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Food Spotlight: Lakanto Monk Fruit Chocolate Bars



Lakanto Sugar Free Chocolate is lovingly handcrafted from heirloom Arriba Nacional cocao beans, an ancient variety with more than 5000 years of Mesoamerican tradition. This cacao is indigenous to Ecuador and thrives thanks to the fertile soils and pure rainwater of the lush Guayas River basin. Arriba Nacional has a rich chocolate flavor with light, fruity overtones.

We make our chocolate using Old World methods including traditional granite stone mills where the cacao is slowly mixed to enhance its texture and flavor.

This chocolate is exclusively sweetened with Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener, which has zero calories and zero glycemic index. Enjoy this gourmet chocolate bar and satisfy your taste buds without the guilt of sugar.





About the company:

Lakanto® is made by Saraya Co., Ltd, a Japan-based international health and environmental company. In 1995, Saraya Co. formulators struck gold, almost literally! They developed a golden-brown natural sweetener by adding a high purity extract of the Chinese fruit Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) to erythritol, a sugar alcohol made of fermented glucose.

The resulting sweetener had absolutely zero calories and a glycemic index of zero. It closely matched the sweetness profile of table sugar and could be used in cooking, baking, coffee and tea. Best of all, it contained no additives and tasted great! Read More



Company: Saraya Co., Ltd
Brand: Lakanto®
Slogan: Increasing Sweetness & Wellbeing in Your Life
Origin: Japan / Canada
Category: Chocolate
Packaging: 3oz (85g)
Claims: Sugar Free. Dairy Free. Gluten Free
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: www.lakanto.com







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Product Spotlight: Skinnygirl Liquid Sweeteners

You are a girl in-the-know, always on the go. So Skinnygirl is finding sweet ways to help you lead a healthy more balanced lifestyle, without compromising taste or the things you love!

Skinnygirl, iconic for bringing practical solutions to women, is now revolutionizing sweeteners to bring you a new line of zero-calorie liquid sweeteners made with natural monk fruit, agave, and stevia. Made with natural sweeteners, gluten-free, and carb-free, these liquid sweeteners are the smart and delicious alternative to sugar.

The new concentrated liquid formulas dissolve easily in your favorite cold or hot beverages and are ideal for coffee, tea, or even recipes. Just sweeten to taste! A little goes a long way!

Available in a slim, convenient 1.68 ounce bottle that you can take anywhere, they are perfect for your life on-the-go. Each bottle contains 80-160 servings- depending on the sweetener type. And the quick stop valve makes it easy – one squeeze sweetens like one teaspoon of sugar.

You’ll also find organic stevia in individual powdered packets.

That’s making life a little sweeter.





Agave is a simple food that comes from the agave plant and is a favorite of original Skinnygirl, Bethenny Frankel. She uses it to sweeten her Skinnygirl cocktails and is now proud to bring it to her fans for everyday use.

One squeeze sweetens like one teaspoon of sugar.





Monk Fruit extract originates from real monk fruit native to the mountains climates in Southern Asia. Skinnygirl Monk Fruit tastes sweet and fruity. It compliments any food or beverage without competing with other flavors or ingredients.

One squeeze sweetens like one teaspoon of sugar






Stevia is a popular and widely recognized natural sweetener that provides a pure clean taste. Skinnygirl Stevia comes in a liquid option as well as organic individual powdered packets. Just a little will sweeten up your favorite food and beverages.

One squeeze sweetens like one teaspoon of sugar.





Company: Skinnygirl
Brand: Skinnygirl
Category:  Water Enhancer, Sweetener
Origin: USA
Packaging: 1.68 FL OZ (50ml)
Claims: Zero Calorie, Zero Sugar
Varieties: Stevia, Monk Fruit, Agave
Price: $4.49/Bottle
Where to Buy: Direct on Website

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Product Spotlight: GOGEE-SHOT Goji Berries & Green Tea Antioxidant


Gogee Antioxidants + Energy Shot starts with a base of 100% Natural Goji Berries (Lycium Barbarum L.); a fruit rich in antioxidants (particularly beta-carotene and zeaxanthin) that has been used for over 6,000 years by herbalists in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) as a Tonic. Tonics can be used everday to maintain vibrant health, Goji berries are legendary in their widespread use in Chinese Tonic Soups.

FIRST OF IT'S KIND!! 100% ALL NATURAL Goji Berry based ENERGY SHOT with Green Tea. Rich in Antioxidants with a Boost of "Natural Energy". NO PRESERVATIVES. NO SUGAR. ALL ENERGY. The healthy alternative.


Goji Berries Juice Concentrate, Grape seed extract, Taurine, Glucuronolactone, , Purified Water, Nature Grain Dextrin, Mixed Fruit Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Gellan Gum, Monk Fruit Extract,


About Bazic Beverage
Bazic Beverage explores alternative beverages that utilize the health benefits of the earth’s natural ingredients to continuously promote the healthiest lifestyle for consumers. We utilize Eastern techniques in perfect correlation with Western technology. We exploit 100% the richest antioxidant benefits and the powerful healing effects of goji berries. Celebrities throughout the world today have discovered the benefits of goji berry consumption. Regular consumption can promote youthful smooth complexion and healthier skin tone, among its many benefits.



Company: Bazic Beverage
Brand: Gogee
Slogan: Elixir of Life
Origin: USA
Category: Juice
Packaging: 2.4fl oz (70ml)
Claims: 100% Natural, No Additive or Preservatives
Variants: Goji Berries & Green Tea Antioxidant, Goji Berries Antioxidant
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Price: $3.99 USD (6 pack)
Website: bazicbeverage.com


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Product Spotlight: Norbu Sweet Monk Natural Sweetener


Norbu is a 100% Natural Sweetener that harnesses the clean sweet taste of Monk Fruit. Using the natural sweetness of Monk Fruit we created a healthy, natural way to enjoy a little sweetness, without the artificial nastiness.


Monk Fruit has been cultivated and hand-picked for centuries in the remote hillsides of central Asia. Although it has been used for hundreds of years this cheeky little fruit, and its health benefits, have remained a relative secret until recently.

By using Monk Fruit to naturally sweeten foods and beverages, Norbu is now sharing with you the power of this wonder fruit and its age-old health secrets. So try it now to discover the ancient natural sweetener with the wholesome fruity taste.

Erythritol is a naturally occurring nectar found in fruits, like melons and grapes. Because Monk Fruit is nearly 200 times sweeter than sugar, we carefully blend it with Erythritol to allow you to use Norbu as a spoon for spoon substitute for sugar.

Norbu Sweetener is available at Woolworths and Coles supermarkets throughout Australia. It is available in a 80 stick (160g) box, 40 stick (80g) box, 200g canister and 200 tablet tin.

The monk fruit contains about 25-38% of various carbohydrates, mainly fructose and glucose. However, Norbu is fructose free even though it is derived from monk fruit because only the sweet component called mogrosides are extracted from the fruit. Everything else including the fructose is left behind.

Norbu has a gentle fruity flavour that has been carefully crafted to ensure that every granule has a refreshingly sweet taste. Norbu tastes nothing like artificial sweeteners, because it’s natural, so there are no nasty chemicals and no bitter aftertaste.


For anyone looking to lose weight, or just eliminate artificial foods and sugar from your diet, Norbu makes doing something about it easy. Simply replace sugar with Norbu and you will begin to feel the benefits. Every time you use Norbu you’re making a healthier, smarter choice with our low G.I., low carbs, tooth friendly blend of natural sweeteners that have 96% fewer calories than sugar. So what are you waiting for?


Company: Norbu
Brand: Norbu
Slogan: The Sweet Monk
Origin: Australia
Category: Sweeteners
Packaging: 80 stick (160g) box, 40 stick (80g) box, 200g canister and 200 tablet tin.
Claims: All natural ingredients
Where to Buy: Woolworths, Coles
Website: norbusweetener.com.au








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Product Spotlight: Stevia and Monk Fruit To Go


New Nevella® Monk Fruit To Go™ is the first and only truly portable liquid zero calorie and carbohydrate sweetener.

Monk Fruit is a fruit from Asia that has been used for nearly 800 years by locals as both an all natural sweetener and for other potential health benefits.* Monk Fruit contains mogrosides, a naturally occurring zero calorie sweetener. We extract the mogrosides by crushing the fruit, infusing it in hot water, and then filtering it for a clean sweet taste. It is the key ingredient used to make Nevella® Monk Fruit To Go, which also contains a small amount of preservative to maintain freshness. What could taste better than a sweetener made from real fruit?


New Nevella® Stevia To Go™ is the first and only truly portable liquid zero calorie and carbohydrate sweetener.

Stevia is a plant that grows mainly in the plains areas of South America. Stevia contains rebiana, a naturally occurring zero calorie sweetener. We extract the rebiana by steeping the leaves of the stevia plant in the same way you would make a cup of tea. This process delivers a sweetener that is 200-300 times that of sugar. Our Stevia To Go uses this naturally sweet extracts with other natural sweeteners and a small amount of preservative to maintain freshness.


Company: Heartland Food Product Group
Brand: Monk Fruit To Go, Stevia To Go
Category: Water Enhancer Sweeteners
Origin: USA
Packaging: 1.69fl oz
Claims: Zero Calorie
Varieties: Stevia, Monk Fruit
Websitemonkfruittogo.com, stevia2go.com

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Product Spotlight: In the Raw Agave, Stevia and Monk Fruit


Stevia In The Raw

Enjoy your sweet moments naturally with Stevia In The Raw, a 100% natural, zero-calorie* sweetener. It’s a natural extract from the sweet leaves of the stevia plant.  The delicious flavor comes without any calories. So go on, sweeten a tea, hot or cold, sprinkle it on cereal. Bake and cook with it too. Whatever you do, just do it naturally with Stevia In The Raw.

*Each packet contains less than 4 calories per serving which the FDA considers dietetically zero.

Agave In The Raw

Enjoy your sweet moments naturally with Agave In The Raw, an organic sweetener from the core of Mexico’s blue agave plant. Being about 25% sweeter than sugar, a little can go a long way. It’s naturally gluten free and has a low glycemic index too. So go on, sweeten coffee, oatmeal, yogurt . You can bake and cook with it too. Whatever you do, you can do it naturally with Agave In The Raw.

Monk Fruit In The Raw

Try the all-new, all-natural Monk Fruit In The Raw™. Made from delicious vine-ripened monk fruit, also called luo han guo, it’s the zero-calorie* sweetener that tastes like sugar. Originally harvested in the 13th century, it’s been making life more delicious for years now. So pick up the little orange packet that’s perfectly sweet, perfectly natural and perfectly ready to enjoy.

*Each packet contains less than 3 calories per serving, which the FDA considers dietetically zero.



Company: Cumberland Packaging Corp
Brand: In the Raw
Slogan: In the Raw
Origin: USA
Category: Sugar
Packaging: Agave - 18.5oz bottle, Stevia - 9.7oz bag, Packets (50 and 100), Monk Fruit - Box of 40 packets
Claims: All Natural, Gluten Free, Zero Calorie
Varieties:  Sugar, Stevia, Agave, Monk Fruit
Price: Coming Soon
Website: intheraw.com

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