio tea is lovingly created through the knowledge, passion and experience of renowned naturopath and herbalist Anthia Koullouros. Each cup contains only the finest flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves blended with love and respect for humankind, flora and fauna. Every sip offers a pure and delicious remedy for health and happiness.

WHY OUR TEA IS SPECIAL-TEA Ovvio teas are therapeutically created according to the principles of traditional herbal medicine; each tea offers emotional, physical and mental health benefits – calmness, energy, clarity, restoration and detoxification. They remain as nature intended: the highest grade of ingredients, unadulterated, unprocessed and naturally delightful, free from artificial and imitation “natural” flavours and 100% certified organic (ACO No: 11236P) which in turn means free of toxic and harmful herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers, weedicides and free of genetic engineering.



Company: Ovvio Organics
Brand:  Rise and Shine Organic Tea
Slogan:  Ovvio Organics
Origin:  Austraia
Category:  Tea
Packaging: 130g
Claims: Organic ingredients, caffeine free
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  $20.00 Loose Leaf Box, $26.00 Loose Leaf Tin, $16.00 Silk Teabags
Where to Buy:  Australia, Buy Online
Website: http://www.ovvioorganics.com.au/



rise and shining




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lapazpharma té

La Paz Pharma: Organically Grown Tea


La Paz (The Peace) Pharma, are a company endeavoring to link the fields of Agriculture, Health and Education. The company has received certifications from respected world-wide agencies including; USDA Organic, IMO (Institute for Market Ecology) and Demeter (worldwide agency concerned with bio-dynamic agriculture). Aside from the noteworthy contributions they make to the Agricultural and Education spheres, they produce a range of organic and medicinal type products. These include a range of essential oils and remedies as well as top quality herbal tea’s.

The tea’s produced by La Paz Pharma have each been designed with a unique function in mind. Relaxing tea, composed of a herbal mixture, minimises stress and anxiety and is conducive of sleep. Lemon balm tea, is especially beneficial to people with a nervous disposition and aids with physical afflictions such as constipation, gas and/or cramps. Digestive tea, has a detoxifying effect and reinforces the digestive system.

The products look great and the resealable tin can packages used are very effective, in fact it is an excellent idea, being airtight - which prevents the tea from drying out. An added benefit of this type of packaging is that it may be reused for storage purposes or otherwise easily recycled.

Analysis and Impact:

The company’s unique cross brand positioning allows them to connect with different spheres and reach a broader audience than other tea products. Their product offering marries well with their other activities and gives the perception of genuine care about the environment and humanity. This is the unique element of this brand, and acts to elevate La Paz Pharma above other brands producing tea. There products will particularly resonate with the fast-growing health and environmentally conscious consumer market, although some of the less affluent in this segment may find the high price tag a deterrent.

Company: La Paz Pharma.

Brand: La Paz Pharma - Té Organico y Biodinámico (Organic and bio-dynamic tea).

Spotted in: Sumesa, La Condesa, Mexico City.

Presentation: 35g.

Price: $96.00 MXN.

Available in: Supermarkets, Health Food stores, Specialty Stores.

Claims: Sanar la tierra para sanar al hombre (something like: Heal the earth to heal the man)

Website: http://www.lapazpharma.com/web/

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