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Packaging Spotlight: Ready to Drink Buzz Balls

 Buzz Balls Mixed Drinks made from 100% Juices and Vodka, Gin, Rum or Tequila

•20% Alcohol by Volume. 200ml containers.
•Less Sugar than other major brands
•Made using 100% Juice and other natural ingredients
•Unbreakable Safe Container- Perfect for the beach, camping, the pool, tailgating, picnics and other outdoor activities.
•Can be Frozen and they do not explode or distort.
•Are filled with enough liquor to just turn slushy
•Ready to drink at any time
•Float in water
•Container is 100% recyclable
•Flavors include: Cranberry Chiller, Stiff Lemonade, Lime Rita Chiller, Lotta Colada.

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Talante: Ready To Drink Cachaça Drinks From Brasil

Talante from Brasil offers flavored alcohol drinks that mix national spirit cachaça with regional flavors such as coco, banana, cinnamon and mint.  Sold in 500ml bottles that contain 23% alcohol. This range of drinks is gluten free.

•Cachaça (Portuguese pronunciation "Ca-SHAH-sa“) is a liquor made from fermented sugarcane juice.
•It is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil. It is also known as aguardiente, pinga, caninha and many other names.
•Cachaça is mostly produced in Brazil, where, according to 2007 figures, 1.5 billion litres (390 million gallons) are consumed annually.
•Caipirinha is Brazil's national cocktail, made with (sugar cane rum), sugar and lime.


Impact & Analysis
Talante is a great example of understanding the regional market to meet the needs of their consumers.  Here they have combined the national spirit with popular regional flavors in a gluten free presentation that not only adds value to their products but identifies with their target market and truly can be called a Brasilian spirit.


This product is featured in the Insights Media 2012 RTD ALcoholic Beverages Report that is now available.

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Product Review: Kurumba Piña Colada Mix


Kurumba Piña Colada is a ready to mix beverage sold in México.  Made from High Quality coconuts Kurumba is the leader in coconut cream products in México.  Used in many regional dishes coconut has experienced a huge boom in the past 2 years thanks to it´s health benefits and great flavor.  This particular product is made from concentrate and comes in a resealable l liter Tetrapak.
Analysis & Impact

Coconut as a flavor and ingredient has been the biggest trend in 2012.  New research has shown light on the numerous health benefits derived from this product and manufacturers have been quick to jump on the wagon and tout these claims.  Kurumba sells coconut cream products and has decided to make a natural transition into the mixed beverage cartegory.  The new packaging and design are clean and convenient and stand out nicely on the supermarket shelves.  Flavored mixed drinks are especially popular in tourist destination spots like México and Kurumba aims to take advantage of that trend.

Company: Novamex

Brand: Kurumba

Category: Drinks, Mixed Drinks

Presentation: 1 liter

Packaging: Tetrapak

Spotted in: Guadalajara, México

Sold in: Supermarkets, speciality stores



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