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Food Spotlight: Savannah Bee Company Winter White Honey with Passion Fruit Mini Pair Set


Triscuit, the beloved cracker brand trusted for simple and wholesome ingredients for over 100 years, is celebrating their roots with their Makers of More campaign. Triscuit has partnered with Savannah Bee and four other emerging food artisans to create exclusive products to be paired perfectly with Original Triscuit crackers. Savannah Bee developed Winter White Honey with Passion Fruit specifically for this Makers of More partnership with Triscuit. For a limited time, you will receive a box of Original Triscuit crackers and Savannah Bee's exclusive Triscuit snack recipe with every purchase of our new Winter White Honey with Passion Fruit! Isn't it time to rethink your summer snack ideas?


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About the company

"Savannah Bee Company grew out of my passion for bees, beekeeping and honey. Our specialty honey is the culmination of a 35 year search for the world’s best. Our beauty products deliver real benefits derived from treasured hive ingredients– beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, and honey. Ask for our products in a store near you or stop by anytime at savannahbee.com."



Company: Savannah Bee Company
Brand:  Winter White Honey with Passion Fruit Mini Pair Set
Slogan:  Savannah Bee Company
Origin:  US
Category:  Condiments
Packaging:  85g x2
Claims:  Exotic passion fruit, numerous health benefits
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  $13.00
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online
Website: http://savannahbee.com/




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