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Food Spotlight: Dastony Brazil Nut Butter


Dastony uses an ancient method known as stone-grinding in the production of its products. Originally used for turning olives into luscious and delicious olive oil, stone-grinding applies pressure with powerful, perfectly smooth granite wheels. Although "old world" in its approach, it is revolutionary in terms of preserving nutrients and flavor. This natural preservation is accomplished by maintaing a consistently low temperature throughout the entire process. Another unmatched result of stone-grinding is a silky smooth texture and mouth feel that is truly beyond words.

Only the finest selection of raw and organic ingredients are used in our Dastony Stone-Ground Nut and Seed Butters. Every batch is handcrafted and meticulously cared for during a process which takes 24-48 hours. The time and attention seems excessive but is well worth the results. A gourmet and silky smooth nut/seed butter that still maintains all of its nutritional integrity is something we at Dastony take great pride in.


Enjoy Dastony Brazil Nut Butter
• With a spoon, right out of the jar.

• On toast, breads, crepes and ice cream.

• In amazing nut milks.


Organic Raw Brazil Nuts

Crafted in a facility that processes tree nuts and seeds but is free of dairy and soy.

Note: Oil separation may occur, stir or warm if necessary.


About the Company
The inspiration for Dastony came from a desire to share what we feel is the healthiest and by the far the smoothest nut and seed butters. We are a family owned company with uncompromising standards of purity, taste, and integrity. Our values are in place due to our deep understanding of the benefits that can be achieved through quality ingredients, and when it comes to taste, well, we work tirelessly in this respect. Our integrity is unwavering and our loyal customers and fans would testify to this. Read More


Brand: Dastony
Slogan: Stone Ground Goodness
Category:  Spreads
Origin: USA
Packaging: 8oz (227g)
Claims: Certified Organic
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $13.95
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: dastony.com





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Snack Spotlight: Betty Lou’s Spirulina Ginseng Nut Butter Ball



Almonds, GF Oats, Inulin (Dietary Fiber), Fruit Juice, GF Natural Grain Dextrins, Organic Brown Rice Crisps (Organic Brown Rice, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Sea Salt), Organic Agave Syrup, Sesame Seeds, Raisins, Citrus Fiber, Rice Bran, Spirulina, Vanilla Extract, Panax Ginseng, Sea Salt, Natural Flavors, Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Vitamin E).


Allergen Statement
Contains Tree Nuts (Almonds) and traces of Tree Nuts (Cashew, Pecan). Good manufacturing practices are used to segregate ingredients in a facility that processes other products, which may contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat (gluten), milk, soy and/or eggs.


Nutritional Information
Calories 170
Fat 8.00g
Carbs 21g
Protein 5g
Dietary Fiber 6g
Sugars 9g

About the Company
I have always believed that there is a connection between what we eat and how we feel.

Everyone wants to feel their best, and when I decided to remove refined sugar from my family's diet 32 years ago, I began creating recipes that were made with honey and brown rice syrup instead. Children know what they like, and my sons were my very first taste-testers. As I fine-tuned the recipes my boys' friends took notice, and soon I had the most popular yard in the neighborhood! I was like the mom with Kool-Aid(tm) in the TV commercial. Read More


Company: Betty Lou's
Brand: Betty Lou's
Origin: USA
Category: Snacks
Packaging: 1.4oz (40g)
Claims: Non GMO, Gluten Free
Varieties: View Range Here
Price: $16.09 (12 x 40g)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: bettylousinc.com




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Food Review: Nuttzo Crunchy 70% Dark Chocolate Seed & Nut Butter


Be adventurous.
Eat NuttZo Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – 675mg
(Alpha Linoleic)


organic peanuts, organic cashews, organic almonds, organic Peruvian dark chocolate (organic cocoa liquor, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder), organic flax seeds, organic hazelnuts, organic brazil nuts, organic sunflower seeds, sea salt

Jars are PET BPA-free plastic. Lighter and stronger. So you save on shipping, and we reduce breakage. 100% Recyclable.





About the Company

Philanthropist, mom, wife, foodie, five foot 10 inches, barefoot, recreational runner, yoga lover, camping enthusiast, seeker of laughter, friend

I love being an entrepreneur. I’m a realistic dreamer– I dream big and believe there’s a way to make it a reality. I never take “no” for an absolute answer because I’ve worked in sales for more than 15 years and have heard lots of “nos” before the desired “yes.” I do take calculated risks by following my intuition. I have an innate obsession for living life to the fullest and trying to make a difference in the world. Lucky for me, I married someone with my same passion and traits and this is why my husband and I started Project Left Behind. Read More




Company: Nuttzo
Brand: Nuttzo
Slogan: The Only Seven Seed & Nut Butter on the Planet
Origin: USA
Category: Spreads
Packaging: 454g
Claims: Organic, Eco Friendly Packaging
Variants: Crunchy, Creamy
Price: $12.99 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: gonuttzo.com





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Food Review: Justin’s Maple Almond Butter



People always ask me, what’s your favorite flavor? And I think they expect me to give some P.C. answer that I love them all the same, but I don’t because that would be stupid. Nuts can’t read, so whose feelings am I going to hurt? You’re holding what I consider to be the most perfect tasting nut butter on the planet, and I’m not afraid to say it.

Dry Roasted Almonds, Maple Sugar, Palm Fruit Oil*, Sea Salt.

*sustainably sourced palm fruit oil




- 0g of Trans Fat
- Vegan
- 6g of Protein
- Non GMO
- Gluten Free
- Kosher
- 3g of Fiber




About the Company
Making the foods we love extraordinary, with an uncompromised spirit of innovation, sustainability and community.

We at Justin's hereby decree that all of our nut butters will be made in small batches to preserve premium quality standards and our fresh taste.

We will only use the highest quality natural and organic ingredients that are sustainably harvested and found as locally as possible.

We will be mindful with all of our business practices by working toward reducing our environmental footprint on the natural environment. We will remain excellent community and global citizens and will only do business with those who pledge to do the same.

We will continue to produce and promote fresh nut butters that will always be simple, delicious and nutritious.



Company: Justin's
Brand: Justin's
Category: Spreads
Origin: USA
Packaging: 32g
Claims: O Trans Fat, Vegan,
Varieties: Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, Classic Almond Butter, Classic Peanut Butter, Honey Almond Butter, Honey Peanut Butter, Maple Almond Butter, Vanilla Almond Butter
Price:  $9.99 USD (Box of 10)
Where to Buy: Store Locator, Buy Online
Website: justins.com





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Product Spotlight: Wild Friends Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter

Chocolate and peanut butter – does it get any better than that? We certainly didn’t think so, until our wild minds decided to try adding coconut...and we haven’t looked back since. As always, we leave out any additives or preservatives and avoid excessive sugars and oils. Enjoy!

1 jar of Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter
All natural ingredients
Non-GMO, non-dairy, kosher
No gluten ingredients in product but made on shared equipment with wheat, soy and tree nuts
Sweetened with agave
16 oz

Ingredients: Peanuts, coconut, organic agave, chocolate liquor, sea salt


Company: Wild Friends Foods
Brand: Wild Friends Nut Butter
Category: Spreads
Origin: USA
Claims: All Natural
Packaging: .16oz (454g), Mini 10 Squeeze Pack (1.15oz per pack)
Price: $6.99 USD
Variants: Cinnamon Raisin, Honey Pretzel, Sesame Cranberry
Website: wildfriendsfoods.com




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Product Spotlight: Artisana Superfood Organic Nut Butters



About Artisana
Creating unique, delicious, healthy, gourmet food is a work of passion for us, blending together nuts and seeds like the vibrant colors of an artist's palette. Handmade with care, our organic foods are crafted using a temperature controlled process that preserves the life-essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes.

What makes Artisana Nut Butters so special?

Taste - Simply put, they are amazingly delicious.

Unique variety- In addition to our superior Almond Butter and Tahini, we offer unique varieties: Walnut Butter, Pecan Butter, Cashew Butter, and Macadamia/Cashew Butter. Our coconut products include the ever popular Coconut Butter and it's related Cacao Bliss, as well as our Extra Virgin Pure Coconut Oil.

Fresh - We hand select only the finest new harvest nuts, seeds and coconut for our butters. Our almonds and walnuts are the best California has to offer.

Quality - All of our nut and seed butters are hand crafted in small batches in Oakland, CA with careful attention to detail using strict food safety protocols.

Organic - We only use 100% certified organic nuts, seeds, and coconut meat which means no toxic pesticides, chemicals, or genetically modified organisms. (Certified by QAI)

Pure - We don't add any extra ingredients. No oil, sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors - Nothing. Which means that all you get is the clean, fresh taste of nuts and seeds the way nature intended.

Raw - Our raw products are made into puree with a temperature controlled process




Artisana™ Organic Super Food Goji Berry & Milk Thistle, is a cashew butter based spread, available in a convenient .5oz squeeze pack.

A powerful combination of two ancient fruits.

GOJI are dried, shriveled red berries that look like red raisins. Goji berries contain high levels of vitamins and are rich in antioxidants, particularly carotenoids such as beta carotene and zeaxanthin. These berries contain essential fatty acids which are essential for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

MILK THISTLE is a plant that has a long history of use as a folk remedy for liver and gallbladder disorders. The active ingredient, the one that protects the liver, is known as silymarin. Silymarin is actually a group of flavanoids -silibinin, silidianin, and silicristin, which are thought to help repair liver cells damaged by alcohol and other toxic substances and is a strong antioxidant.

Ingredients: Raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw organic goji berry powder, raw organic agave, raw organic milk thistle, raw organic vanilla powder



Artisana™ Organic Super Food Berry Antioxidant is a cashew butter based spread, available in a convenient .5oz squeeze pack.

Super power that fights aging and free radicals.

Wild berries deliver a potent antioxidant punch and are a rich source of Omega 3. It has long been known by indigenous native American and our ancestors that wild blueberries have potent health benefits.

The powerful antioxidants found in wild berries include flavonoids and other phenolics such as anthocyanins, higher in content than other fruits and vegetables. Wild Berries score a low on the Glycemic Index (GI) scale -an important consideration for people with diabetes.

Ingredients: raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw organic goji berry powder, raw organic elderberry powder, raw organic agave and raw organic stevia




Artisana™ Organic Super Food Blue Algae, is a cashew butter based spread, available in a convenient .5oz squeeze pack.

A wonder of nature, farmed from the lakes & ponds.

Blue algae is a food supply that contains chlorophyll which is very important for certain healthy bodily functions. Through consuming algae based foods, your body receives optimal nutrition in natures most simple and digestible form. Eating blue green algae foods should not be thought of as medicine to be taken in need; but rather it should be thought of as a whole complete source of food. By consuming blue algae based super foods regularly, you can help to boost your immune system and you will also be able to give your body the nutrients that it needs.For proper functioning of your body, it is essential to have necessary trace minerals, and blue green algae has an abundance of many trace minerals.

Ingredients: Raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw blue algae, raw organic agave and organic lemon oil



Artisana™ Organic Super Food Marine Phytoplankton is a cashew butter based spread, available in a convenient .5oz squeeze pack.

It has literally every thing your body needs to sustain itself, every nutrient, every mineral, all in a beautiful green hue. These single celled plants are the "vegetation" of the oceans and basis of all other life forms on earth. Phytoplankton are responsible for making up to 90% of the earth's oxygen. It alkalizes the blood, enhances brain function, provides serious nutrition for prolonged periods of time, in almost no calories, and no fat.

The ocean is a soup of the planets minerals and vitamins that can be found no where else on Earth in such abundance. This food is environmentally safe, totally sustainable, and an amazing gift from Mother Nature.

Ingredients: Raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw phytoplankton, organic lemon oil, raw organic stevia and sea salt




Artisana™ Organic Super Food Acai Berry, is a cashew butter based spread, available in a convenient .5oz squeeze pack.

The Amazonian Super fruit with nut butter.

Acai berry, a natural “superfood”, is as a wonder fruit as it brings a lot of nutrients to the body and boasts a high concentration of antioxidants. It is called a “superfood” because you can get almost all your day’s nutritional requirements from this single fruit.

The Acai berry has been found to be naturally rich in omega fats, electrolytes, proteins, antioxidants, Vitamins A, B1 and E and amino acids.

Ingredients: Raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw organic acai powder, raw organic elderberry powder, raw organic agave, raw organic vanilla powder, raw organic stevia and sea salt


Company: Artisana
Brand: Artisana
Slogan: The Art of Healthy Food
Origin: USA
Category: Spreads
Claims: Superfood, Organic, Antioxidant
Packaging: .5oz
Varieties: Acai Berry, Berry Antioxidant, Blue Algae, Marine Phytoplankton, Milk Thistle
Price: $1.49 USD




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