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Product Spotlight: Yolo Snacks Maple Popcorn


Yolo is a made up word. We thought that it was fun to say, write and read. It is also acronym for you only live once. That’s our philosophy in life and in business. We create big flavors for the world’s greatest popcorn. So grab a bag of Yolo Snacks Popcorn. Yolo Snacks! Creating Smiles.




Maple Variety
Vermont Kettlecorn, maple sugar kissed kernels, Pure Bliss


About Yolo Popcorn
Steve and Peter are the Yolo Guys. They started Yolo! Snacks because they’re popcorn fanatics. They didn’t think about a niche product or an emerging trend. As the Yolo Guys like to say, you only live once. To them, that means work hard, spend a lot of time with family, and create something that makes people smile.

From our popcorn factory in Vermont we make the freshest popcorn possible just for you (For us, too). We start with corn from a family farmer in Iowa and add the best and purest Vermont flavors we can find.

Try a bag today, share it and let us know what you think. We’re on Facebook and Twitter. But if you’re old school, you can always just call us.



Company: Yolo Snacks
Brand: Yolo Snacks
Slogan: Go Ahead, Try to eat it one kernel at a time
Origin: USA
Category: Salty Snacks
Packaging: .74oz Bag
Claims: Gluten Free, Whole Grain, o Trans Fat, All Natural
Variants: Original, Maple, Cheddar, BBQ
Price: $1.26 USD
Where to Buy: Online, View Stores
Website: yolosnacks.com



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