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Tech Spotlight: Smart wristband tells DJs if the audience is enjoying the show

Lightwave is a piece of wearable tech that delivers live crowd engagement data to DJs, helping them tailor their set in real time.

The crowd can make or break a concert — if they’re not having a good time then the entire event can fall flat, and the best performers can adjust their sets by reading the audience’s reaction. A piece of wearable tech called Lightwave now hopes to make this process easier, by delivering crowd engagement data to DJs in real time'.

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Beats by Dre 2013 Neon Mixr


Created in conjunction with David Guetta, Beats by Dre‘s Mixr is meant to be the perfect set of DJ headphones thanks to its lightweight design and massive sound. Now the design’s original trio of black, white and red colorways is set to be supplemented with the addition of a neon collection in the near future. Featuring hues of blue, green, orange, pink and yellow, the fluorescent pieces will retain the deep bass, extraordinary volume, swiveled ear cups, dual input, daisy chain connectors and ultra-flexible headband of the original – now in an even bolder package. Expect all five colorways to be available later this summer for $2,200 HKD (approximately $284 USD) each.

Visit the official website of Beats by Dre

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KISS Thunderbolt ice block relaunched

KISS fans are lapping up the relaunch of an 1980s ice block, raiding stores and auctioning off merchandise on eBay before the product has even hit the shelves.

Peters Ice Cream has re-issued the 1980 KISS “Thunderbolt” ice block, named after 1976 hit God of Thunder, to coincide with the KISS Monster Tour later this month.

Paul Stanley said the original "popsicle", launched to coincide with Unmasked tour (See video below), was an indication of how big they were at the time.

"When we first came to Australia we knew we were big," Stanley tells fans on YouTube. "Kissteria had gripped the nation and we heard about how massive we were and we had this huge following and we were a phenomenon, this was the sign of a real phenomenon, that we also had popsicles named after us."

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Musical Fork Makes Sounds As You Eat

This is a video showing off the EaTheremine, a musical fork that plays various sounds as you eat based on the shape and consistency of the food. Like, when the lady in the vid bites into a cucumber the instrumental utensil says “CHOMP!” When she nibbles on a piece of cheese, I’m pretty certain the fork says “TACO!” And as she devours a stick of celery, the EaTheremine screams bloody murder. Did I mention this thing is from Japan? I probably should’ve mentioned that this thing is from Japan. The developers are a research group from the Ochanomizu University in Tokyo who created it in hopes that it would encourage people to eat more and try new foods. I’m not really sure how a fork that screams when you’re eating vegetables is going to get people to eat more. In fact, it kinda sounds like it’d accomplish the exact opposite. And if it’ll get my mom off my back about finishing my peas before I can eat dessert then I’m definitely willing to give it a try!

Musical Fork Makes Sounds As You Eat

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New music streaming service hacks your brain to make you a better employee

A new startup, focus@will, claims to have found the secret to music actually making you productive instead of distracting you.

Music is one of the great work day companions. Whether doing homework, blogging, or staring at a spreadsheet all day, we listen to music to fill that otherwise sonically-vacant space with something pleasing enough to inspire us to get some work done. One problem: It doesn’t actually make us any more productive. A new startup, focus@will, is trying to change that by introducing a streaming music service that encourages productivity instead of active listening.

Focus@will was designed with getting work done in mind, the culmination of two years of research and music curation that encourages concentration in lieu of distraction. According to CEO Will Henshall, the effect is creating a system for music not to be listened to.

“The idea of commercial music is that you listen to it,” Henshall said. “[But] this is not music for entertainment. This is something new. We’re creating a music service that specifically helps focus.”

To accomplish this, focus@will conducted studies on their patrons — work Henshall jokingly describes as, “sticking brain machines on people and seeing what happens.” What they found was that music interacts with the limbic system, the evolutionary center of the brain that controls the flight-or-fight response. In this case, the limbic system interrupts the concentration flow state in a typical productivity cycle.

The researchers found that instrument music — mainly jazz and classical music for the time  being — are particularly effective at quieting the flight-or-fight response. However, the team also discovered that instruments like the tenor saxophone and viola create similar interrupt responses in the brain because they resemble the human voice’s unique timbre. Complicating matters, instrumental music the subject already knows triggers a memory response that was also disruptive.

To counteract this, focus@will curate their own exclusive library of focus-friendly music while also commissioning and remixing the work of commercial artists to help build their system. Songs are then analyzed in their specially-designed cloud audio engine, which weighs the key, intensity, and emotional value of each track, arranging them in a way that’s both unfamiliar to the listener’s ear and soothes the limbic system so as to prevent an interruptive signal.

Henshall, a former member of British-based R&B group Londonbeat (unfamiliar? You must click here then), believes that the service, which is currently in private beta, will complement current music platforms.

Full Article @ DT

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Evian Launches a a new bottle, Turns Tweets into Music

The water brand evian, which has collaborated with a number of recognized designers for its artistic bottles line founded in 2008, now has teamed up with Diane von Furstenberg to create a new limited-edition bottle. The new product is joyful and optimistic, and its playful nature is reflected by the “Water is Life is Love is Life is Water is…” message, featured on the bottle. The new edition merges Diane’s personal optimistic philosophy and evian’s commitment to ultimate purity.

Photo: Diane von Furstenberg and evian bottle, click to enlarge

The DVF limited edition bottle is transparent and features the above-mentioned mantra in the designer’s very recognizable handwriting in organic ink all over the bottle and the iconic heart DVF logo. According to the press release, the heart was printed “in a special hue of red, created exclusively for the evian collaboration” on a 100%-recyclable bottle with a new screw cap design. This edition joins a family of evian artistic bottles, which includes vibrant designs by Issey Miyake, Paul Smith, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix and Courrèges.

We are thrilled to launch our 2013 limited edition bottle, designed by the iconic Diane von Furstenberg. Not only is she a globally-recognized pioneer in the fashion industry, but her youthful mindset and inspirational way of life parallel the concepts and values that evian firmly believes in,” shared Martin Renaud, President of evian Volvic World.

Evian has also released a hilarious “Melotweet” application for iPad and Android, which turns a user’s Twitter timeline into a musical piece. In the app, tweets are transformed into drops, which generate different sounds as they hit various objects on the screen. So, by using tweets from your friends and dragging and dropping objects, one can create an original water-inspired melody. Watch the video below to see how the app works.

Full Article @ PopSop

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MusixCube – a music controlling Rubik’s Cube

The MusixCube concept design is an innovative music controlling Rubik's Cube created by industrial designer Hauke Scholz at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts And Design.

via LikeCool

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Nutella Speakers: It’s Delicious Music Time

Nutella is the most delicious thing in the world, but also, is now what inspired some developers to create speakers based on its iconic jar. The result is both delicious and sounds great.

What has been dubbed as the “Boombox Nutella” is actually a bluetooth device capable of blasting your favorite tunes transmitted wirelessly via bluetooth. The Nutella Boombox cp,es with 4 other small jars actually containing the product, in case you just happen to need some sugar while you’re dancing around your livingroom.

Nutella Speakers 2 Nutella Speakers: Its Delicious Music Time

Source: Journal Du Geek


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Microsoft Announces Xbox Music

Microsoft has announced a new upcoming service that will be offered by its strongest brands Xbox and Windows. Xbox Music will offer users about 30 million songs from a global catalog for free listening on computers and tablets running the latest version of its Windows software, as well as on the Xbox console.

Xbox Music announcement comes along with the close release of Windows 8 that starts selling on October 26 and a preview of the first Microsoft’s tablet called Surface. The service will be available for Windows Phones too. With Xbox Music, Microsoft is “entering a landscape thick”, says The New York Times, as music remains a strong service for the biggest brands including Apple, Google and Amazon allowing them to sell more gadgets.

Through Xbox Music fans will be able buy songs as well as listen to Pandora-like radio stations that can be customized depending on the listener’s preferences and similar-sounding music. Like on Spotify, Window’s 8 users will enjoy music for free from their computer, though they will get audio and visual advertisements, though the option of buying a $10-a-month ad-free service is also offered. They will be able to create music mixes and playlists and use Smart DJ to create playlists with unlimited skipping.

According to Scott Porter, principal program manager for Xbox Music, Microsoft will release versions of the Xbox Music service that run on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS devices next year.

“There are a lot of individual services that do a good job, but today there isn’t a service which can pull together the benefits of download-to-own, music subscription, or free streaming services,” Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment division, said in a press release.

“With Xbox Music, what we wanted to do is bring all of that value in one simple, easy-to-use service, then build some additional value on top — make it really beautiful, and have it work across all of your devices.”

via PopSop

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