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Advertisement: HGH Benefits: How HGH Can Help You Grow Muscle, Lose Fat, and Live Better



The recent decades saw the rise in popularity of recombinant human growth hormone, often commonly named as rHGH or somatropin. Originally created for treating children with growth hormone deficiency, it is more and more used for muscle growth by athletes, as well as for weight loss, anti-aging, and various other purposes. Even though rHGH causes some controversies among the scientists, researchers have proved that growth hormone has many benefits for our health. In this article, we will review some of the most important benefits of growth hormone.


Muscle gain
Muscle growth is the most popular and perhaps the most important benefit of growth hormone. Even after a brief cycle of taking HGH, you will experience muscle gain, especially if you combine your HGH cycle with consistent training and proper diet. The scientists have found some good proofs for that. A body of scholarly research shows that taking HGH is directly connected with enhanced muscle strength and increased muscle gain in healthy adults.

For example, the study conducted by Tavares et al. for the International Journal of Endocrinology showed that a group of healthy men taking HGH experienced significant increase of leg press responsive muscles. By contrast, participants who had not used HGH during this research did not have any meaningful muscle gain. Velosso emphasizes that growth hormone induces muscle growth by raising levels of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I). That is the reason why growth hormone is so popular among athletes and people aiming to increase their exercise capacity, as well as simply make their body look more athletic.


Improved immune system
The third significant benefit of using growth hormone is that it improves your immune system and, particularly, has a highly positive effect on strengthening bones. For example, somatropin reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Besides, our natural growth hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland, is an important regulator of skeletal growth. Therefore, taking HGH is linked to enhancing bones strength and increasing bone mass. It is especially important for older people, who often need help in recovery of bones lost by resorption.


As shown by several studies, HGH can be very beneficial for muscle growth, weight loss, and improving immune system. Those are only some of the most important HGH benefits, while growth hormone has much more advantages. Although the exact effect of HGH depends on many different factors, such as your diet and training, it is obvious that growth hormone can be instrumental in improving health and well-being.





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Supplement Spotlight: GoNutrition® iBCAA 4:1:1 – Advanced BCAA blend for muscle growth and development



- Support lean muscle growth and recovery
- Advanced 4:1:1 ratio
- Easy to mix and highly convenient


What is BCAA 4:1:1?

Branched chain amino acids are the three essential aminos Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. This blend has been formulated by our in house nutritionist to provide an advance dose of Leucine, arguably the most important amino acid for the preservation, growth and repair of muscle tissue. As with any essential amino acid, it is necessary to consume BCAAs through the diet as the human body is unable to synthesise them. Conveniently, this blend supplies 3.33g of Leucine, 825mg of Isoleucine and 825mg of Valine per 5g serving in the unflavoured version.


What are the performance benefits of BCAAs?

BCAAs have a number of performance benefits beyond promoting the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue. They are metabolised directly in the skeletal muscle and have been shown to regulate muscle protein synthesis and muscle recovery. This is particularly important during intense exercise as muscle cells can begin to break down, supplementing with BCAAs before and during exercise has been shown to suppress this process. In addition, BCAAs can be used as a source of energy during exercise, which is another one of the many reasons why they are such a popular ingredient in intra workout drinks.


How are BCAAs instantised?

Our BCAAs are instantised with a tiny amount of soy lecithin to make them fully dispersible in water. This makes them much easier to drink and absolutely ideal for adding to pre/intra/post workout shakes. Whilst some people have an aversion to using soy because they feel it may impact on testosterone levels, this is based on old studies which have since been disproven.


Who should use this supplement?

Branched Chain Amino Acids have been found to be effective at maintaining lean muscle and promoting protein synthesis in active individuals of all ages. We would recommend using this supplement to anyone looking to increase their intake of BCAAs.


What goes well with iBCAA 4:1:1?

iBCAA 4:1:1 can be used to make your own pre workout and intra workout shakes. Some good supplements to combine this with are Taurine to increase muscular 'pump' during exercise, Beta Alanine to increase muscular endurance and Creatine Monohydrate to increase muscular power.



About the company:

GoNutrition® takes sports nutrition to the next level. Thanks to its unique industry leading promise of 100% ingredients transparency, premium quality products and unbeatable value for money, GoNutrition® is the definitive source for your supplements.

Known in the sports nutrition industry for its constant stream of truly innovative products and first class customer service, GoNutrition® also stands above the rest for its commitment to ingredients transparency.

GoNutrition® is the ONLY UK supplements brand to fully list its ingredients and be committed to NEVER using proprietary blends. This means its customers know precisely what they’re putting in their bodies and leaves them assured GoNutrition® doesn’t use cheap and inferior filler ingredients like rival companies.

GoNutrition® sources, manufactures, dispatches and delivers. GoNutrition® controls the process from start to finish so you can be sure you get the very best quality and the best direct prices.



Company: GoNutrition®
Brand: GoNutrition®
Slogan: Go Further
Origin: UK
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 250g
Claims: High in leucine. Support lean muscle growth and recovery
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £15.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Product Finder
Website: gonutrition.com









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cnp protein feat

Supplement Spotlight: CNP Pro Protein Shake




Pro Shake Protein from CNP Professional is a great tasting ready to drink protein shake providing a huge 37g of protein per 475ml bottle, with no added sugars and virtually zero fat.  The high protein content of Pro Shake Protein supports muscle growth and maintenance making it an ideal, nutritious choice after training or when you are on the go.

  • 37g of protein per bottle
  • Supports muscle growth
  • High in BCAAs
  • No added sugar
  • Fat Free








About the company

We are the premium lifestyle nutrition experts. Formed in 1998 by former British bodybuilding champion, Kerry Kayes, CNP offers consumers the very best in nutrition. Since day one we have used our sporting expertise and experience to offer a product with unrivalled performance. That’s why we work with specialist nutritionists to ensure only premium grade ingredients make into our product. In 2012 we joined dairy food co-operative First Milk Ltd.  First Milk’s ownership of CNP closes the dairy supply chain loop for whey proteins.





Company: CNP Professional
Brand:  CNP Pro Shake Protein
Slogan:  World Class Nutrition Since 1998
Origin:  UK
Category:  Sports Drinks
Packaging:  475ml
Claims:  37g of protein per bottle, supports muscle growth
Variants:  View product range here
Price: £2.50
Where to Buy:  UK, Buy Online
Website: http://www.cnpprofessional.co.uk/




cnp protein



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