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Coffee Spotlight: Mayorga Organics Disrupts the Ground Coffee Category



MIAMI, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Nationally-recognized leader in sustainably-sourced specialty organic coffee, Mayorga Organics, is injecting new life into the ground coffee segment. The company has released the first ever organic specialty coffee "brick pack" into the market—containing 10oz of fresh-roasted and ground organic Café Cubano.  Mayorga is importing, roasting, grinding, and packaging this item at its massive new Miami, Florida facility.

"People will tell you that brick packed coffee is low quality, commercial, chemical-laden junk. They're generally right, which is why we knew we had to disrupt the category," states Martin Mayorga, CEO of Mayorga Organics. "There is nothing better than batch roasted specialty grade Arabica coffee and there is no reason why it can't be freshly roasted, ground, and vacuumed into brick packs," he continues. "There is also an element of culture and pride. Many companies market this item to the Latino community on nostalgia and rock bottom prices at the expense of farmer sustainability, environmental considerations, and flavor quality. As a Latino, I find this offensive and outdated. As someone focused on growing a specialty coffee company to support our farmers, communities, and staff, I see a massive opportunity."

When asked about price Mayorga replies, "Specialty grade organic coffee isn't cheap and we have to make sure our producers can continue to grow great coffee. Our brick packs will be at least 45% more expensive than the commercial grade brick packs but the quality difference is night and day.  When compared to other specialty coffees, the value that we're offering consumers is inarguable."

The company is currently offering 10 oz brick packs of espresso ground organic Café Cubano through its own website as it prepares to launch distribution through its current grocery and retail clients while strategically aligning with other Miami retailers and grocers. According to Martin Mayorga, there are plans to offer other "category disrupting" items in the near future.

About Mayorga:

Mayorga Organics was founded by Martin Mayorga and operates with the purpose of alleviating systemic poverty through the direct trade of artisanal organic foods. Through its 23 years of being independently owned and operated, Mayorga has built strong relationships with retailers including Amazon, Costco Wholesale, Whole Foods, Giant Foods, and over 2,000 other small to national customers. The company's top selling product is organic Café Cubano which Mayorga launched in 2001. Learn more at www.mayorgaorganics.com.


Martin Mayorga Roasting Coffee in Miami

Martin Mayorga Roasting Coffee in Miami


Mayorga Organic Cafe Cubano Brick Pack

Mayorga Organic Cafe Cubano Brick Pack




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Industry News: Plant Nite Events Sprout Up In Miami



MIAMI, Feb. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Plant Nite®, the latest Creative Entertainment concept launched by the duo that created Paint Nite®, announced today it has expanded into the Miami area. This move is part of Plant Nite's second wave of national expansion. Miami now joins a list of 45+ U.S. cities that are currently hosting "social planting" events at local bars.

Designed as another creative way to revolutionize the typical night out, Plant Nite gives patrons an excuse to step away from their everyday adult responsibilities to play in the dirt. Participants spend about an hour and a half socializing over cocktails while getting their hands dirty and letting their creativity bloom. Guided by a gardening enthusiast, Plant Nite attendees build their own tabletop terrarium as they catch up with friends, make new connections, and sip on their favorite drink at a local bar.

"At Plant Nite, we see grown professionals reignite the childhood bliss of playing in the dirt. The cocktails tend to facilitate that process," said co-founder Sean McGrail. "The best part is, you don't need to have an ounce of gardening ability - you just need to be open to having a good time."

Plant Nite partners with local bars and restaurants, offering a variety of fun, social atmospheres to suit every preference. Seats are limited and event tickets, which include a planter, plants/flowers, decorative accessories, gardening supplies and entertainment via the hosting gardener, are sold in advance online. If desired, drinks and food to accompany the gardening experience can be purchased directly from the hosting venue.

"In addition to things, people are now looking to collect experiences," says McGrail. "Walking home with a micro-landscape that is on display in their home or office for years to come, is a living memento of a great night out with friends."

Plant Nite held its first public event in Miami on February 13, 2017, and will host approximately 3-5 events each month at various bars and restaurants in and around the Miami area. For more information, visit PlantNite.com.


Plant Nite, the newest event concept in the creative entertainment space, offers a unique spin on a night out at the bar. Headquartered in Boston, and the brainchild of the duo that introduced Paint Nite, the international leader in social painting, Plant Nite was founded in September 2015. A local gardening enthusiast provides step-by-step guidance, turning an empty planter into a flourishing tabletop garden in about an hour and a half, while participants enjoy their favorite cocktails with friends and family at a local bar.

To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/plant-nite-events-sprout-up-in-miami-300408180.html

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Product Spotlight: Just Coco


Just Coco is the true, pure, original sweet tasting coconut water commonly consumed in the beaches of Brazil. Rich in potassium, sodium, vitamins and mineral salts, Just Coco is 100% natural isotonic beverage with a very pleasant flavor.

About the Company
Being able to offer the true, pure, original sweet tasting coconut water commonly consumed in the beaches of Brazil. That has been our goal since 2000, when we initially look into selling coconut water directly from the coconut fruit in the most fashionable malls of South Florida.

Ever since the beverage packaging industry has evolved, which now allows us to continue to offer only the completely natural Brazilian coconut water in a longer lasting packaging. JUST COCO was born to match taste and convenience, and to bring the happiness of the Brazilian spirit into our daily lives.

Coconut water has been used for centuries to satisfy thirst, as a substitute for water and to restore electrolytes in case of dehydration. Coconut Water is rich in potassium, sodium, vitamins and mineral salts, resulting in 100% natural isotonic beverage with a very pleasant taste.

Given its isotonic characteristics, low calorie and fat concentrations, as well as its high hydrating and energy recovery capacity, Just Coco is the perfect all-natural drink for those who enjoy sports and value a healthy lifestyle.

Company: Just Coco
Brand: Just Coco
Slogan: 100% Pure
Origin: USA (Miami)
Category: Juice
Packaging: 11.1 fl oz (330ml), 33.75fl oz (1 liter)
Claims: Hydrating, All Natural
Price: $2.69 USD (330ml), $5.83 USD (1 liter)
Website: justcoco.com




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Brazilians snap up South Florida real estate sparking new boom

Dressed in an expensive pinstriped suit and sporting the latest Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Miami real estate broker Cristiano Piquet is ready to make a sale. He has a client in his shiny new white Rolls-Royce, and they’re on their way to see $9 million apartment at the W Hotel on South Beach.

Piquet’s client, 32-year-old Antonio Luciano, who comes from a wealthy family in Brazil’s sugar cane and commodities business, had already purchased two properties from Piquet over the phone. Now he is in search of a larger home with a better view. Like most rich Brazilians, Luciano is ready to pay cash for that perfect place.

Waves of wealthy Brazilians such as Luciano are landing on South Florida’s shores and spending millions of dollars on vacation condominiums, clothes, furniture, cars and art, all of which are much less expensive here than in their homeland.

They started arriving in the past few years when South Florida was one of the epicenters of the real estate crisis, with vacant buildings and foreclosures all around. At the same time, Brazil's economy was starting to surge, and as costs in Brazil soared, the United States and its depressed real estate prices made it the land of opportunity.

Full Article @ Msnbc

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OYE Cuban Grill Twists American, Latin Flavors

OYE Cuban Grill offers casual Cuban American Fusion food, in a fresh approach to the traditional Latin dining experience. OYE Cuban Grill opened in March 2011.

OYE presents made-to-order fare in a setting that blends fast casual with a fine-dining environment. Conceptualized by father and son partners Hector and Ian Gutierrez, OYE is a brand encompassing the pair’s vision of establishing the American dream in Miami. OYE is an acronym for Organization of Young Entrepreneurs.

YE Cuban Grill pays omage to its Latin roots in a sleek, 3,000 square foot space designed to mimic Old World elegance. A lush terrace leads to an open-air dining room featuring dark wood-top tables surrounded by comfortable booths. Guests choosing to dine indoors are treated to flawless views of the restaurant’s exposed kitchen. Walls are blanketed in distressed brick. OYE also has an Inspiration Wall, whichdisplays handpicked quotes reminiscent of life in Cuba and the ambition of young entrepreneurs through scribbled Cuban proverbs and the whimsical lyrics of local musician Cris Cab.

Showcasing a selection of mouth-watering dishes, OYE Cuban Grill satisfies locals’ demand for a healthier Cuban eatery using locally grown products that are prepared fresh and made-to-order. The vintage-inspired menu unites classic Cuban plates with innovative preparation techniques, including Bistec Empanizado a la milensesa withcriollo, bolo ham, and melted cheese; Croquetas stuffed with beef, ham, or chorizo; and The OYE Wrap with grilled churrasco, sautéed onions, Mozzarella cheese, sweet plantains, and cabbage. Putting its own twist on the traditional frita, the OYE Burger combines seven ounces of ground beef and chorizo topped with fried potato strings. Creativity counts at OYE Cuban Grill, as guests are also encouraged to design their own custom sandwich, salad, or wrap, choosing from a large variety of fresh Latin ingredients and a selection of OYE’s original sauces such as Mango-Papaya Salsa, Creamy Mustard, or OYE Mojo Vinaigrette.

“OYE Cuban Grill sets itself apart from your typical Cuban restaurant in South Florida,” Ian Guitierrez says. “Our customers feel like they are at home in a warm environment with trusted friends where they can create their own experience.”

Embracing the American tradition of micro-brewed beers, OYE serves a variety from around the country, including draft and bottled beer such as Magic Hat No. 9, Monk in the Trunk, and America’s oldest brewed beer, Yuengling. The craft beers and OYE’s homemade sangria can be enjoyed in the back-of-the-house lounge that boasts large black sofas strategically placed to exude a relaxed, at-home feeling. Diners will be delighted at OYE’s Express Counter, where a quick stop means unique baked empanadas filled with guava and cheese, Cuban Donutsoozing with dulce de leche and handcrafted Pilon coffee.

OYE Cuban Grill is located in the Suniland Strip Mall at 11327 South Dixie Hwy., Pinecrest, Florida.

via QSR

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