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Drink Spotlight: The Karma Sucra Cosmopolitan Mocktail


The idea is simple: Delicious party drinks made easy anytime.

Add alcohol or not without sacrificing taste, style, or the experience of a having wonderful drink in your hand. Because they are ready to serve straight from our unique shaker bottle, personally customize each one by the glass.

That’s not all, Mocktails Brand is made with the health-conscious consumer in mind so you can be proud to serve them to anyone anytime.

Pair them with your favorite food and savor every sip. Upscale any occasion, no matter how big or small.

Mocktails Brand: With or without alcohol, fun for all!





Ah, yes: cosmopolitans—the drink made incredibly popular at the turn of the century (yes, this one), thanks to the women of Sex and the City. Well, move over, Carrie Bradshaw. It’s a new decade. And to celebrate, we’ve got a non-alcoholic cosmopolitan that’s 100 percent indulgent without any of the guilt (or headaches).

With splashes of cranberry, white grapes, a hint of lime, and little something special, The Karma Sucra Cosmo is perfect for girls’ night out—or in. Not only that, but our Cosmos are all natural, ready to drink, and only 45 calories per serving. Plus, the cool shaker bottle they come in? Cosmos were never made easier. Bring on the good karma!

Be a great host, or a great guest. And certainly don’t forget to stock them for those baby showers where the guest of honor isn’t drinking anymore! Find a store near you or order online.




About the Company
It started for one simple reason: Family and friends had been struggling for years with the lack of good choices when not “drinking” in social situations. We experienced the questions you’re asked if you’re seen with a water or soda at a party: Why aren’t you drinking? Don’t you want to have fun? Is something wrong? Read More





Company: Mocktail Beverages Inc
Brand: Mocktails
Slogan: Brand Non-Alcoholic Cocktail
Origin: USA
Category: Non Alcohol Drinks
Packaging: 532ml
Claims: Non Alcoholic
Variants: Scottish Lemonade, Sevilla Red Sangria, Karma Sucra Cosmopolitan, Vida Loca Margarita
Price: $39.95 (4 x 532ml)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: mocktails.com





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Product Spotlight: Crystal Light Appletini and Mojito Mocktails

Be the life of the party - guilt free. New, low-calorie mocktails are virgin drink mixes that pair well with girl's night outs, intimate soirees and outrageous flirting.

Only 5 calories per serving. Sugar free. Gluten free. Low sodium beverage.

Nutritional information:
Fat: 0g; Protein: 0g; Total Carbohydrates: 0g

Per Serving size: 46g, Servings per Container: 5, Total Calories: 5, Protein (g/mg) : 0g, Fat (g/mg) : 0g, Sodium (g/mg) : 30mg, Sugar (g/mg) : 0g, Total Carbohydrate (g/mg) : 0g

Company: Kraft
Brand: Crystal Light
Category: Drink Mixes
Origin: USA
Packaging: 5 packets, makes 10 quarts
Claims: Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Non Alcoholic

Varieties: Appletini, Mojito, Pomtini, Margarita, Peach Bellini
Price: $5.94 USD
Website: kraftrecipes.com

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