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Food Service Spotlight: Lean Box



Our team scours the Earth to discover delicious natural foods from responsible sources.

Customized menus delivered automatically to the shelves of your office's hi-tech refrigerator.

Your employees work hard, give them the food they deserve.


Every office is unique. We analyze workplace size, employee dietary needs & tastes to discover who you are and what you aspire to eat. No two LeanBoxes are the same. From a universe of soups, salads, meals & snacks, we determine your ideal launch inventory. We monitor inventories remotely, in real-time, and make deliveries automatically to meet demand. We know what you're eating and when you're eating it. Product mix is adjusted in response to real data. Some offices love salads, others need organic meals. We find what your employees need and deliver it-automatically.



Food service in the office can be tough. LeanBox is easy. 

Great options are limited. When it comes to feeding your employees healthy, nourishing food, a bag of chips and a soda doesn't cut it.


  • Cafeterias take up too much space and cost too much money to operate.
  • Vending machines are full of junk and can't provide healthy, balanced meals.
  • Managing catering is difficult. It's hard to time, place, and monitor orders. Getting everyone to eat the same food at the same time? Good luck.
  • Grocery orders drain time. Your employees have better things to do.



About the company

We've been there. We have sat in that cubicle. We know what if feels like when the day just gets too busy for lunch lines, and when chips and soda just won't cut it. We set out to solve this common problem in the workplace. We know there is a better way, and we are passionate about bringing it to you.

We are a Boston based company with a simple, but lofty goal - Change the way we eat at work.



Company: Lean Box
Brand:  Lean Box
Slogan:  Lean Box
Origin: US
Category:  Food service
Packaging: Customized
Claims: Healthy food from quality sources, customized menus, hi-tech refrigerator
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: US
Website: http://www.leanbox.com/



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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Uprite Ergo Sit2Stand Height Adjustable Workstation





The Uprite Ergo Sit2Stand Workstation

An innovative, high quality and affordable alternative to the big, bulky and prohibitively expensive industry standard height adjustable desks.

In addition to chronic back and shoulder pain, multiple studies have shown that prolonged sitting can increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and a myriad of other serious ailments.  Our search for healthful solutions led to the creation of the Uprite Ergo Sit2Stand Workstation.

Height adjustable desks can be prohibitively expensive and usually require the replacement of existing furniture.  Desktop units that exist today are cumbersome, obtrusive and still very expensive.

The Uprite Ergo Sit2Stand Workstation is a durable, affordable, aesthetically pleasing height adjustable workstation that occupies a small footprint on an existing desk or table.  The Sit2Stand Workstation moves easily from a lowered to a raised position allowing a quick transition from sitting to standing while working.



Multiple solutions

Whether you use one standard monitor, a heavier all-in-one computer or you're a two monitor user we have a solution for you.




Classic finishes

Choose from Silver anodized aluminum with White phenolic work surfaces and matching trim or our standard Black on Black.




Ease of movement

The Sit2Stand Workstation is perfectly balanced and offers smooth and effortless upward and downward movement.  It's faster and more convenient than electric height adjustable desks.





Feature highlights

  • 18” vertical travel accommodates the majority of individual end-user heights
  • Locking actuator to allow stable and effortless height adjustment
  • Small footprint for maximum desk space utilization
  • On-board cable management system
  • Metal surfaces made of robust and stylish anodized aluminum
  • Work surfaces made of scratch resistant phenolic board
  • Industry standard VESA mount (75mm and 100mm) - Compatible with VESA compliant Apple iMacs, LED Cinema Displays, and Thunderbolt Displays (Apple VESA Mount Adapter Kit must be purchased separately)
  • Dual monitor unit accommodates up to 24" monitors



Visit their crowdfunding page

Visit their website



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Stylish urban spaces available to rent by the hour for work or relaxation



We’ve already seen Podtime provide workers in the UK with spaces to have a nap in the city. Now Breather wants to do something similar in the US, opening up quiet spaces in urban properties that customers can rent for short periods for work or relaxation.

Users can download the Breather app, which shows the nearest available spaces to them. The app enables them to book the time they want to spend in the space – which can range from 30 minutes to a whole day. Breather locations are fitted with Lockitron devices that use NFC technology to grant access via users’ smartphones, and after customers pay, their device is given temporary permission to open the space they’ve chosen. The rooms are selected based on their location away from noisy areas and are fitted out with heating, wifi and a phone line, as well as comfortable desks, chairs and sofas. The spaces are intended for any kind of private activity – whether it’s to make a phone call, take a nap, hold a meeting, do some work, practice yoga or read a book. The video below offers more information about the service:






Full Article @ SpringWise




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ShareDesk an AirBnB platform for workspaces

Whether you’re a small group building a startup, a freelancer, or any form of an entrepreneur, too often we are working alone and collaborating in digital worlds through solitary confinement. It doesn’t sound like a lifestyle that would encourage growth, but is the sad truth for many with the savings of bootstrapping and being as lean as possible. Because of the digital revolution, what we once had to do within a group is now possible through isolation without constraints of geography, and while those are some of the benefits, the cons are very dangerous.

sharedesk find the best coworking desk for you

Without collaboration, peers to share ideas and discuss business with or not having the opportunity to just go over the elements of a project, negative results will start to creep up in: a startup, team moral, mental health and business goals. Business growth should be viewed hand-in-hand with personal growth through interaction, without it we can fall to losses in creativity, lowering of confidence or development of over-confidence, becoming blinded to personal perspectives, feeling overwhelmed and plateaued knowledge development. It takes individual commitment to make a team, company, society and civilization work, but a quote from King Solomon rings even more true:

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

If you’re working alone, one of the most obvious solutions is to find a partner or co-founder, but sometimes that’s not the best option and finding the right personality to fit your needs in a business is even more difficult. One of the most up-and-coming solutions to collaboration over the past few years has been community, more specifically co-working.

What is Coworking?

rocketspace coworking in San Francisco

Rocketspace in San Francisco – RocketSpace is an all new, all inclusive office environment designed solely for tech and new media companies from 1 to 30 people.

Coworking spaces are organizations that offer membership to a community of like-minded people in a central gathering space. And recently it has become part of a global movement that generally subscribes to core values of community, openness, collaboration, sustainability, and accessibility. The market is focused on people who want to access to a place and a community to plug into on their own terms, that could mean individuals or small teams whose work doesn’t require much more than a desk and an internet connection. And the spaces themselves are differentiated by the eco-system within each coworking community.

ShareDesk an AirBnB platform for workspaces

To assist in the search for a suitable work environment and community that fits an entrepreneurs needs and to assist those with open office space to share find reputable people that fits into their community is ShareDesk: a web app that encourages users to look for coworking space that best suits their work style and personality.

berlin nadelwald coworking deskspace

Nadelwald co-sewing space in Berlin: A space for fashion designers, tailors, hobbyists, and anyone else in need of sewing machines, needles, fabrics and nice people to get things done. $340 a month

Launched in 2011 from Vancouver, Canada and last month released to the public in beta, ShareDesk has become the “fastest growing platform for shared workspaces.” With over 800 properties in more than 70 countries and 5,500 new users every month, ShareDesk is a global marketplace for shared offices and workspaces that lets organizations monetize their idle capacity, and for people to discover and book them instantly for a few hours, a day, week, or monthly.

ny in good company

In Good Company – Coworking Space in Flatiron, New York: From $150 a month.

ShareDesk workspaces build a community around their physical facilities, a physical professional network. With ShareDesk Connect!, users are now able to look beyond the basic criteria of location, amenities, price, space, and discover who is working at the space, what they do, and whether the space is good fit- incorporating industry relevance into the decision criteria to help users decide on their next workspaces.

“ShareDesk team is now quite small but already spread in different cities over two continents. We work on multiple timezones, speak 5 languages, we travel, we embody and are physiologically, part of the global coworking movement.”
– Enrico Icardi, ShareDesk COO & Co-Founder

ShareDesk does an incredible job at making it easy to find and learn more about a space, but how does one judge if it’s a right fit. ShareDesk is now launching a new and very much essential aspect to their application as a real time discovery community network; ShareDesk CONNECT!. With community and social features to help you better connect with other mobile professionals around the world. As a real-time connectivity platform, prospects looking for work space will get a feel of the general culture; discover who is working in a particular workplace, and allow for direct connection with them – resulting in communities of likeminded individuals to grow business opportunities, creativity and general mental health with collaboration.

As more people learn about ShareDesk we can expect even more and more listings to pop-up on the platform, but if you’re looking for space or have excess space to offer, www.sharedesk.net is the global platform that will help find the best fit for everyone. Coworking is a movement, with a unique culture that values people and content that extend beyond desks and spaces. Its an opportunity to grow business, knowledge, creativity and a phenomenal solution for everyone to be more successful.

via NSU

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Platform publishes embarrassing photos to blackmail users into being more productive

Aherk! threatens to publish embarrassing photos to users’ Facebook profiles, in order to encourage them to complete tasks within a deadline.

We’ve seen penalties used to encourage users into achieving their goals before when we wrote about GymPact, an app which offers cash rewards to gym-goers for checking in and fines them for failing to meet their targets. Now adding a social twist to this idea, new Facebook app Aherk! enables users to blackmail themselves in order to get tasks done.

Full Article @ SW

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