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Beer News: NEW ‘Gansett Light 12oz 12-Packs



Ya’ll thought Tallboy was the party boy in the ‘Gansett family… well wait until you meet his little brother…

Introducing ‘Gansett Light 12oz 12-packs for all your tailgating, beach-going, beer-ponging, kick-balling, lawn-mowing needs. Featuring an awesome 1930’s vintage logo borrowed from our younger years, these bad boys will be hitting stores in RI, MA, CT, and NYC.

Want ‘Gansett Light in your area? Call your local distributors, liquor stores, and bars and tell them YOU WANT ‘GANSETT!!

Thanks for sticking by us and helping us grow… now let’s crack open a cold one and celebrate!



About Narragansett Beer

Narragansett Beer is New England’s oldest beer, founded in 1890. It was the #1 beer New England from the 1890’s through the 1970’s and the official beer of the Red Sox for over 30 years. It’s now the 37th largest brewing company in America and the fastest growing in the Northeast. Our flagship lager was winner of the Bronze Medal at the 2008 World Beer Cup and First Place at the Great International Beer Festival in 2010.



Company: Narragansett Beer
Brand: Narragansett Beer
Slogan: Made on Honor. Sold on Merit.
Origin: USA
Category: Beer
Packaging: 12 oz cans (12 packs)
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: USA





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Industry News: Rachel’s Announces Sponsorship of Good Food Channel for 2017


JANUARY 2017 – Rachel’s, Britain’s first organic dairy brand, will be back on the nation’s screens from 23rd January, as it today announces a 12-month sponsorship of the Good Food channel; the number one dedicated food channel in pay TV. Taking a 360° approach, the sponsorship will be supported by dedicated in-store, digital, PR and social media activity, following a significant £1million investment.

The sponsorship will see 14 unique idents featuring Rachel’s bestselling yogurts appear before some of the nation’s most loved food TV shows including content from across BBC and Channel 4, such as Great British Bake Off and Lorraine Pascale: How to be a better cook, as well as Good Food’s own commissioned content.

The idents, created by global agency The Story Lab, are inspired by Rachel’s naturally luxurious and irresistible yogurts and offer consumers pure indulgence. Depicting various characters enjoying Rachel’s yogurts in moments where they should be focusing their attention elsewhere, such as taking the kids to swimming lessons or carrying out household chores; the idents highlight that Rachel’s is too delicious to ignore, offering a piece of ‘Food Heaven’, featuring the official campaign strapline ‘Food Heaven, sponsored by Rachel’s’.

In addition, the sponsorship ensures brand association with trusted food experts and enables Rachel’s to reach an audience of food enthusiasts, 75% of which are interested in trying new recipes and 74% trialing and reviewing new products online, offering the potential for further brand promotion through other platforms.

Daniel Wheeler, Marketing Manager at Rachel’s, commented: “We are pleased to announce our ‘Food Heaven’ sponsorship with the Good Food channel and are confident that it will help us to reach consumers who are as equally fanatic about high quality, organic food produce as we are. We’re extremely proud of the Rachel’s range which offers a wide variety of different yogurts for different occasions. Not only are our yogurts intended to be enjoyed on their own in all of their glory, but our big pots are also the perfect ingredient for cooking. We were keen to highlight this unique versatility within the idents and through the use of different scenarios, we are really pleased with the finished result which perfectly communicates the different moments where Rachel’s can be enjoyed.”


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iPhone app delivers geo-targeted and personalized news

Taking advantage of today’s mobile geo-targeting capabilities, SPUN delivers city-specific news and information via an iPhone app.

Several years back we saw two separate efforts to deliver hyperlocal news in printed form – first The Printed Blog, then a similar effort from The New York Times – and recently we came across something similar in digital form. Now taking advantage of today’s mobile geo-targeting capabilities, SPUN delivers city-specific news and information via an iPhone app.

Created by the Brooklyn-based makers of Broadcastr, another location-based app, SPUN is “the easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of your city. It’s a constantly updated urban guide, insider tip sheet, and local news on steroids,” its makers explain. Specifically, the app curates stories from hundreds of news and lifestyle sources – including new restaurant openings, fashion boutiques, and concerts, for example – and “spins” them into mobile form for local users. SPUN users can follow topics they’re interested in; they can also get reminders when a local show is about to open. In fact, the app will even alert them when they’re nearby a place they want to check out. SPUN will soon be live in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, and Seattle, with further locations following in the future.

“About 66 percent of Americans access local content in some form every day, but discovering the best stuff about where you live is time consuming and difficult,” SPUN’s makers explain. Location-minded entrepreneurs around the globe: how about delivering a similar local guide in your part of the world?

Website: www.getspun.com
Contact: feedback@getspun.com

via SpringWise

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To Fight Bone Loss, Drink … Wine

Move over, milk, there's a more fun drink that helps keep women's bones healthy as they get older: wine. Drinking the equivalent of two small glasses of wine each day helps post-menopausal women retain old bone, making their bones stronger overall and helping to fend off osteoporosis, according to a new study. The study found that when post-menopausal women drank, their bone turnover rate decreased—and that when they stopped drinking, it increased, according to the Daily Mail. Alcohol was so effective at this that it rivaled popular bisphosphonate drugs. Still, a representative of the National Osteoporosis Society warned women against going too wild, lest they tipsily hurt themselves. "Excessive alcohol increases the risk of fractures," she says, "as well as increasing the risk of falls.

Full Article @ Newser

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Dutch firm creates ‘Divorce Hotel’ service

A Dutch entrepreneur has offered couples the chance of a weekend away with a difference - by staying in a hotel where he will help them finalise their divorce.

Jim Halfen's 'Divorce Hotel' allows pairs intent on breaking up to get quick divorces by staying for two days in their accommodation and coming out as two all-but-separated people.

The Netherlands-based firm aim to talk couples through alimony, splitting assets, visitation rights for children and any other outstanding marital issues to help finalise a divorce.

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Wendy’s Puts Social Media, Apparel and Poutine on Menu

Wendy’s announced today that it will sell Quebec-favorite “poutine” at its 368 restaurants in Canada, but the most interesting additions to the chain’s marketing strategy have been its belated embrace of social media and its side track into merchandise sales.

traditionally brown gravy and cheese curds over french fries—joins the new Signature Sides collection rather than the Mac & Cheese added in the U.S. Canadian diners also get Chili Cheese Fries but not baked sweet potatoes. Poutine is $3.99 (Canadian) alone or $2.20 as a side with combo purchase. Wendy’s follows the lead of Burger King, which offers regular poutine plus Angry Poutine and Poutine with Bacon in Canada.

Full Article @ BB

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