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Soft Drink Spotlight: RC Neo – The New Cola Experience



The global cola market is changing. Consumers are increasingly moving away from beverages with excessive sugar and calories, as well as artificial sweeteners, yet they do not want to compromise the cola taste they know and love. There is a strong demand for a new cola product that gives consumers the best of both worlds. After three years in the making, RC Cola International has developed a solution: RC Cola Neo.



RC Cola Neo is made with natural flavors, natural sweeteners and natural caffeine. Using a mix of stevia and natural cane sugar, RC Cola Neo provides uncompromised cola taste with only half the calories of a regular cola.
RC Cola Neo was introduced at ANUGA 2013 in Cologne, Germany to rave reviews, and was featured as a headline article for BeverageDaily.com, "Royal Crown launches 'world's best' stevia-sweetened cola with 50% less sugar".The launch has also been picked up by other news media outlets including Food & Drink Business Europe, Packaging Europe, and FoodBev.com.




Company: Cott Beverages
Brand: RC
Slogan: The New Cola Experience
Origin: USA
Category: Soft Drinks
Packaging: 16oz Bottle
Claims: All Natural Flavors, 50% less calories, Sweetened with Stevia
Website: rccolainternational.com





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Energy Drink Spotlight: Neo SuperEnergy

Energize Naturally with the only Organic SUPERENERGY on the planet.   Packed with 100 MG of certified organic energy to improve focus and performance.  Powered only by natural ingredients including guarana, green tea and ginseng with zero artificial ingredients.  And..Infused with key electrolytes to hydrate you like a sports drink.
Improves Performance
Increases Endurance
Heightens Mental Focus
Revitalizes the Body
Stimulates the Metabolism
Helps Burn Calories
Certified Organic W/ No Artificial Ingredients
100 MG of Organic Caffeine
Powered by Guarana, Green Tea & Ginseng
Infused W/ Key Electrolytes
Infused W/ Vitamins & Antioxidants
Sweetened by Organic Cane Sugar
Gluten Free


Company: NEO
Brand: NEO SuperEnergy
Slogan: Premium Organic Energy Drink
Category: Energy Drink
Origin: USA
Packaging: 8.4oz
Price: $2.79
Varieties: Original
Claims: Certified Organic, Gluten Free
Website:  poweredbyneo.com


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