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Company Spotlight: Nightfood Bars




We know how it is. At the end of a long day, your little CraveMonster comes to visit…usually right around TV o’clock.

He’s the reason you reach for cookies, chips, or ice cream. He’s the reason you’ll eat anything and everything you’ve been avoiding all day long. He’s the reason almost half of all snacking happens between dinner and bed!

He doesn’t mean to do it…he’s actually there to help. You’re the bear about to hibernate, and CraveMonster is just trying to make sure you have enough calories to make it through the fast. He doesn’t realize when you wake up, you’ll have easy access to millions of calories in your fridge, and billions once you venture out of your house and into the wild.

Unfortunately, he also doesn’t know much about health or sleep…the most efficient way to stock up on energy (calories) is by eating junk. So, that’s what the Crave Monster tries to get you to eat…sugary, fatty and salty snacks. That’s what he’s programmed to do.

Don’t tell Crave Monster that NightFood is healthier and more sleep-friendly than that other stuff (that’s our secret). He just knows it’s crave-a-licious.



Company: Nightfood
Brand: Nightfood
Slogan: Feed The CraveMonster!
Origin: Canada
Category: Bar
Packaging: 1.4oz (40g) bars
Claims: healthy and sleep-friendly
Variants: Cookies & Dreams, Midnight Chocolate Crunch
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: nightfood.com







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Industry News: NightFood Secures Initial Purchase Order From KeHE



TARRYTOWN, NY,/PRNewswire/ - NightFood Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NGTF) ("NightFood" or the "Company"), continues to expand its distribution footprint.   NightFood, "The Nighttime Snack Company", has entered into a distribution relationship with KeHE Distributors LLC.  KeHE is a national leader in the distribution of natural, organic and specialty food and beverage products to supermarkets, natural food retailers, specialty food retailers, grocers, and other retail channels.

The initial purchase order, received on January 15, 2016, will allow KeHE to begin distributing NightFood snack products to retailers in the southeast through its distribution center in St. Augustine, FL, as NightFood brokers have already secured commitments from retailers in that region.  KeHE has also approved NightFood for distribution in five additional regional distribution centers (located in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, and Oregon), although no purchase orders have yet been received from any of these additional distribution centers, and none are guaranteed.

NightFood CEO, Sean Folkson reports, "This is a tremendous leap forward for our company.  Having a relationship with a national distributor like KeHE makes it substantially easier for our brokers to open new accounts at an accelerated pace.  We look at this as the first step in our national mainstream roll-out, which should make 2016 a very exciting year for NightFood."

Cascadia Managing Brands of Ramsey, NJ has been engaged by NightFood to assist with the national roll-out.  Robert Sipper, President of Cascadia commented, "Our next steps include accelerating the activities of our existing brokers adding new accounts in the eastern part of the country.  In addition, we have begun the process of expanding the NightFood broker network into other geographic regions.  As we drive retailer demand in new regions, KeHE can easily purchase product for additional distribution centers to meet growing retail demand."

Folkson added, "Working with a national distributor like KeHE can be a springboard to tremendous growth.  We're optimistic that the next several months will bring a steady stream of great news on the distribution front as more retailers continue to put NightFood on their shelves."



About Nightfood:

NightFood (OTC: NGTF), "The Nighttime Snack Company", is a snack food company dedicated to providing consumers delicious, better-for-you choices for evening snacking. NightFood is the first company to create products to address the unique nutritional needs consumers have at night. NightFood products help consumers satisfy nighttime cravings in a better, healthier, more sleep friendly way.  For more information, visit www.nightfood.com



About KeHE:

KeHE Distributors, LLC (KeHE) provides Natural & Organic, Specialty and Fresh products to natural food stores, chain grocery stores, independent grocery stores and other specialty product retailers throughout North America. KeHE is an employee owned company with over 4,000 employees in the U.S. and Canada. For more about KeHE, visit www.KeHE.com







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Crowd Funding Spotlight: Night Food Snack Bars





NightFood is looking for $50,000 to launch their product nationally.  If you like to eat snacks before bed or just like to eat food late at night you are going to want to hear about this product.



Why NightFood?

When I first got the idea for NightFood, I was just a guy who wasn’t able to sleep well, eating junk at all hours of the night. I wanted a healthier snack that would satisfy my evil cravings, fill me up on fewer calories, and help me sleep better. Was that too much to ask?

Over the last few years, tons of research has come out showing that I wasn't alone.

MassiveHealth, via their iPhone app, tracked almost 8 million food ratings from users over 5 months, and determined that we eat more junk right before bed than at any other time of day. And, research published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders says that 25% of us don’t just snack at night, but we eat such strange snacks at night that we'd be ashamed if others found out.



Why should you contribute?

If you don't eat, or don't sleep, maybe NightFood isn't for you?

Seriously, we know nighttime cravings are real. We know that fighting them is hard, and giving in to them is unhealthy and disruptive to our sleep.

How great would it be to have a product in your local store that's delicous enough to satisfy those cravings, filling enough (on only 150 calories) to help you avoid eating anything else, that also helps you sleep better, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy all day long?

With NightFood, you can satisfy your cravings, and get better sleep


How are we helping to save the world?

In the small picture, we’re really just talking about replacing one snack with another, eliminating a few calories, and getting better sleep.

In the big picture, we know that a small improvement in sleep improves just about every area of our lives. Our health, energy levels, produ

ctivity at work, our relationships with our spouses and families, even our metabolism and appetite are proven to be strongly linked with the quality of our sleep.

If we can help enough people sleep a little better every night, we’re actually going to make the world a better place. It might sound corny, but when we get E-mails from happy customers telling us that NightFood changed their lives, that makes it very real.



Why do we need the money?

One of the big 3 pharmacy chains (we're not allowed to identify them yet) is ready to test NightFood in their stores before launching us nationally.

You've probably heard stories about people who start snack bar companies in their kitchen, garage, or a small bakery (like Clif Bar). But, NightFood isn't just a snack bar.

Because of the special ingredients we use in NightFood to support better sleep, we're required to meet very strict FDA manufacturing requirements.  A kitchen or bakery won't do.

Our manufacturer is an SQF 2000 certified facility (the highest standards in the industry), and they manufacture bars hundreds of thousands (if not millions) at a time for brands like NutriSystem.

We need your contributions so we can order fresh product, with our new and improved formula, to initiate the in-store testing. With your help, we can be in thousands of stores across the country in just a few months. For millions of people out there eating junk at night this is big news!





The NightFood Team

Sean Folkson and Peter Leighton head up the NightFood team.

Sean is a former insomniac and late night snacker.  NightFood helps, but his 2 young sons ensure that he doesn’t quite get all the sleep he needs.

Peter is a nutrition industry veteran. Over the last 25 years, Peter has been responsible for developing and marketing products and brands such as CitriMax® ,Schiff® , Tiger’s Milk®, and Carb Intercept®.

In addition, a team of formulators, food scientists, and FDA regulatory experts are on board to guide, support, and help innovate as NightFood looks to develop and grow our product line.











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