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Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings for Girls Popular in China



One of the most popular posts currently on China’s microblogging service Sina Weibo (at time of translation)…

A hairy fashion accessory reportedly sold in China is said to be an unconventional tool to help ward off unwanted attention.

"Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out," HappyZhangJiang posted on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter-like microblogging site.

The picture of what appears to be a woman wearing said hairy stockings has since gone viral, but it is unclear where exactly one can purchase the leggings.

Shanghai-based blog ChinaSMACK offered a series of other Sina Weibo posts about the tights, and one user said that emulating Sasquatch could have its drawbacks.

"This will not only prevent against perverts, it'll definitely also result in preventing handsome guys from approaching you," the user wrote.



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Heineken’s Lost Plan To Build Houses Out Of Beer Bottles

In the 1960s, Heineken proposed a novel idea: rectangular “World” beer bottles that could double as bricks for affordable housing. And it’s not nearly as crazy as it sounds.

Here’s a design anecdote that is sure to light up your next cocktail party. While Miller, Bud, Coors, and even Heineken are all redesigning their bottles for more shelf appeal, in the 1960s, Heineken briefly introduced a different bottle for an entirely different reason.

It was called the Heineken World Bottle (or WOBO), designed by architect John Habraken after then-CEO "Freddy" Heineken had an epiphany. While visiting the island of Curaçao, Heineken was bothered by the mass amounts of trash--including his own bottles--and the lack of housing. His solution? Make a beer bottle that could serve as a brick when it’s finished.

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Product Spotlight: Rogue Beard Beer

It's here! Our latest brew Ddedicated to Beards, Beard Beer is brewed with a yeast created from Brewmaster John Maier's Beard. No Need to freak out, Brewers have used wild yeasts in beer making for centuries. John has had the same Old Growth Beard since 1983 and for over 15,000 brews, so it is no great suprise that a natural yeast ideal for brewing was discovered in his beard.

Just another sign that Beards are in.

Company: Roque
Brand: Beard Beer
Category: Beer
Origin: USA
Packaging: 650ml
Alcohol Volume: NA
Price: $6.75 USD
Website: rogue.com


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Fresh Crocodile Meat on sale in China Supermarket

A supermarket in Guangzhou sells fresh crocodile meat became headlines across China’s major online news website. The supermarket marks different part of the crocodile with different price. The most expensive is the crocodile tail at the price of 230 yuan per kilogram (US$40 per kilo), the body meat is 164 yuan (US$26.5) per kg and the head is the cheapest, priced only at 70 yuan (US$11.30) per kg. In Guangdong province, the people there are famous for “eating everything,” but with more and more Chinese being aware of the importance of protecting wildlife animal, Chinese netizens are divided on whether crocodile should be banned from dining plate. It is understood that the crocodile is not an endangered species that is under state protection. In the west, you won’t find slaughter crocodile meat in supermarket placing side by side with other seafood. Crocodile meat is not only a gourmet dish in China, but practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine also believe it can cure asthma and similar respiratory illnesses.

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Product Launch: Jones Poutine Flavored Soda

If you’re not Canadian, you probably have no idea what the hell poutine is, so here’s a description from Wikipedia:

Poutine is a typical Canadian dish (originally from Quebec), made with french fries, topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. Sometimes additional ingredients are added.

With that knowledge, you would probably have no desire to suck down a soda with that flavor, but Seattle’s Jones Soda, purveyor of a variety of disgusting flavors, thinks differently.

“….we decided to create this new, unique flavour as a nod to our Canadian heritage. With a nice balance of rich, savory gravy over a starchy potato base, and accented with those fatty, cheesy notes you expect in a plate of poutine, we believe we’ve developed the perfect liquid version of this undisputedly Canadian delicacy.”



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Fruit Spotlight: Baby-Shaped Pears in China

A creepy photo posted on Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter-like) shows a box of pears for sale at a supermarket where the fruit resemble the face of a human baby. Netizens said they thought the pears felt as though the “babies” could open their eyes at any time. The scary pear was found at Beijing Sam’s Club (Walmart supermarket) and it cost only 20 yuan (US$3.20). A local journalist followed up on the claims but did not find the fruits in the supermarket. A staff from the supermarket said the pears were sold out and was unsure when another batch would arrive. Experts said the pears look like ginseng fruits, a mythical fruit from the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. The fruit in the novel is said to be in the shape of a young human and takes 10,000 years to become ripe. According to legend, people who take a bite of the fruit would live an additional 47,000 years. It’s obvious that the pears were grown in a mold to control their shape, and the face pattern should be ‘printed’ by sunbathe. We considers this to be no more than a marketing ploy, just give us a normal pears please …


SOURCE: SINA Weibo via Beijing Morning News

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Buy A Fake Facebook Girlfriend

Because nothing is worse than being alone, you can hire a faux Facebook girlfriend through website Namoro Fake. For just $40 per week, a fake profile will accept your “In a relationship with” status and leave you 10 comments. Ten comments? Yeesh, that is one needy fake girlfriend! Sure you’ll technically still be alone, but at least your friends will think you have a lady friend. And for that one week, they won’t think you’re so pathetic! Until they find out. Which they totally will. And oh boy, when they do! They are never gonna let you live it down. But don’t worry, you don’t need those jerks anyway — there’s a service out there for fake Facebook friends! I, uh… that’s what I heard anyway. From a friend. Because I totally have those in real life. Promise! Source

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Next Big Trend? Bird´s Nest Beverages

Bird’s nests have been used in Chinese cooking for hundreds of years. Cave-dwelling birds called swiftlets excrete saliva that hardens to forms these nests, which are believed to provide health benefits. They are the most expensive animal products consumed by humans, as collecting them is extremely hard and dangerous.

According to recent medical research reported by the Hong Kong Chinese University, the cell division enzyme and hormone of bird´s nest can promote reproduction and regeneration of human cels. It also helps promote one´s immune system and enhances metabolism the nutritional content of bird´s nest is highly water soluble and can be readily absorbed by the body.  It is also suitable for people during convalescence.  Collagen helps to promote health teeth and nails, balances hormones, strengthens bones and hair.

Numerous companies now offer ready to drink Bird’s Nest Beverage products.  One of these companies is Kim Birds Nest, manufactured and distributed by TTS Global, comes in a clear tear-shaped glass bottle, with three flavors to choose from: rock sugar, ginseng, and sugar free. Tiny strands of bird’s nest, which are sterilized to make sure the drink is safe, can be seen floating around inside.



Due to the health benefits of Bird´s Nest products we are now seeing a number of new launches focusing on these actual claims, specifically touting the skin benefits.

The very nature of this product makes it hard for us to believe that it will ever become a full fledged global trend.  However with more research into the benefits there is no telling what consumers will buy to look and feel healthier.


Yanbar Bird´s Nest with Collagen

  • 135ml Healthy bottled Collagen Bird's Nest Drink.
  • Manufactured by Singapore bird’s nest specialist: Favourite Technologies
  • Perfect gifts for grandparents, mums and wives. Unleash the inner radiance with healthy bird nests
  • Vacuum packed for convenience and freshness.
  • Brand is well-known in many countries such as China, ASEAN, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore
  • Shen Yan Zhuang's products are 100% natural, green and environmentally friendly.


Yen Premium Hua Yan Bird's




Tribeco Bird´s Nest with White Fungus from Vietnam.



Ecolite Bird´s Nest with Collagen

Ingredients : Bird's Nest, Marine Collagen and Rock Sugar Solution.

Description: Made from Ecolite´s own breed house nest, which has been carefully selected personally and cleaned after harvest. It is manufactured under strict and hygienic condition by a specially designed vacuum sterilization process. The product contains no bleaching agent ,colouring and preservative.

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Product Spotlight: Tamale Perfume

“I could go wild and try to create a ‘pollo’ one or an ‘al pastor’ one,” perfumer Zorayda Ortiz tells DNAinfo Chicago, referring to a chicken or pork tamale scented oil she’s thinking of designing. Honey, just having a plain tamale scented one is bad enough.

Fortunately the first two ideas seem to be just that – ideas – but that third one. That third one, titled simply “Tamale,” is part of Ortiz’s newest perfume line and attempts to capture the culture of the Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

Now, like with the sushi perfume we discovered a while back, it’s hard to imagine what effect any sort of food-inspired scent could have on a person aside from making them hungry.

H/T Huff Po, PixThx Tavallai

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Egg Nog Cologne Smells Like ‘Nutmeg and a Dash of Cinnamon’

Just in time for that last Christmas party, the Demeter Fragrance Library is here with Egg Nog Cologne. Their “delightful, creamy concoction with touches of nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon” is sure to have your fellow partygoers dying to get drunk from the creamy goodness emanating from every corner of your body.

For those seeking a more private experience with l’eau de egg nog, they also offer a shower gel, massage oil and calming body lotion for more intimate moments of food-related sexiness.

The scent loses authenticity points for forgoing the alcoholic kick so beloved in egg nog, but Demeter going with the virgin recipe was probably for the best, otherwise the fragrance would be more Annoying Alcoholic Uncle than cozy old Egg Nog.


Egg Nog cologne @ Amazon

via Demeter Fragrance Library

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