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Supplement Spotlight: MMUSA Goat Protein


This is the highest quality organic goat’s milk protein powder available anywhere. It’s ideal for anyone who wants a natural, whole food protein that’s both easy-to-digest and additive free.

Our story begins with organic milk collected from healthy, happy goats, raised in a humane and sustainable environment in the mountain-sheltered meadows of the Pacific Northwest.

Our goats are not fed growth hormones, or antibiotics. And lazily graze on herbicide-free grasses and other plants that grow in the rich hill soil that contains all its natural minerals - because we never use industrial fertilizers, pesticides or desiccants.

PERFECT PROTEIN FORMULA contains all the essential amino acids you need for optimal health. And is easily digested by almost everyone- of any age- even the lactose intolerant.

To assist the natural digestion and absorption, Perfect Protein Formula is lacto-fermented, a process which provides optimal levels of beneficial pro-biotics and enzymes.

Because PERFECT PROTEIN FORMULA is a complete source of whole protein, it has many significant advantages over vegetarian sources (such as soy). Because soy protein is typically low in one or more essential amino acids even though its overall protein content may be high.

(There is also the problematic use of genetically modified soybeans to consider, both as a direct protein source and as a processed food for industrially farmed dairy cows.)

Cow’s milk protein powders, while claiming to be minimally processed, typically use several invasive steps, including heating at high temperatures, which has a destructive effect on the milk’s naturally occurring beneficial elements.

To keep this product as close to nature as possible, PERFECT PROTEIN FORMULA is minimally processed, using a Refractance Window Drying machine. This drying method uses conduction, convection and infrared to apply minimal and variable heat sources that gently dry the product and preserves its molecular integrity.

We use this unique drying process to allow the powerful probiotics and digestive enzymes to thrive during the lacto-fermentation process. This makes PERFECT PROTEIN FORMULA the ideal protein supplement choice for the very young and the very old and everyone in between.

What’s in PERFECT PROTEIN FORMULA for you? 15 grams of protein per serving. And lot’s more of the good stuff. And nothing else


Superior Milk /Whey Protein Combination
Contains All Essential Amino Acids
Lacto-Fermented for Easy Digestion
Beneficial Pro-Biotics & Enzymes
No Antibiotics or Growth Hormones
No Harsh Processing or High Heat Treatment
Beneficial K to Na Ratio




About the Company
We are athletes, scientists, and coaches. We passionately pursue just one mission. The creation of the safest and most effective athletic supplements on the planet. We are quality control fanatics.

Our standards exceed all industry and international codes of conduct. We are global citizens who believe in peace through sport. And patriots, who are honoured to produce world class products, proudly made in the USA. Read More




Company: MMUSA
Brand: MMUSA
Slogan: Leaner, Smarter, Stronger
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplements
Packaging: 500g
Claims: No Antibiotics or Growth Hormones
Varieties: Vanilla Bean
Price: $49.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online






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