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Industry News: emoji-inspired Cocktail Recipes for National Melon Day 8/14



While emoji have become a part of daily communication for millions of people, many don't understand how to use these expressive icons. Like emoji, Midori, The Original Melon Liqueur, is often misunderstood - many consumers don't know about its infusion of premium Japanese melons (like the one on the emoji keyboard - or how to creatively cocktail with our vibrant green liqueur - and we're out to fix that!

In recognition of *National Melon Day (8/14)*, we worked with Emojipedia.org founder and emoji expert, Jeremy Burge, to develop an interactive quiz to challenge consumers' perceptions of the most popular, but misunderstood emoji. And the results are pretty surprising!

Take a look at a few of the results from our quiz and rethink your cocktail this *National Melon Day* with one of our emoji-inspired recipes

"Look of Triumph" - 90% of respondents didn't know this actually expresses "victory."

"Savoring Delicious Food" - 79% of those who responded didn't guess that this emoji represented tasting something yummy!

"Tears of Joy" - 50% didn't realize this expression is happy! P.S. it was also the 2015 Word of the Year.

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